Friday, November 30, 2007

Standing off then backing down

Yesterday seemed to be an ordinary day until I've got a text from my sister that there's chaos at the Manila Peninsula.

It turned out that there's an attempt to stage coup d' etat against the current administration
I'm sure that you've heard. The Philippines is again on top of the news worldwide.
I am not interested in politics. I
MAO, it's like a dog and pony show but the Trillanes standoff alarmed me a bit when President GMA imposed a curfew effective 12:00 mn last night despite the backing down of Trillanes' troupe.
I work for a telecoms' company'
s call center and the people whose shift were supposed to end at 1:00 am were sent home at 10:00 pm to beat the curfew.
I was like, is it the start of Martial Law? Though I wasn't born yet at the peak of Martial Law in the 70s, the thought of reinstating this kinda made me feel scared.

It's a good thing that the curfew was lifted at 5:00 am today and everything seems to be normal.
Business as usual.
If there's one good thing that this whole brouhaha has brought, it's this:

The caption on reads: ‘PICTURE, PICTURE.’ A group of Singaporean tourists poses in front of the bullet- riddled Manila Peninsula hotel Friday, a day after government forces quelled an attempted uprising by a group led by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who demanded that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo step down. AFP/LUIS LIWANAG

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!
Ayus! (Alright!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fishbone anyone?

Those up there are the most comfy high heels I have ever worn. I can run and walk a mile in them without having blisters. When I'm wearing them, I don't bother bringing slippers to change in to when going home.
I wore those sandals in the office today. I'm in my usual corporate attire. Everything went fine until I found out that we have a rehearsal tonight. Darn! Everyone got the text broadcast from our coordinator but me.
The rehearsal was at 8:00 pm and I had a mandatory overtime until 7:00 pm. I decided not to show up because I was wearing inappropriate clothes and shoes.
But my officemate talked me into attending the dance practice telling me in between smirks that it might be my last Christmas party with the company. So I said, fine!
No sweat suits and no dancing shoes, I showed up. I ended up rolling up my long sleeves and pants to lessen the discomfort and then started dancing on my feet.
Yeah, I'd rather endure the callous that I would sustain from dancing barefooted than straining my ankles and ruining my favorite shoes! Next thing I know, there's a fish bone stuck in the sole of my right foot. Ouch!
I know I might sound mental but it's so hard for me to find comfy shoes. I'm basically a flip flops and chucks girl.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How do I say this gently?

Manang Esther is very industrious, courteous, obedient, funny yet kind house help/nanny.
While I no longer drool over signature clothes, I make it a point that every piece of clothing that I have is well taken care of. When I was still living alone, I hand wash most of my blouses and undergarments but when I moved into my ate's house, I 'd let Manang do my laundry (for a fee of course). My hats off to her because she can make my white clothes sparkling white. But man, it's not only the white clothes that she can make sparkling white but even the colored ones! Hahaha what a talent!
I don't know what she's doing with my clothes but all the knitted, ribbed and spandex are seem to be hanging loose on me lately (maybe I just lost weight) while my upper padded undergarments seem to look like an infant's head with sunken fontanels or dimples, whatevs!
So before it's overly too late, I decided to just pitch into my hamper all the soiled clothes where she can displace her anger to (if she has) or sublimate her frustration in. All other delicate clothes and under garments, i put on a chair behind my room's door. I thought she would not notice, but when I got home from work last Sunday, I noticed that she changed my bed sheet and next thing I know, she took the liberty of washing the stuff on the chair! Not the blouses at least. Did I mention she's industrious? (har-har)
Last night, I went out of my room with two newly-bought blouses in my hands and as I was going out to the laundry area she asked: Anung gagawin mo diyan? (what are you going to do with those?). I said, lalabhan ko (I'm gonna wash it). She said: ako na (i'll do it). I said: ako na iha-handwash ko. She said: O sige ako na bukas (I'll handwash it tomorrow). And I gave in.

This afternoon, I phoned home from the office and spoke with her. I gave her special instructions not squeeze or scrub the blouse and she said yes.
Then I got home, I ate, watched TV and then went inside my room. Lo and behold! my blouses are on the hanger in my room. I literally felt the blood rush to my face. My extra small blouse looks extra large. I tried to touch the fabric and pull a little. The spandex is no longer a spandex.
She followed my instructions. She did not squeeze or scrub the blouses. Obedient.
But what I forgot to tell her is to iron them on low temperature. My bad!
There are three things happened today that would make me the shallowest person ever lived if I continue to rant on the now sleep shirt (at least the other one is still A-Ok):

1. Another Pinay's death sentence upheld in Kuwait
2. Tropical depression "Lando" hit metro manila and nearby provinces while "Mina" death toll rises to 17; 4 others still missing
3. An earthquake rocked Luzon this afternoon

So I guess, I would just have to call this a day.
Haaayy, I hope everyone's safe out there.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What's eating you?

I think I screwed my exam this morning.
How in the hell did I forget the formula to get the cc/hour of IV infusion rate?
schmuck! schmuck! schmuck!
The exam is generally difficult. I think I had aneurism. haayyyyy......
I should not let that consume me.
Good thing there's Wendy's across the hospital. I pigged my frustrations out!
Yesterday, I was kinda pissed because someone stole my uncooked frozen chicken nuggets and 3 yogurts in the office. I just told myself it's okay since I already cursed him/her earned my first few bucks (as in dollars!) the other day by helping a friend finish her report.I offered help because I really wanted to help her out without getting anything in return but she insisted and who am I to say no? (harhar) I mean, at my current financial status?
Now I have money to add to my savings to redeem our carabao in the province! (LOL).

It's just a figure of speech. I usually say this to my officemates especially during paydays.
Here in the Philippines, farming is the most common form of living (in the provinces) and carabao (water buffalo) is the one that pulls the plow to till the soil.
In old Filipino films, the lives of the farmers are commonly depicted as being very poor to the extent that they would pawn their carabaos to send money to their children studying in Manila.

I don't know if this still happens now that the peso is getting stronger against the dollars.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good times

On my way to the office, I passed by a nursing review center on Quezon Ave. It's lunch time I suppose since the students are coming out of that center heading to a fastfood store.
I just remembered about this time last year when I was also having my review for the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam.
The review sessions were from Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Since I was working then, I was only able to attend the morning sessions from 8:00 to 12:00 nn. I didn't' want to miss a lecture that is why I've asked my review buddy to record the other half of the sessions. Then, I would upload it to my MP3 player and basically play it non-stop while working from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm. As soon as I'm done with my shift then, I hurriedly swing by Mc Donald's or Jollibee to brush up on my notes or transcribe the lecture from the recorded sessions. I would stay there until 1:00 am.
My life was like this for the 3 years 2 months last year. I'm glad that it's over and I was able to make it through.
The next thing happened was this....

Our oathtaking in February 2007. I was ecstatic.
This is one of the things in my life that is worth reminiscing.
All praises to Him!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Market! Market!

Yesterday, Manang Esther (our reliable house help) and I went to palengke (wet and dry market) nearby to bring the fabric (remember Klopman/Clothman?) to the sewer. The shop was closed so I told Manang for us to be back today but unfortunately, the shop is still closed. I dunno if it's closed shop already. Good thing that there's another tailor shop on the other alley. Whew!
To be sure that I will be getting the right fit and the design that I want for the volunteer uniform, I brought a tailored slacks and blouse.
I have been working for over 7 years already and our company subsidizes our uniform annually. As far as I can remember none of our supposed to be tailored uniforms fit me. They are all terribly ill fitting. While the others are already enjoying their uniforms, I always end up waiting for five or more months to get my altered clothes. The annoying part is, they still don't fit me. That is why I rarely wear uniform in the office. I am a "suki" (frequent customer) of the logbook of non-wearer of uniforms at the lobby guard (harhar)
The cloth the I bought is good for 2 sets of pants and blouses but I preferred to have one set made at this time. I need to see if the tailor will give justice to my Klopman/Clothman.
When we were in the market, I noticed that most of the stalls there are closed. I concluded that it's mainly because the vendors are all on the sidewalks and streets outside the market.

Can you blame them? Why rent a stall when you can have a selling space for free?
It's not the only thing that people here in our place love to do. Aside from having sidewalks as their house extensions, they also love to park their cars on the streets. Ergo, the 2-way streets are reduced to one way, because people are walking on them and they let their working and trash cars lie on both sides of the street. Just imagine the traffic. Only tricycles and bikes could pass through.
This is when I feel lucky for not having a car (LOL)

Poor man's Nicole Richie
photo taken from

Friday, November 23, 2007

From Diana Ross to Diana Horse

The beks (slang for bading which is the Filipino term for gay) in the office are ranting because our department's idea of showcasing living legend's evolution, has been been sacked by the company's Christmas party committee.
"Say what?" this was my reaction when when I heard about it. After sustaining blisters and terrible body pains from it, the choreography that we have practiced the other night, will just be a "learning experience".
Dianna Ross evolved into Diana Horse and ran away! As Allan, the choreographer, jokingly told us.
So who are we doing now?
The committee only gave us 2 options: Celine Dion and Lea Salonga! Lea is a known singer/stage actress here in the Philippines and she's also famous in Broadway. She was also the singing voice of female lead characters in some Disney films like Aladdin and Mulan.
If we chose her, we shall be doing stage musicals like Annie, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon (minus the helicopter).
Without second thoughts, we chose the Diva.
The concept if executed perfectly will be a monster. So we're keeping our high hopes. After all, setting up a Titanic on stage would be way easier than flying a helicopter in the venue (LOL).
And the best thing about it is we shall still be using the jazz grooves we rehearsed. Alright!

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Thursday, November 22, 2007

paycheck raincheck!

Today is my first restday for the week.
I'm planning to go to the mall to open a bank account. It's not a fortune but it's a hard-earned. money. I have been wanting to start on saving up. I must force myself to set a side a portion of my paycheck.
In the hopes of not making it as a wallet where I could just easily put money in and out, I decided to go for a passbook account.
The requirements are all set: proof of billing, valid IDs except that when I checked my take home pay, it's just enough to pay the bills and live through the next payday.
In short, I am still a little short for the opening amount required. So I guess I will take a raincheck. Hahahahaha
Poor me!
I must do my siesta. We have our rehearsal later. My body still aches and I don't know if I could still manage to move a muscle. I feel awful.

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First day funk

The rehearsal started at past 8:00 pm.

The pair of shoes that I won on eBay has not been delivered to me yet. Actually, the freaking seller has not contacted me yet on how will I settle everything. It only meant that I had no shoes to wear to the rehearsal but my Chucks. These shoes are meant for walking or strolling but not for dancing ergo, I have blisters on both feet!

The next rehearsal will be on Friday and if that seller will not communicate with me by tomorrow, I will be giving him/her a negative feedback. I swear!

I’m a walker. If I did not like the service given to me, I won’t confront the person involved rather I would walk away and not talk about it. Same is true with my transactions on eBay. If I did not like the way the transaction was handled or the product itself, I would skip giving feedback instead of giving the seller a negative one.

Enough of the ranting already! So how did the rehearsal go?

It was a blast. Being around gay people will definitely give you a side stitch.

We started with Stop in the Name of Love. Piece of cake! (ehem)

I’m not a sweaty person even during summer. I’m cold blooded.

But the second tune we danced to made me an instant diaphoretic person. I forgot the title of the song but according to my gay friends, it was used in the Ms. Universe pageant. Anyway, it’s kind of upbeat and jazzy. Which I loved. I just wish that the choreographer allowed us to do some warm up and cool down. Now, I’m aching all over.


The rehearsal ended at past 10:00 PM and I went home starving. The last thing I ate was pancit (Chinese sautéed noodles) and it was 1:00 PM.

There’s no cooked food in the house so I contained myself in half slice of toasted bagel (which is a left over from my breakfast) and a cup of yogurt.

I need to sleep and tomorrow I shall pig out.

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All Soul's Day

No she did not!
Oh my gosh! I'm ashamed. I'm blushing as if my crush spoke to me.
Gellianne did find my blogspot!
She's my officemate. A very jolly person who only has good words for people around her.
When I was crying non-stop at the office (imagine the episode of Grey's Anatomy when Cristina Yang has had miscarriage and undergone salphingectomy), she was the first person who approached me and rubbed my back but it did not help coz' I ended up sobbing more hahaha (just imagine again Yang when Izzie and George tried to touch her)
I love her for that. But man, she talks a lot! She could recite Mi Ultimo Adios in 2 minutes without breathing (LOL). I love you Gellianne!
An hour ago, Joshua (an officemate) told me "not to tell a single soul" about the issue she has shared with me. It turned out that the issue concerning her was just shared by another soul to her who made her promise "not to tell a single soul" and that soul has just been told by another soul "not to tell another soul" and so on and so forth. Joshua and I concluded that when you say "not to tell a single soul" it means, use a megaphone when whispering.
So if I tell Anna to shush and "not to tell a single soul" about my blogspot, this means I'm gonna be out in the open in 5...4...3...2...1
Welcome to the jungle!
I must spruce my spot this side of the blogosphere and by doing so is like cleaning sprucing room.
Ciao for now! I need to pack flanax my stuff for our first song and dance rehearsal tomorrow err.. later.

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Monday, November 19, 2007

Perpetual, Moot and academic, Pig in a poke and lots of smileys

Today is one of the most exhausting days. I had mandatory recommended one-hour overtime before and after my shift (total of 2 hours). For the past months, the minimum OT I rendered on regular working day is 3 hours and I even reported for work on my day offs but I did not feel tired then.
I don't know maybe our subscribers are just exhausting to deal with. They still buy the crap that CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. They seem to be impossible. At times, I want to scream at their faces: why don't you try establishing your own company and see if you could grant the same request to your subscriber?
Ugh! Schmuck!
The first e-mail I got? I handled it for a whopping 1 hour and 20 minutes. He's not disgruntled but his litany is a soft sell of his dissatisfaction with the way his previous concerns were handled by one of our branches down south.
E-mail is legally binding document so we need to be very careful in handling every transaction. So it only means that you have to have the super power to joggle quality and quantity without compromising any of them.
On a regular 8-hour shift, an agent is expected to reap 47 e-mails. Today, like any other day, I was not able to hit the marker which will be the understatement of the year because I only finished 26 transactions in my entire 10-hour stay in the office! Yet again, I feel so tired.

I have been shooting e-mails to several departments with lots of smileys in between my regular e-mail transactions. Follow throughs need to be done because my ass name, which I sign in every rejoinder I send to subscribers, is at stake. I choose to add smiley almost every after paragraph in order for me not to “sound” arrogant. I have copied my boss the communications I have sent to these departments. Two of the recipients of my e-mail responded in an assuming manner that our team were just sitting ducks. I think they hit my team leader’s nerve so she shot one an e-mail right smack in the middle!

She is the only team leader in our office that can use perpetual, moot and academic and pig in a poke in one sentence. And when she opens her mouth every body’s noses bleed and nobody dares to rebut. Love it!


I'm also starving. I only had half slice of bagel for breakfast and a yogurt for dinner. My teeth ache and I'm having a hard time masticating. My mind aches. My stomach aches. My right ear aches. I passed by a jerk playing with firecrackers.

Just shoot me!
I think I have to sleep all these soreness over.

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Sunday, November 18, 2007

shoe-s shoeses!

When I moved into my ate's house, I disposed of some of my unused and rarely used shoes because the space I’m occupying here is smaller. In my doldrums days, I shopped on eBay and next thing I know, I have a much smaller space to walk on in my room!
I have been eyeing the shoe cabinet in our officer's decompression room, the sleeping room that is. I think it's perfect for bag storage as well. My bags need home because they are occupying huge part of my bed.
Most of my shoes and bags are not branded. As I self-confessed, I’m the poor man's Nicole Richie. I think I need to work my rear off real hard before I could afford Manolos or Jimmy Choo. Well they are on my long-term goal list and I know that they are achievable in this life time.
This afternoon, I chanced upon our office admin's staff and I asked her about the caibnet. There's nothing fancy about the cabinet, I mean the material is the same as the ones used for furniture I see in stores. That’s why I was surprised to find out that it was pasadya made especially for our office.
The nice admin girl told me that she would ask the contractors if they could make one for me.

Oh man! I wish they could otherwise I need to find a shoe/bag cabinet stat before I trip walking tip-toe in my room and I literally wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I went to Divisoria late this morning to buy a (white fabric) for my volunteer work. As expected, traffic was horrendous. From stop 'n Shop, which is just one kembot (slang for very near) away from Divi, it took me an hour to reach my destination. I set my foot on the bargain hunter's Mecca at past 1:00 pm already. I passed by the mall (that I honestly I did not know is the Tutuban Mall) and went straight to a murky and stinky place thinking that I would get what I need there at a cheaper price [US Klopman/Clothman(I don’t' know which is the right term for the garment because at the store where i bought it, is was tagged Klopman but in Tutuban is says Clothman)]. Only to find out that the price (P50.00/yard) is the same as the ones sold at Tutuban Mall.
Before I went there, I told myself that it is not shopping time yet. Although you have extra moolah on hand, you are NOT allowed to buy anything except for the fabric and a pair of skinny jeans (hehehe). I almost succeeded, except that the nice flat shoes are on sale for measly P170/pair. It's the store's closing out sale. Okay I saw the shoes before I roamed around Tutuban and found no match in terms of design and price so I bought a red pair for me and brown slip ons for my Ate.
I remember last Thursday morning when we were going to church, ate is complaining about her achy feet because she and her husband were stranded the night before and had to walk some serious distance and she has no comfy shoes to wear to church. Well rationalized I suppose. Ate loved it!
Trip out of Tutuban is far better. I walked myself to the part of the road where the jeepneys are moving to avoid getting stuck because I have an appointment with my dentist. Good thing I was wearing skort (shorts in skirt) and flipflops so it was a walk in a polluted park (hachoo!).
I'm so happy with what I've purchased...Oh I also bought undergarments to match the uniform for the volunteer work. You know Pinays are very conservative in terms of wearing white stuff....hahaha so not me!
And the best part of my outdoor trip was I've got myself Wendy's Shrimp Sandwich combo that I have upgraded to the addicting Light Iced Tea and Biggie fries. Pigging out after ortho visit? That is so me!

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Friday, November 16, 2007

asystolic for a while

I don't know, my identity in this blogsite as far as I know is incognito but why do I still feel anxious checking out that my visitor's counter is ticking.
Are they really reading my doodling? Maybe they have just accidentally clicked on my site. But if they actually read them, thank you for peeking into my pensive.

Any way, I was experimenting on some widgets and then all of a sudden my homepage went blank.... my heart dropped and went flat line! I signed out and signed in again only to find out that it's still blank...What the F? I started to lose hope already until I saw on the dashboard that I still have 9 blogs. I felt the blood rush to my face and nearly did the cartwheel. I'm alive!
See, the problem with me is I find it hard to ask other people for directions, instructions and information. I feel comfortable working my rear off in finding and learning things on my own. Everything is like trial and error to me and there are things that I could no longer take back or remedy because of this perspective.
Note to myself: please ask someone when you’re uncertain!


Poor man's Nicole Richie


He said he misses me yet he doesn't talk to me not even send me an IM or text message.
He’s crazy and I’m tired of bending down.
This too shall pass... I have been saying this for the longest.
One thing's for sure, I’m no longer into you at least not totally

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Schmuck is so my favorite word yesterday.

Yesterday was my rest day and for the first time in gazillion years, I did not render overtime.

What did I do on my restday? I did not rest on my off because I volunteered to help a couple of friends to run their stateboard errands.
Being a gaffer for a day sucked the energy out of me. Running from one department to another and from one school to another. We went to 2 nursing schools because the first was a house of schmucks. They brag about the renovated and stylish 8-storey building yet up to now it doesn’t have an elevator. The nursing department is on the 6th while the registrar's office is on the ground. I felt like a pingpong ball being smacked by the schmucks running to and fro.
What ate me the most was the sudden change in the procedure in getting transcripts from the baboon's playground. They did not let me finish my transaction because they need something from the school we have transferred to. Although I was so dead flat tired because the first school I went to that day was miles away from the schmuck’s arena. I still managed to be nice and flash my smile to every kiss-ass lover employee there. I told the girl at the registrar's office that I will be back and bring what she wants but I will also show her the documents she asked from me back when I was there accomplishing my (own) requirements for the stateboard. That is to prove how crappy their system is and how they love to drain people physically and emotionally.

They are not dumb schmucks, they are complete schmucks!
Oh schmucks!

Poor man's Nicole Richie

Getting jiggy with it

I lost internet connection last night ergo, this late entry.

I won't say anything bad about my ISP because as what Inday has said, you do not bite the hand of the person who is feeding you. (wink-wink). And besides, I only lost connection last night since ages ago. The ISP might have done some tweaking.


Last night was the first meeting for our department’s presentation for our Christmas Party. The party’s team is the living legends of the music industry.

Madonna is definitely out of the picture because the other group won the concept on drawlots.

What are we doing then? Music living legend = Madonna. I thought.

For you to be classified as the living legend, you need to have stayed and reigned on top for at least three decades.

The choreographer (I for got his name so let’s call him Mr. C.) is tough and he did his homework.

Presenting……… Diana Ross!!!!!!! (clap-clap-clap)

Mr. C. presented the evolution of Diana’s music and fashion sense.

From the sixties doing the shingalings in baby doll dresses, to the seventies climbing the disco charts in bell bottoms then mellowed in the eighties in high-waist bottoms and padded loose blouses and now….. she’s doing the techno in her geriatrics!

Did she ever do hip-hop????? I asked because I can only do hip-hop (NOT break dancing) and ledge dancing.

I think I need to unearth my folks’ japorms (get up) during their adolescent years.

November 21st will be the first day of rehearsal. By then, we shall be qualified in what era we shall be busting some moves.

Remember, I must pull this off.

So sing with me, I first I was afraid I was petrified…lalalalalalala….I will survive! (Chiz, I don't even know the lyrics of the song...hahahaha)

Do I see flying tomatoes?


Poor man's Nicole Richie

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shall I dance?

Did I act on impulse? I signed up for our company’s Christmas party song and dance competition. I was excited when I asked my colleague to put me on the list but when I read my name in the e-mail advisory, it started to creep on me!

Modesty aside, I know I can dance. I have joined our school presentations in gradeschool and highschool not so long ago (har-har-har). Back when I have 100% confidence in my “dancing prowess”. My self esteem crumbled when I entered college. I felt that I was the most stupid, the poorest and the ugliest person ever lived. A Bambi.

Taking the corporate ladder made me pick up the pieces of my shattered personality and though it is yet to be completed, I know that I could take on challenges such as this but I need some smacking pushing…

Considering that I was able to stand act as a villain in our Trick or Treat for the kids and contributed to the success of our floor in bagging the grand prize, I know that I could pull this off. I must pull this off.

I really love to dance and a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

There’s no turning back. I won’t chicken out. I won’t be a baby. All I need right now is a good pair of dancing shoes.

For so many days now, I have been searching on eBay for one but no luck yet.

Oh crap! I need to get in new comfy and flashy ones before the rehearsals start.


Poor man's Nicole Richie

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gearing for 168

I’m not a morning person. I sleep late therefore I need to wake up late. But what excites me in having morning shift is I get to listen to Li’l Man Guile on the radio (in the office). At 12 years old, he rocks the DJ job hosting and playing music. He’s a typical schoolboy who’s hooked on PSPs, internet, cell phones and cars. This morning I LOLd when I hear him converse with the older DJ about kids doing crazy and dangerous stuff. Like sticking their fingers into an electric socket. The older DJ asked, if they ever get hurt or if the one who did it died. Guile said, we’re kids, we have nine lives. Adding that adults die easily in an accident because they already have consumed their eight lives when they were young. Hahahaha.

Guile is so witty and adorable. If I had a child, I want it to be a boy and I want him to be exactly like Guile.


For the first time in gazillion years, our team hit the ON-TIME marker today but why I’m not happy? Simply because zero backlog means zero over time requirement. I told myself and everyone else in the office that I’ll be killing myself rendering OT until November 15th. This is because I'm dreading to visit the ever famous 168 mall on December 10th to shop around. A couple of my officemates promised to go with me. I've heard that it's a bargain hunter's haven. Since I’m just a minimum-wage earner, my one thousand bucks would go a long way and would definitely give me myalgia carrying my loot bags. Oh poor man’s Nicole Richie! (wink wink).

Okay, so December 10th is like a decade from now, but I’m really excited. Ever since I sent myself to nursing school, my priorities were changed.

I have been running on a budget and at times can’t even get a budget to run on that I can’t even afford to get myself anything from a sweatshop even when it’s on sale.

[You see sweatshops (ukayukay) are very rampant here in the Philippines. Everywhere you turn your head, you will surely find one].

Complaining much? Never! For a fact, I know that I’m not alone in this situation. There are a handful of poor souls in the office (hahahaha) and we just mock ourselves for it and laugh away our financial problems.

One thing I’m happy about is I have learned how to control my urges to shop. I have long murdered and buried the impulsive buyer in me. Glad that it has no plans of reincarnating because it has no nine lives!


Poor man's Nicole Richie

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pass and Fail

Yesterday, I received 2 text messages from 2 different persons.
First was from kaye, a girl I met some 2 weeks ago during a qualifying psych test in a tertiary hospital here in manila. She said that she saw the list of those who passed the exam in our batch and I was one of those on first priority list. Hurrah!
I texted her back and asked if it were really me and if she has made it also. Sadly, she did not reply.
Having the urge to see the list myself, I went to the hospital early this morning....whoopee! My heart jumped for joy. I am indeed on the list!
Well it's not like I’m already IN but hell, it's a good start coming from the darkness. After our exam, we were advised that they are still processing applicants for February. So it's going to be a minimum of 8 months waiting time to undergo the series of interviews. Honestly, I suck at interviews. I turn out to be a complete nervous wreck no matter how hard I prepare for it.

I’m guessing that this is God’s plan for me. I really wanted to practice my profession but since in this country where licensed health professionals are overworked and underpaid, I decided to keep my call center job until I land a hospital job that will sustain my financial obligations.

Anyways, after checking on the list, I went to the training department to ask if there are still available slots for the hospital’s charity work on November 21st. the very nice lady said there’s none but they need volunteers for the December 12th sked. So I signed up (for the second time). I'm so excited.

The second text that I’ve got was from my classmate who took the stateboard exam for the second time in three months. She did not make it. I'm sad for her. The good thing is, she has a positive outlook in life and she has the money. Unlike me. Ha!

Ranting much? Nah-uh! Today is one of lightest and worry free days I have had for the year. Okay so I won’t discuss the horrendous traffic I got in to on my way home. On the lighter note, I was able to get in the house just in time for Marimar. Aw!


Poor man's Nicole Richie

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I went to church this evening for the midweek congregation. And unfortunately, I got the seat in between two major distractions.

Distraction(s) number 1:

On my left were 2 ladies in their early thirties who kept on talking, as in talking NOT whispering to one another about their partners, children and how they got in to the church (the talking is loud enough that I heard every bit of it as the church keyboard/organ served as their background while they catch up on each other’s life. They only shut their pie holes during prayers and when the minister delivered the sermon. Okay, so why didn’t I blow the whistle? Because I was in the church and I’m supposed to do good. I speak my mind so I’d rather zip it than pick a fight on someone unintentionally (?). You see, the last time I asked chit chatters to shush, I was mocked and if the girls then did not stop saying bad things about me within an earshot, I could have been in a cat fight.

Do we really have to ask the people in church to keep quiet to keep the solemnity of the moment? I think that this is already out of the question since first off, one MUST observe silence. It’s not even a library that you could whisper something to someone else. In church, you should not be talking to anyone. You should only talk to God (or whoever superior for the lack of better word, being you are worshipping).

Distraction number 2:

On my right, I saw the most horrifying feet any foot fetish could imagine.

I love to look at pretty feet. Aside from teeth, feet are the ones I immediately check out on a person (of course if he/she wears sandals, slipper or peep-toes).

So imagine what I felt when I saw claw-length toe nails with matching red nail polish! Geez! I really don’t get the point why ladies have to grow their toenails long and shape them like triangles. Ladies please, the more you let the mani/pedicurist dig into your in-growns the deeper it will grow back. So many magazines and even health pros advised, cut your nails across and not in anyway.


Poor man's Nicole Richie

I'm okay

Seriously. I am.
Unlike Orlando Bloom's character in the film Elizabethtown, I am saying it because i am really doing fine. Definitely not A-ok but I'm getting there. It's been almost a month when I heard about the bad news. I failed the stateboard. I cried a river and I was in the doldrums but for just two days. Thanks to those who lifted my spirit.
For a fact, life was and is never easy for me but I'm not bitter about it. I aint no drama queen and never intend to sell a drama. At the very young age, I learned not to rely on anyone else but me. Truth of the matter is, I hate pity those who have very low threshold for pain and sadness. I wanna tell to their faces that there’s more to life.
I admit I'm a cry baby but I never backed down.

I'm gonna give that exam another try....soon-ish. Please continue praying for me.
To all my friends, please stop worrying about me.


Poor man's Nicole Richie