Saturday, October 29, 2011

A 3D experience

I was obliged to see a movie with colleagues for I fear that if I would not give in, they will get back to me at work.
Seriously, I would prefer to stay at home, sleep as long as I can or just idle in my crib watching TV.
I was awakened by call from my senior and she said to meet them at Gateway. I hurriedly hit the shower and took the train in baseball cap, white shirt and jeans. I just want to get it over with.
I arrived at gateway at 9PM and they said that the movie tickets are already sold out so we needto transfer to another moviehouse. The designated driver decided to bring us to Resorts World.
As I always say, I am not a big fan of moviehouses much more of 3Ds. I feel that it will just drain my pocket. Since it was a treat by our rich colleague, I just said okay. We put our 3D glasses on as we settled in our chair for Puss in boots.
I felt dizzy watching the movie and I often times take off the glasses as I felt it was squeezing my brain. I felt bad for my colleague who had to take off his eyeglasses so he could put on the 3D glasses. I he did not enjoy much either as he cannot make out of the images because they are all coming blurred without his visual aide.
The theatre was I think on top of a disco house and we can feel the bass pumping on the floor.
I did not enjoy the movie although there were some few jokes I chuckled on. I would not waste my money seeing it in a theatre much more in 3D.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doctor shopping made easy

Dealing with your health does not merely rely on the health care provider. You should also do your homework in finding out about the people you want to trust your health and life with. Hopping from one clinic to another or comparing credentials from website to another would be taxing. But if there is another way of making the decision making as easy as 1 2 3, wouldn’t you do it?
I recently learned about Doximity. It is the largest real-name and physician-only network. It houses comprehensive physician profiles and credential that are accessible for free on Web, iPhone and Android. Isn’t amazing that doctors such as Robert Mirsky MD can communicate with his fellows faster and easier?

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moves like Jagger

In light of Steve Job’s demise, Apple products are selling like hot cakes. People have became crazier when Jobs gave in to the call of death. His legacy will never be lost that is why I am still holding to to my ipod shuffle 2gb that I carry with me everyday. I always feel like a well-oiled machine when I had my earphones on. I feel tuned out and find “me time” instantly.

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Got scrubs?

I really cannot help but giggle whenever patients and visiting doctors are complimenting the female nurse’s overall appearance during our shifts. Our uniform design always gets praises and admiration especially from foreigners. They are not used to seeing nurses in old school uniforms. They always see them in scrubs uniforms and we have to tell them that scrubs are being worn in the special areas. The administration would want as much as possible, to preserve the legacy of nursing service even in overall appearance.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheap webhosting service

I have been maintaining my blogsites for more than three years already. My other blog is being hosted by a friend who charges me reasonably. With so many website hosting services around it is very hard to choose what it best suited for you. Others charge basic services and you have optional add on services for an appropriate fee ofcourse. So if you are just planning on starting your website or simply wants to avail of other company’s service, you just have to do your home work to find the one that best suits your needs. Getting cheap website hosting does not mean you have to settle for anything less. There tons of website hosting services out there and we just have to weigh the pros and cons to get our money’s worth. It may be tiring to do all these tasks but you have to be very sure about the services that you are going to avail of because you will be bound by a contract for a year and if you back out within the contract period, you will be the one in the losing end.
So fire up, start searching, comparing and jotting down notes. That is what I did before I signed up for a year of lock in service.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Someone put a ring on it

If dreams were meant to happen, I think I would be engaged soon. I had a very funny dream of wearing a diamond ring which happened to be an engagement ring. The odd part of it is that I do not know who gave that to me. I was like a little girl giggling and running around until I heard some scream. I was awakened by my nieces’ constant screaming as they ran around the house. Too bad, dreams were not real bad enough that I was awakened from a very beautiful dream.

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Within the four corners

I am really wanting to get back to Macau. It is not for anything else but I just fell in love with the sight. While my friends threw some serious cash in playing in casinos, I think that I do not have to travel that far to enjoy playing in gambling houses.
For those who have serious inclination with gamings or just wanted to get started with it, you could try them at home through the online casinos. This season is bed weather season and to avoid the stress of thinking about the travel, the ride, the parking space and the clothes you have to put on, why not try playing them at the very comfort of your home?
Online casinos have been made safer than ever so one would need not worry about hackers. There are very secured sites backed by the reputable IT networks so the least you could worry about is someone stealing your account. What is the great way of getting your hands on luxurious R & R? Having them your way anytime of the day minus the worries of getting robbed before or after playing.
Just the good times within the four corners of your home.

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My sweet nails

Every payday, I make it a point to pamper myself in one way or another. Since I could not indulge in a body spa, I opted to have a foot spa with foot massage and to have manicure and pedicure.
Driven with my curiosity, I decided to try a nail specialty store near our place called Sweet Nails. I did not know that they have an ongoing promo that it is foot spa would cost only P1.00 if you will avail of the packages on their promo list.
The owner, was too patient in explaining to me the mechanics of the promo. He was also the one who opened the door for me and made me feel comfortable. I told him that it was my first time there and I really do not go to commercial parlors or spa because they have proven to have lost the personal touch.
Also, what nudged my interest is that for a nail spa within our neighbourhood, it is unusual to see that they carry elite nail lacquer brands such as Orly and Acasi.
While waiting for my turn, I get to be kept busy by the owner who orients me to their services. After almost thirty minutes, I got the full service from Beth. I really enjoyed the footspa and the hand and foot massages. I chose to upgrade my mani and pedi to Orly by adding P100 to the package of P401.
I might have stretched my R & R for this payday a little but I think it was worth it.
The little space was made cozy, according to the owner so that the customer would get a relaxed feeling. Oh well, I should say that the interior is more of a girly than cozy. The glass walls allowed for the daylight to come into the place.
Anyway, the cheerful and friendly service surely make someone relax. Beth, was not hard to give instructions to about me not having my ingrown nails removed, cutting my nails straight and not nipping my cuticles off my fingers. I am really easy to please person. As long as you follow my instructions, we will not be having problems.
Overall, I was pleased with my first time experience if only they could lower down their services’ prices a bit to align with the location.

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