Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting the ROI

I can’t help but being frustrated seeing the dollar continue to weaken against peso. At this point saving dollar in bank or getting into time deposit is not a good option.
For some who are thinking of better form of investments, some suggest to buy gold coins or silver or some other precious metals.
Some says that now is the best time to get into this type of investment since demands for these are exceeding its yearly production so much to say that they are selling like hotcakes.
Today, being a unique form of investment, the beauty of gold bar is being accounted for its ability to diversified investments, protected wealth and preserved purchasing powers.

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It's raining and yet it's still hot

The rain has given us a very short relief from the roasting heat summer. While it feels good to feel the moist air, the comfort of relief does not last long. As soon a sthe rains stopped, the heat sets in as if the devil has been released from Pandora's box.
I wish that it will rain all day long. I miss cuddling in my bed sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee while doing my dvd marathon.
Right now, I have to endure the heat.

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Ironman 2

Spoiler alert.
As I always say, I am not a fan of moviehouses. I rarely watch movies in theaters but since Ironman is one of the "must-see" movies for me, I made my way to join my former officemates witnessing the second installment of the movie on its first screening day in Manila.
Tony Stark's antics gave me a sidestitch. He has loosened up so much in this franchise losing the seriousness of the content. Unlike the first movie, the action or fight scenes are not that intense. The final confrontation between Tony and Ivan was too short. I expected that Tony will have a hard time nailing the villain down but he was instantly beaten up by the tandem of Tony and his bestfriend. The face off ended up too soon that it made me want for more.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The lame pilot study

I was able to finish my endorsement before 9:00 am but the problem was I had to do the inventory of the crash cart because I allowed the a nurse from the other ward to open it for the electrodes that they need for a crashing patient. The problem was, there were no available and I can’t believe that our crash cart was sealed with incomplete contents.
I was informed that they have just locked it because of the Philhealth accreditation thing. Since there is an ongoing pilot study in by our Central Supply group, there have been problems getting stocks from them on time. In result, the crash cart has become the 24-hour store for our hospital supplies needs.
I know that there is a serious problem with our supplier that is why I am suggesting that they go for other suppliers.
We have been having scarcity on ALRI CR2 and I checked that it available at Jazzmedical .com. Which is the largest and hailed as the most technologically advanced in terms of medical supply retailing in the entire Amreica.
I hope that they would consider my suggestion.

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Back to reality

Now that the 2-day evaluation period for the Philihealth accreditation is over, the set up was brought to the old one.
I was again the charge nurse. I have prepped up and came in early but to my dismay, my preceptor was not there. I was left with 2 senior nurses who were floaters from other wards.
It was really a tought night. I had two procedures in the morning and so many lab work ups to follow through. As expected, I punched out at almost 12 noon the following day.

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New life. New hope

I was supposed to be the charge nurse on duty today, but due to the dreaded Philhealth accreditation obsession, I was moved to becoming the bedside nurse which somehow worked for me because I was still a practicing charge nurse and it was just my third day on board. i did not want to be the cause of any mark down in the grading system.

I was assigned to a VIP patient who's hooked on mechanical ventilator. She's a breat cancer survivor and they thought that the cancer has metastasized to her lungs compromising her effective airway clearance.

At patient's requests, she wanted ordered for a DNR (Do not resuscitate)when she crashes. When I arrived, she really looked frail and pale. DNR form was only good for 24 hours, so I was asked to have the relatives sign the DNR form. It was really hard explaining to them the purpose of DNR.

Before lunch time, patient's attending physician who happened to be our hospital director broke the good news to them. The patient is cance free and what causes her problem breathing is due to a lung that collapsed caused by infection. THe effect of the message was sudden that suddenly the atmosphere changed. As if someone has turned on the switch bringing light to a very dark room.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An alternate route

Almost all the politicians promise to give quality and affordable education to everyone. I do not know how far they would go just to win the votes of many people but I think we should not rely on their promises to get a better life.
In the US, education is made affordable like a Cosmetology school in Colorado For more than 50 years, Regency has become the fastest growing beauty school in America. It offers high standard education that is beneficiary to the students, salon industry and to the public.
Graduates of the Regency Beauty Institute in return give high-quality discounted services to all.

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