Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He's coming!

David Cook that is!

We were chatting over lunch today that ticket to Daughtry's concert here in the country is kinda pricey. Well he's famous but I am not anxious to see him. Then I brought up that if David Cook will be having his concert even if it's in Hong Kong then I would sell my soul to anyone who's willing to buy  just to put up the money (Hahaha)

I was telling my officemate that if I were to be asked in US Embassy why I want to go to America, I would answer the interviewer that I wanna see the Idol tour specifically DC. I think I would be denied of the Visa because...

Guess why? Cookie will be having his oh well, show in the country in January 27th. I think it's a mall tour (the stuff that I mentioned about Idols were doing here) to promote his album which is due to come out in November.

Holy Molly matrimony! I can't wait.

Can this year get any better?

I am doing the cartwheel!

I think I need to come up with another believable excuse when I go to the embassy.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting wiser

Making sure that you investment on something that has a sure return is imperative before dishing some serious amount of money. Like me, you must be apprehensive in dealing with investments for the fear that your hard-earned money might just be flushed and get vanished.
When being sure is the thing that could make you do the first move, you have to be sure first that you have got the right tools. If you’re thinking of stocks investment you might want to check out PowerOptions that gives you options express related to the bits and pieces that you need to know about stocks investments. It takes pride in giving investors SmartSearchXL®, a patented decision support technology that identifies the highest return option trades.
Go for their 14-day free trial to get a grasp of sure stocks investments.

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Getting the hype

The unending rise of oil price has taken and will continue taking its toll.

The minimum jeepney fare as expected has increased yet again from P8.00 to P8.5o. Even the trike far is taking a slice of the cake.

Counter measure, do the walkathon. Good for the heart and for the pocket.

Say goodbye to taxicabs because the flagdown metered rate has also jacked up.

I am not complaining because it is inevitable. For a fact, I am proud of myself because I have learned how to tighten my belt and I have lost my impulse on buying unimportant stuff.

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The fear of being alone

I have not heard of these conjoined twins until I have seen them on you tube seeing The Fear of Being Alone.

It just touched my heart thinking that why we all feel so incomplete or alone when we can see things in a different light.

Please check out Lori and George Schapell.

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The old school meets the new school

When it comes to quality of service, we always have reservations for the old school, but with the current dynamic demands, it is unavoidable to welcome the new school. Wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both worlds?
I know one who has successfully hitched the old and new school in terms of Car Radiator and cooling services.
From the very humble beginning of operating in and serving Northern California with three hardworking people, has rolled into 45 radiator experts to meet the growing demands of quality service of the entire America.
While adapting the current technology demand with the use of computers, this bunch of experts has preserved the excellence of providing your radiator requirements the old fashioned way.

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A lemon

Almost a month ago, I wrote about how ecstatic I was getting my new laptop. I got it through my officemate whose aunt lives in the US and has got some gadgets business.

I have waited for it arrival for more than 3 months. It was held in Customs (Philippines) for a month.

A few days after I started using the unit, I noticed that it's kind of noisy. I thought that it was natural until I asked around particularly those who got the same unit from the same person. It turned out that it's just me whose unit has got that unusual sound.

since it has it's one-year international arranty, I brought it to the service center, only to find out that they only do service and repairs. They diagnosed that the hard drive is problematic. They would just replace the hard drive and I have to wait for a minimu.m of 3 weeks. 

I asked if I could have it replaced, they said I have to ask for it from the store where I bought it. Darn! So I told my officemate about it.

Now I have three options and unfortunately getting my money back is not one of them:

1. Return the unit to my officemate so she could send it to her aunt to get a replacement. Shipping to and fro the US would mean a waiting time of 2 months minimum. Within the waiting period, I have nothing to use. Oh, there is, the flickering and nearly flatlined desktop.

2. Settle for an HP which her aunt could readily send and while me waiting for it (minimum of one month), I could use this laptop. My officemate is yet to get the specs of the HP laptop so I could weigh options.

3. Since I am really okay with this laptop and I really love the huge screen, I could just settle for the hard drive replacement. And yeah, this would make the the L to the OSER.

Doomed but not mad.

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The Dark Knight

I have vowed to make delayed gratification until my most-awaited "Body Shots" competition is over.

I have mentioned about me watching The Dark Knight which has started to be shown here since July 17th. I heard that it has surpassed the box office record of Spiderman 3 and it has been confirmed that it has reached over $200 million (jeez I can't even write to figure correctly) in ticket sales in just 5 days of being shown in the US alone.


I am really excited. Maybe by the time the competition is over, I will be in the moviehouse alone watching this flick. As if it were a special screening.


Kudos Heath!

Do I smell an Oscar?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Academic excellence online

In the era where online business, education and activities are in, it is always a relief to know that some institution still upholds the integrity of quality service while being at par in offering new means of service delivery.
There are so many online colleges out there but there is one that has a commitment to providing high-caliber academic excellence. Capella University started to offer bachelor’s degree and graduate programs online in 1993. Adding to their milestone is the Online Writing Center that features multi-media modules aimed at graduate level students studying in a variety of disciplines.
This particularly interested me since I am into writing the online education on business and technical writing and grammar classes would definitely benefit me.
With its 
This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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I am alive but I am away

I am in hibernation mode for the couple of weeks already and it shall continue until early next month.

I just want my existence felt .harhar

To all my virtual friends, hope that you are still there when I come back. You could leave your comments and I'll get back to you in August.

Miss y'all!


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Safe practice in your pocket

Everyone agrees the medicine hit-or-miss science. With so many medical information to memorize, it is really hard to perfect this science but as the medical field progresses, chances of being on the “miss” side of the field are becoming slim.
In view of this progression, getting online medical reference is as easy as pocketing your PDA because it can now be stored in every PDA and BlackBerry. Thanks to Epocrates who made this medical prescription and practice in general way lot easier and safer with just a few taps in your handheld device.
This way, our McDreamies or McSteamies could focus on attending to their patients with utmost competence.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Branding BIG

A business without a sign is a sign of business. We all have heard about it a thousand of times. And if you are taking it to the next level, you would know that this does not just lie on the name per se but the whole business package. Branding has just evolved from just a mere catchy business name into something that encompasses creation of impact and its staying power creating a perpetual image in the minds of your target market.
The Brand Identity Guru or BIG is the next big thing when it comes to these concepts. As a marketing communications company, its focal point is to brew media that will unleash your company’s full flavor making its lingering aroma tickle the olfactory nerves of anyone who would smell it and give them something to crave for. 
BIG will concoct corporate and brand identity programs, logo, website and print ad designs up to the promotional support vehicle that will get your company soar up to its full potential.
With BIG brother having your back, you know that your business will not just be a name. You can be assured that all your company’s marketing needs served.
Create a brand now and leave an indelible mark.

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Tech Talk

Every business nowadays requires experts in terms of Information Technology or what we commonly know as the IT. IT Helpdesk lines can be considered as the lifeline of every company so it is imperative to invest on it but with the current economic trend, it is impractical to slash a huge block of your budget building your own IT department especially if you are in the small or medium size entrepreneurship.
You could consider getting the best of NY IT Services to ensure that your IT needs are met without compromising your monetary allocation. 
You don’t need to be a techy person to understand how IT works because this company offers the best IT services in New York like the IT consulting and the network support. Making all your IT requirements work for you has never been this easy.
With these in the bag, you could relax and focus on managing your business because you can be assured that your IT needs is placed on a strong foundation. Now, you could only think of a company that you run as profitable, productive, and competitive
What are you waiting for? Grab the telephone and dial toll free 888.642.6484. That is not an IP address, it’s a telephone number.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is the latest and I think the last film of Heath Ledger.

This first 5 minutes of The Dark Knight made my heart race.

I am not a movie house person and I am really running against time fulfilling my deliverables but I must watch this reel. For the the love of both me and Heath!

It's showing here July 17th.

Can't wait.

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If the shoe fits

I just noticed that beauty industry is getting the spotlight not just from Hollywood junkies but from average Joe and Janes. I am talking about the beauty industry that encompasses salon, spa and cosmetology. While these “beauty essentials” can be found in every corner of the town, we have to be certain that the services that we get are from the hands of high breed ones. 
The demand of hair salon jobs are relatively high and if you are a salon owner, you have to be sure that the one you will be getting has this “magic touch” and for the beauty stylist, it is imperative that he or she would land a job that is rewarding. Getting the right combination would definitely raise the bar of the beauty industry
I found out that BeautyJobs has launched a beauty industry job placement website. This is the perfect answer to the challenging beauty industry demand as it sets its goal to making a popular online destination for forums that will fuel the rise and sustenance of promising and top caliber beauty professionals.

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