Thursday, March 25, 2010

No more encore

I am pretty pleased that it was over. I did not actually care whether is rocked it or not. All I was thinking was to get it over with.
Feedback from my those who attended say it went well. Pretty impressing for a first timer.
I stuck with my script but making sure that it does not sound scripted.
Although I managed to get through the challenging task, I don’ t think I want to have hosting as my second career.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to shine?

Last week, I was told by my head nurse that being part of the education committee, I am tasked to host the upcoming symposia in the hospital. I have tried my hardest to talk her into considering others to do the job but she did not buy it.
Last night, she handed to me the invite and my name is written on the it as the master of the ceremony.
I am now panicking as I have no experience doing a hosting job. I have a stage fright and I always suck at interviews.
To top it all, I am also leading the invocation.
Oh crap!

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The yellow piece of metal

With the continuous slump of dollar, many are taking their backs on investing in the stock market. The good thing about this slump though is that gold prices are benefiting from this as gold and dollars move in an inverse manner. So much to say that in this tough economic time, turning to yellow metal as a form of investment is a very good decision. Some analysts and investors predict that gold will stay strong for a long time that is why now is the right time to buy gold bars
Also, it was also noted that SPDR gold trust, the largest exchange traded fund backed by metal, showed on Tuesday its first time increase in the past two weeks. The holdings were raised by 4.6 tons totalling to 1,111.6 tons.

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Never felt this good

I was on loan for a night to a suite ward. It was the ward where I had my apprenticeship program. Althoug I had five medical surgical patients to handle, including the transfer admission of a very important person (also the mother-in-law of a late 90s starlet, the entire shift was pretty smooth. Even if I had to do sponge bath to a patient on my own.
I was fighting my sleepiness. I was done with by tasks at 5:00 and just waiting for my patients to finish their breakfast so I could give them their morning medications.
My headnurse who handles a private and the suite wards was the supervisor on duty. I jokingly told her I want to be transferred to the suite ward. She just smiled and said "no" adding: know where your loyalty lies.
I am serious about it. I am gonna talk her into allowing me to be transferred to that ward.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unequal division of labor

Unlike in other wards, my ward has practices this right of passage. The bedside nurse @ always gets the number of level 2 (unstable) patients, the first admission and the equipment charge nurse duty.
In my almost three months of being a bedside 2 nurse, I am getting the hang of this cruelty. I learn to smile seeing the whiteboard where the patient assignment is listed. I always expect the worse.
My favorite bedside nurse commented that I now move fast and efficiently.
I hope though that I could hit my one-hour endorsement marker so I could go home early and do not miss my bus stop.

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