Monday, March 31, 2008


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On drugs, the healthy way

While everyone seems to be having a hard time landing a job after graduation, getting a medical-related degree or even certificate will allow you to go a long way. One of the most in demand jobs is pharmacy technician. A pharmacy tech is the one who assists licensed pharmacists. You basically know what a pharmacist does, don’t you?

Don’t you know that a pharmacy technician salary is at par with the salary of a degree holder? I guess, nurses are not just the ones getting greener pastures.

Shall I take a third course?

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The Unsecured Personal Loan

I know of so many loans, cash advance loans, payday loans, housing loans, car loans and personal loans, to name a few but what are these Unsecured Personal Loans? At first, it appeared to me that is some kind of negative thing in terms of loan “unsecured” being the operative word. So I did some Googleing and found out that Unsecured Personal Loans are personal loans that do not require collateral, charges no application fee and without any hidden charges. In addition, these types of loan have faster approval period

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Manic Monday

What is the sexiest part of the body?
Three things I first look at a person: teeth, butt and feet

If you kissed a frog, who would you like it to turn into?
Since Heath Ledger is dead and Brad Pitt is with Angelina, any hunk would do.

What do you have stuck up on your refrigerator right now?
Fish Tofu and coke zero

Have a great week y'all!

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Spocking it

A few years back, I was addicted to the OC. I felt really bad when it was defunct making it to its fourth season. Then I learned that its creator Josh Schwartz has come up with yet another flick which is the Gossip Girl which is a big hit on TV. So where did I learn about it? - A Great Place for Search where I was directed to popular links connected to Gossip Girl.

Now I can include them on My People list and I could get the latest gossip about them and I could actively participate in our morning pre-work ritual that is gossiping about the Gossip Girl.

Okay wait, in an instant I have got so many info and photos of one of my fave sitcoms, Ugly Betty. This is really cool.

What’s good about this site is it’s not a plain search engine because here, you could already search on people and information based on their tags at MySpace, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blog, and even on Google! This means that you will be presented with so many options. If you have created an account for - A Great Place for Search you can include the links to account as My People that you can file under Save or Trusted. You could also put tags to some links. But with the Spock Power of tagging comes great responsibility. You could vote for or against a tag and pictures or you may also be voted for or against gaining or removing you of some Spock Power.

While is not a social network, it still gives you a whole lot of options that include messaging, uploading photos and getting cool widgets. You could also invite your friends to join in your network by just importing contacts from your IM or YM list. really is a great place for people search.

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I just got my CPU from my IT officemate. He reformatted the hard drives including the OS (Operating System). While I'm a bit OC about the stuff that comes with the things that I buy, I don't know why I lost my hard disk installers.
Anyway. I'm just happy that my CPU is working fine although I felt terrible last night because the weird thing that's happening before its bypass surgery repeatedly happened last night. Windows and programs are opening and closing on their own. I thought I was hacked or there's a virus manipulating my disks. Until I tried to use a different mouse. Now my PC is obeying my command!
So little Mickey was the culprit and it seems that he needs to undergo rehab also or a total replacement?
I just need my PC to keep up with me until I got my notebook. I'm praying that it won't give up on me as yet.

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La Dolce Vita

I prefer air travel than land and sea but what I hate about flying is the ordeal getting a cab at the airport. I’m talking about domestic flight here where cab drivers speak the same language as you do. But what about those who are international jet setters? In the Amazing Race, I have seen the worst encounter between the passenger and the cab driver due to language barrier and due to ill behavior of the driver. If ever I would be traveling abroad, I will make sure that things would be flowing smoothly from the take off to touch down and to airport transfer. I want to get the same service as the Rome airport transfer where the chauffeurs are courteous and knowledgeable in safely and comfortably collecting the passengers from the airport and checking them into their destinations.

With this type of service, you don’t have to take a crash course in foreign language just to be understood. If you are planning to experience La Dolce Vita, you just have to book yourself online and choose between one-way trip and roundtrips. From there, everything will be taken care of and you will be receiving a notification via e-mail to confirm the transfer arrangement. That’s the sweet life ala Roma.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spock That!

Every one of us has skeletons in their closets. While I try not to be a gossip, I tend to visit celebrity blogsites to check on the latest Hollywood goings on. Well, it’s not literally about the gossip but I’m always checking on the celebrities get ups. The Olsen twins, Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie are my most searched celebs because I like their sense in fashion. Let me have it clear, just in fashion and not the lifestyle.

I always Google them until the wee hours in the morning to make sure that I’m updated. Problem is I still have a life other than the internet. I have full time job and classes to attend to everyday so I can’t afford to stay awake all night.

Good thing someone invited me to join Spock- the best for people search which is also a search engine like Google and Wikipedia. The good thing about it though is when you subscriber to it you could choose the Add People option to receive the latest buzz on you’re My People list that includes the Hollywood’s A-listers.

I could also share the news with the gossip girls in the office who are already on my Trusted List.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Am I supposed to be mad about LeBron?

It's the title of the sports news I came accross on
This concerns the "big buzz" created by the latest issue of Vogue magazine that has NBA superstar LeBron James and supermodel Gisele Bundchen on the cover.
Going the other way, the sports writer (who's also a black person) Jason Whitlock did not take offense on the mag's theme.
The main idea (to LeBron and his handler) was "LeBron clutching a pretty white woman on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image conjures up the idea that LeBron can race up court with a basketball and a supermodel."
But "according to the allegations, King James looks like King Kong clutching Fay Wray on the latest cover of Vogue, and the image, according to potential handbook writers, "conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man."
He said: I'm telling you we need a handbook. We need something athletes, entertainers, black and white folks can easily refer to when deciding how to react to the images we choose to project.
Do we really need to adapt a standard when it comes to tackling or tapping things that will involve race just to avoid being tagged as racist? A Handbook of Race Sensitivity perhaps?
Confusing eh?

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Weekend Snapshot

It's official! Summer time is here.
This was taken in Boracay last year. My second time to that place. I really enjoy staying on that island. It's a paradise.
These are my team mates. Make a guess why I was not in the picture?

I can't wait to get back there but this April our team will be going to another beatiful island down south our country. It's still a beach though. I love the beach and I don't mind getting sun kissed.

What's your plan for summer?

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Definitely not a Fool’s Gold

One of the things I have learned from any financial stewardship seminars that I have attended is to invest your money in things that have sure ROI or return of investment.
Like pieces of jewelry however so many thefts and robbery you might get to thinking more than twice if you want to flaunt this type of investment. If you’re into purchasing gold, which is the in thing by the way, you should probably try getting gold bullion from Monex Deposit Company (MDC). MDC has a proven track record of providing quality gold, silver and other precious metals for over three decades.
Investing on precious metals will always be a good move. You see, the value of these appreciate as time goes by.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

PhotoHunt - High

I'm recycling some pictures here:

Our scouting activity about two years ago included rapelling. This water tank here is pretty high for a beginner like me so I backed off. Hahaha.

While this one's painted on a ceiling of a monument called Magellan's Cross in Cebu which is considerably high

Visit TNChick by clicking on the logo above to check other participants

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Live TV

Everyone knows what YouTube is. It’s very popular among the young and old ones where they could view anything and everything caught on tape. I heard about this site that seems to some sort of hosting live tv where it allows its members to do live show without a fuzz. If you need to make live broadcast of yourself, your family, friends or basically anything and one, you just have to whip out your webcam and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. No videocam required but of course you need to get a good broadband connection to be seen and heard.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday once again.
As always, I’m always excited to share my list of thankfulness.

I’m grateful:
Ø First, for another year has been added to my life. I just feel so blessed. I owe it all to Him.
Ø Because sister and I were able to go to church this morning.
Ø Because I had a good night sleep because the temptation (my computer) is in the repair shop. It just needed some repairing
Ø Because IT officemate offered to repair my PC which I believe ha can do better
Ø For the blessings that I am able to share with the family
Ø of
Tim who’s very kind in sharing her blessings to me
Ø For my wonderful and adorable nieces who also serve as my joy
Ø For
Iris who hosts this very inspiring blog activity. Oh, it’s here 3rd anniversary too. Please visit her to see more thankful souls.

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Queen of your night

You already had him at hello and you two have finally stepped into your ever after moment. You have prepared everything from your entourage’s full attire, the hair and make up, catering services, invitations, accommodations and all that stuff. But wait, you might be forgetting something. You might be looking your best on the outside but how about the inside? You need to make sure that you feel completely made up, go sexy yet comfortable in your wedding gown by slipping in to sexy lingerie
Don’t you feel a lot sexier when you are in those itsy bitsy pieces of
sheer lingerie?
You have to put on your checklist the bridal lingerie, the party wear and of course the most exciting part of the wedding bliss, the honeymoon!
You don’t have to be supermodel skinny to feel sexy. If you are a bit full everywhere, you can be voluptuous, by trying on
Plus size lingerie since there are a whole lot of choices in terms of style and color.
Being sexy does not mean you have to show a lot of skin, you just have to feel comfortable. And the sexiness will naturally come out of you.
Remember, this is your special night and you have to be the queen of the night!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WW - Now they are believers.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

When going gets tough....

The tough go shopping! But I did not splurge.
First off, the PR tool bar is weird. When I'm in composition mode, it gives the page a little green color similar to a PR3 but when I go to the home page, it fades.
Enough already, I said I should not be consumed by the PR thing. No time for ethos. Or is it about ethos really? Whatevs!
So what did I get for myself today?
Just three board shorts from the Surplus Shop that I will be using in April for our Team Celebration Program in Zamboanga. Yey, I'm so excited. I love the beach.
I also got a couple of cool statement shirts from Soda.

See I did not go overboard? My sanity did not blast off after all.
One peculiar thing though, my credit card issuer gave me a ring and asked if I used the card tonight at SM Centerpoint. He said it's just their routine security check.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm anemic

I've lost my color in the Google Page Rank for some reason.
I had PR 3 now it's zero. What did I or did I not do?
What a way to celebrate my birthday.
I won't consume myself by this ridiculous thing.
I must go out. Sublimate my depression by getting a facial. Physical pain is better than emotional ones you know.
Where's that little plastic thing? I must get pampered. This is an emergency!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Snapshot -

While everyone else went to the provinces to observe the lent or just kick the summer off, we were one of those left behind in the city. Our work does not observe holidays. But no biggie. I love holidays. No boss but with premium pay.
Here are the shots I tried my hardest to take from our office window (I was on the 6th floor)
Apparently it took me almost an hour to get a good shot and the sun has dawned on me while the moon got prouder.
Thanks to my ever reliable photo junkie offficemate who helped me get a better shot.
Have a great week ahead y'all. Hope you had a meaningful week.

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The power to choose

I felt relieved when I got the certificate from SCB clearing me of any accountability with them. I did not have a bad credit standing with them but let me just say that our relationship went sour. It was not my fault I swear!

Owning a credit card is good as long as you know how to use it. It could be a devil or an angel. This little plastic will give you the power to purchase anything long before you can earn the money that’s supposed to pay the merchandise. But it’s also reliable in case of emergency. And by saying emergency, I mean the real sense of the word and not any fashion emergency.

In my opinion, it’s safe to maintain just one credit card but be sure to get the best one. Itching to get one? Before you finally doodle your personal information in any credit card application form or hit the keyboard and apply for one online, you have to do your homework. Research on the benefits of every possible card you have in mind. First things that you have to consider are the low revolving interest and of course the rewards that you will get when having the plastic swiped. You should also put into consideration the reputation of the credit card company. After making you checklist, compare the cards with one another. You could also ask around. You don’t have to rush things up. Give it a night or two, sleep on choose the one that will help you manage your finances. After all, application is made easy online.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

PhotoHunt - Metal

I was thinking of posting my dorky picture wearing the metal headgear used to augment my dental braces but I changed my mind.
As I scan my files of pictures, I saw this one taken during our community health nursing a couple of years ago.
This piece of rusty metal is the primary source of water supply in one of the depressed rural areas in my country. Water used in cooking, drinking, bathing and basically in everything. The reason why GI problems are the main concern here.

So where do our taxes really go?

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Get hitched or get insured

Getting a hitch, a car that is, would be one of the sweetest rewards one could ever reap. Whether a reward from getting off high school in one piece with flying colors, getting promoted or running a milestone from a relationship. So you’ve got the sweetest or the most handsome ride then what’s next? Don’t just push the pedal to the metal go get an auto insurance quote. Remember, every 26 seconds in America, a car gets stolen. Don’t feel lax thinking that you have the most advanced anti-theft device because the hoodlums are wiser than you think.
Now you’re thinking that your car is not that “hot in the eyes” but would you take chances?
Do you know that in five minutes you can get free auto insurance quote for any vehicle at any place? These are car insurance quotes from the top 5 insurers.
Don’t hold your cards up to you chest. Lay them down on the table so you could get the best insurance policy that will fit your lifestyle. Budget would be the primary issue, since car insurance soars up as fast as any commodity in the market. And this is when you could get the best deal by comparing the premiums rates and coverage.

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When I moved into my sister's house over a year ago, I got to occupy the master bedroom.
Now that brother-in-law (BIL) has successfully installed our new a/c in that room, I was evicted. Hahaha. Such a strong word. We just have to swap rooms. They're four going on five since sis is on her way.
Seriously, I had to move out since we've got a new a/c was for the little ones. It's summer and this season causes nosebleeding spells to my eldest niece.
Basically I'm cold blooded so I'm fine with electric fan. And besides, smaller room would mean smaller space to mess up.
So what's the relationship between summertime and epistaxis (medical term for nosebleed)?
summer time means hotter environment. Nosebleeds can occur spontaneously when the nasal membranes dry out and crack. This is common in dry climates, or during the winter months when the air is dry and warm from household heaters (

Myth vs. Fact:

If you get a nosebleed, sit down and lean slightly forward. Keeping your head above your heart will make your nose bleed less. Leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood .
Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze together the soft portion of your nose. Keep holding your nose until the bleeding stops. Don't let go for at least 5 minutes. If it's still bleeding, hold it again for 10 minutes straight (


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The Iron Chef

My birthday will be in a week and when my friends would come over to celebrate, I only have delivered foods to offer. I don’t cook. I actually don’t know how to cook. I wish I have attended a culinary school so I could prepare meal plates for them. I know that it’s not too late for me to bring out the iron chef in me and get in to a chef school.

I must check on famous and reputable culinary schools so that the next time that I’ll be hosting a house party, I will no longer hear, pizza again?

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting Techy, Seriously

I am not a technophobe but just looking at the binary, my head begins to throb. I know for a fact that getting a diploma or certificate from a reputable technical school will you a long way and make you crazy counting your bucks every payday or at the end of a deal for your sideline job. I know a handful of friends who are sent all over the world to get the best and the latest it training from the Ivy League tech schools. Now I’m taking, should I start popping in pain killers and join the band of techy brothers?

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