Friday, December 24, 2010

A golden opportunity to earn

We have reigned supreme over the tempt of holiday sale so you are now left with the thought of what you are going to do with the bonuses the we received from our bosses ? Our economy has not yet fully recovered from the slump so we must put our money in investment that will surely reap its rewards. Currently, the United States Gold Bureau allows you to purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins available immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.
Why buy gold bullion? World demand for gold now exceeds annual production since 1990. As an investment product, gold is available in coin or ingot form. What are Ingots? They are generally gold of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins that have a currency value or are actually defined as ingots.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My list of must haves

I am into running nowadays. Although I am not that hardcore I have jumpstarted my interest for running. I used to run on Saturday or Sunday mornings around our area but lately I have settled in circling the oval of UP Diliman. I have my Samsung Omnia Pro’s Music Player as company in my rounds but I am having a hard time running because it’s bulky and the sounds skip as I run. Since I was really fond of Sony Walkman, I started to search for a Walkman player sans the cell phone functionality.
I was walking in Trinoma yesterday and as I passed by Automatic Center, my attention was caught by the Walkman on the shelf.

I learned that it is the Sony Walkman E Series and what was left on the shelf is a 2-gig version which is about to be phased out and they do not have price of the last piece. Since I am not in the mood to argue why the heck they still put it on display when they have no plans of selling it, I was intrigued by this cute-looking Walkman W Series.

It is Sony’s take on iPod Shuffle taking a notch up a bit by making it wrap-around integrating player and ear buds in a single unit. It is water resistant and washable; Wearable and wire free; compatible with Media Player and iTunes; has a very convenient three-minute quick charge that allows for 90-minute playback.
It sells for P5999 and I am dying to have it.
I like!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost but not quite

I was tuned into the Team Indonesia and Azkals fight for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 in the last 30 minutes of the game. Team Indonesia is up by only one point. Team Azkals are fighting so hard to score a goal but fate was not on their said, even the referee who called questionable fouls against our team.
My heart was really racing watching the game. Our team put up a very good fight and gave team Indonesia a run for their money.
Reviews from sports fanatics have a common comment about our beloved team, that they have improved way better compared to how they fared 12 years ago.
With the outpour of support from the Filipino people and hopefully the government, Team Azkals shows no sign of stopping.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The season to be jolly!

The Philippine Soccer Team (Azkals) has proven its potential of soaring high in the football league as they scored the final goal to get a chance in being in the semifinals in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 (Group B) in Vietnam. The team beaten the defending champion Vietnam, 2-0 in their Group B match.
The final draw will be on Wednesday with Myanmar determines the country’s standing in the final four.
The team headed by coach Simon McMenemy has arrived in the country and they were surprised to be welcomed by tons of press people congratulation them for their recent victory.
The AFF Suzuki Cup is a biennial football competition organized by the ASEAN Football Federation and being played in by the Southeast Asian teams.
Let us all root for the team and for Phil Younghusband (he scored the final goal).

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super sexy prenup

The prenuptials video and pictures of former beauty queen Maggie Wilson and fiancé Victor Consunji are stirring controversy. The video went viral and raking rants and raves. Opposite views are based on the racy poses, attires and steamy make out sessions. Some say that it actually qualifies as post nuptials photos as the video suggests engaging sex. In a Christian country where some still considers pre-marital sex as taboo, the concept is unacceptable.
I understand that the two have been living in together for quite some time and I do not want to be hypocrite about it. As Maggie says in her Twit: Hate it or love it, it is my video.
So haters, zip it up!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting a good night sleep

Before I picked up my soiled linens and clothes from the dormitory, I thought of getting new linens for my bed. I am thinking of sferra sheets to make my short stay in the dorm worthwhile. I really want to have comfortable yet fancy sheets that are easy on the budget. I wonder where I could get some here in the metro.

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A useful strip

Our fun run happened this Sunday and I was surprised to see tons of people participated in the event. I liked looking at people in different running gears and some even wore these abrasives that are actually had the purpose of supporting muscles from being strained. It was really a fun filled event and I was happy that I was able to finish the 10k in 2 hours. Ha ha!

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Giving a good relief

The caregiver to our patient in the ward is planning to go abroad. He is actually finishing her course in a massage therapy schoolmassage therapy school as this would make her eligible to land a caregiver job in Canada. She is really excited discussing what she learns in school everyday and giving me a sample of her skills really proves that she is learning a lot.

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A new chapter in his life

I caught up with an old friend online and I am excited to learn that he has now a work in Canada. He has been waiting to be reunited with his family there and he was afraid of letting go of his career here. He prayed that he would land a very good paying job there that would sustain his new family life there. He has searched through construction jobs online and finally he got a very good deal. I am really happy for him.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Summer getaway

Before capping off the night last night, we agreed to having an out of the country vacation together. Since they are now earning big time, they are convincing me on getting the Branson vacationBranson vacation package. I wish I could save up more money so that I could enjoy our vacation. I need to work hard so I could earn extra and have something I could use for next year’s getaway.

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Luckier than the lottery winner

My former colleague feels so blesses because along with the hefty separation he got from work, he got these Europe and US Visas. He would start first with Asian conquest then head straight to the US to visit his folks. He said that he will make sure that he will visit his grandmother in Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina that he misses so much. He wants to settle down there because as a nurse and a loving grandson, he wants to personally take care of his abolita.

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A holiday treat

After our dinner, my friend asked me to go around the mall to look for something that he could buy. Rich kids are like that, they buy things for the sake of buying. Anyway, our feet led us to an appliance store and our eyes got glued to the amazing tv stands which are on sale. Well in time for the holiday season and for the huge separation pay that he got from work, I agreed on getting a piece of it right away!

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Great time with old friends

After long time of planning and bargaining, I and my former officemates have finally met. It was actually initiated by my other colleague and he asked us out for a dinner on him. We decided to fill our tummies at Claw Daddy in Shangri-La mall in Mandaluyong. For starter, we ordered Chicken Caesar Salad which is my all time fave. Then we ordered a whole baby back ribs, carbonara and chicken platter. I found nothing special with their carbonara and the chicken platter but I give a thumbs up to their baby back ribs. Although, the gathering was a little over 2 hours (because the other colleague has a trip to catch), it was a meet up full of stories and catching ups. Until next time!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lovin' recyclin'

We were at Starbucks in Tagaytay the other week and as I usually do, I check on the store’s merchandising material. My attention was particularly caught by their promotional tote bags for Christmas as their take on the campaign to reuse and recycle for the green earth program. The bag only costs for a little over P300 and it has a pocket for a tumbler which I find very cool and useful.

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Making the pain go away

I was called to help the other nurse at the other ward to sponge bathe a patient who was on complete bed rest. The patient is a consultant in our hospital who had an accident. Since she is at time in terrible pain due to broken bones, she was advised to use heated mattress pads that help her relax her muscles. As a doctor, she does not want to solely depend on narcotics to ease her pain away. I admire her for that.

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Making life much more easy

I just got home from the Professional Regulation Commission main office in Manila to renew my license and as expected it was tiring as always. The long lines become extra long due to manual entry of payment on the official receipt form. I wish that they could allot budget for a receipt printer that would make the work easier for the clerks and at the same time easier for the clients to accomplish their errands.

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Longing for a vacation

The preparation for our family’s summer vacation is adding to the stress that is accumulating in my system completing the critical care course. I wish that I could put someone in charge of the hotel and flight bookings. It just occurred to me that there are vacation rentals outer banks that would rid me of the additional stress. I could now kick back, relax and wait for the long vacation days next year!

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Suddenly I see!

I know that the pre-channelling interview was so over and there is nothing I can do to rub the impression I have made off of the panellists. I just cannot help but smirk when I think how stupid I felt that time I was in the grilling room. I felt like I was trapped in a smoke-filled room that is caught on fire and I was struggling to get myself out of the inferno. It was pretty intense and given the fact that I suck at interviews, it really comes handy when you know the answers to the questions that were thrown at you. Suddenly, it is like seeing exit signs in times of emergency.

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All that glamour and honor

People are very busy this last quarter of the year. There are parties here and there, awarding ceremonies everywhere. In our institution alone, there have been three medical conventions and topping each occasion was the awarding of plaques to those who were recognized for the contribution to the development of some aspect in the medical field. You could see each individual flashing their best smiles on the red carpet before the blinding flashes of the cameras.

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Paying is a breeze

It is Christmas time and along with this comes the holiday rush everywhere even in the banks. I lump my errands altogether so I would only have a single trip to the bank in a month. Along with the deposit transaction, I also include paying for my bills so waiting in line would be all worth it. The line would not take it that long as the tellers already use barcode scanner so they would be rid of the hassle of typing the very long account or reference number for the service you are paying for.

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