Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time out

I am not a moviehouse person. The last time I went to see a movie was in January.
Today was our company's Time Out schedule for March and April birthday celebrants.
Concerned employees are given halfday time out to watch a film in Glorietta, Ayala Center. A screening time is booked especially for them.
Unfortunately it's my restday, since beggars can't be choosers, I went to see the Ironman.
It starred Robert Downey Jr.
I should say that it's more than a feel good movie.
Tony Stark (Downey) is hilariously alcoholic genius.
I won't be a spoiler.
It's really worth the travel and taking time out from my day off and class.

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Sexy Back

I thought that it was just me who is morbid until I read one of the Confessions of a Shopaholic series. The protagonist thinks that she might meet a freaky accident anytime that is why she makes it a point to wear well-paired undies all the time.

In my mind, I am thinking that if ever I will be dumped somewhere or be brought to the hospital, I want witnesses or paramedics to remember me as a woman found in nice undies that the one in hideous undergarments. Hahahaha.

I am weird, aren’t I?

Admit it, whether you are simple lingerie, sexy lingerie, plus size lingerie or any lingerie for that matter, you feel completely beautiful and sexy on the outside if you are wearing beautiful undergarments on the inside.

I am talking on behalf of women here.

Being sexy does not mean you have to show a lot of skin, you just have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. No pretensions and the sexiness will naturally come out of you.

Still not feeling the sexy back? Find the pair that suits your personality. It does not have to be kinky. I am sure that you get your perfect match somewhere. Just let your imagination play.

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You had me not at Hello

Yeah he sang Hello which is I kinda like because of the emo touch but he did not have me there.
I don't watch this season's American Idol because I do not have time.
I was just intrigued when my officemate told me to go and watch David Cook's rendition of Always be my Baby.
Yeah, he had me there!
My first time to see him. He looks good with well kempt hair. I don't like his troll hairstyle. But I like his fashion sense. For a not so tall and not so lean person, this bar tender from Blue Springs, MO could pull off a hip cowboy rockstar!
I heart you David!

Click HERE

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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IT Outsourcing

Currently, it is undeniable that IT is the lifeline of every business whether small, medium or large-scale industry. This two-letter word is very integral that the communication and solutions are fully dependent on it. It is a must for every company to invest in it since it could make or break a business.

While big companies are successful in putting their thrusts in IT, there are still some small and medium industries that are having a hard time coping with the IT demands primarily because of its notable monetary requirement. Now, this ordeal could be regarded as the thing of the past since New York IT Outsourcing has been introduced.

This breakthrough in IT management offers services like network integration, development of business application, web-based solutions, corporate relocations and support. These things are the integral parts of the IT support which also covers the help desk and the on-site support and training.

This New York IT Outsourcing will aid any company in working for the network integration and will design networks with reliability, flexibility, and security in place to support your business 24/7.

With the "ala carte" type of IT expertise, you can breakaway from the inconvenience and torture of building your IT empire and with this, you can focus on running the business to reach the top.

With the best options in IT service that you could get, you can be assured of profitable, productive, and competitive business.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

Away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, these are the things that I enjoyed in Dakak.
Lots of green!

Although the villas are built on hills several meters from the beach and pools, the walk in the woods gave me a breath of fresh air.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I used to smoke. I am not ashamed of it but I am neither proud.
I started in college and went on until my Yuppie days. I am not a chronic smoker though. I can last a week without a single puff but there were days that I can finish a whole pack.
I know that nicotine is an addictive substance but I'm glad that I did not get hooked to it.
I decided to get a cold turkey in September 2006. Heath reasons.
I was having palpitations. Chill out for me then was a good chat with friends over venti size coffee and lots of cigs.
Until one early morning, while waiting for a cab, I passed out. My heart was pounding as if it wanted to get out of my chest. I still remember that I told Ian then that I felt dizzy. Next thing i know, I was clinging to him on the sidewalk.
Not a nice scene to see. The first thought that came into my mind when I purse, sitting on the dirty pavement. Of course I did not verbalize it for I might suffer from whiplash effect if Ian smacked me in the head with my purse. LOL.
The following day, I had to submit myself for an EKG and the attending noted some dysrrythmias. He asked for a cardio consult and the cardiologist got an ultrasound of my heart. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation. Now I am on Inderal forever.
Although there's no direct relationship between smoking and mvp, I just decided to quit smoking. For a fact, as a nurse, I know that nicotine is a health hazard.
Ian and I were chatting earlier. He said he wants to quit smoking too because his lips are getting darker. Okay so I did not argue. As long as he quits, I'm fine with it.
He was asking if he would go cold turkey like me or he'll quit gradually. He said he wants the former.
So good luck Ian.
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Exterminate It!

Almost a month ago my PC crashed. I had my IT officemate fix it, do some reformatting and re-installation of drivers and softwares plus an antivirus and antimalware.
As I am afraid of these viruses I never dared to open other sites or open e-mails with attachments apart from these I trusted. Well I guess this safety measure is not enough to protect me from these devastating threats. I need to guard my PC by using a smart antivirus and antimalware application against them.
But I am not techy person so I need those that come easy to follow instructions better if I could exterminate viruses, worms, trojans and other malware in just two clicks!
Since I am too busy running errand all the time, these spyware removal tool, antivirus and antimalware applications should have free updates so I can be assured that I will be protected from the latest PC threats.It should be run only when I need to because I don’t want to waste my time constantly running applications.
And it would be a whole lot of help if I could just submit my PC state info instantly and get a remedy for the viruses and malwares infecting my PC within 24 hours.
Yeah, immediate solution served before these cause irreversible harm to my PC and my life. We all know the magnitude getting spied on and infected by these evil things have on our life.

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The digital age of prescribing

With inventions of gadgets and equipment to aid medical practitioners, medicine can no longer be tagged as a hit-or-miss science.

In prescribing medications specifically, more and more doctors are now making their PDAs as bible in giving out safe and effective medicines. No bulky drug handbook that gets outdated in a short span of time. Thanks to Epocrates drug reference guide that gives free medical palm software that works with PDAs and BlackBerry. And soon it will also work well with iPhone or iPod Touch a they collaborate with Apple.

With this, clinicians have easy access to information concerning drug safe and effective drug combinations. No need to rummage in pile of books or search through a thousand of references online since they are already compiled in software.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008



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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshots - Dakak

That's me and Gio goofing before we had our city tour.

Although my boy still aches from the road and air travel and from carrying a dozen of Spanish sardines, I could say that I enjoyed out Team Celebration Program this weekend. It was in Dakak, Dapitan City Zamboanga del Norte.

As I always say, I love the beach and I would trade the mountain for it. I don't mind getting a tan.
Apart from that, I enjoyed our dinner by the beach followed by the cultural show ala Luau.
Just for fun I joined the dancers doing the Hawaiian dance. I think this is where I got my body ache. Hahaha.
Gio here, who's a great dancer, was the one who first joined.

This was our all white night party.
More pics to come!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Another week full of good and not so good things has passed and I am thankful because:

1. I was able to get the performance appraisal, same as last year but this time I have a grateful heart to receive it.
2. Despite the fact that I have let go of the thought that I can be promoted my boss still told me that I have a chance and I am next line. I am grateful but still I am no longer interested. There is more to life. I am still willing to extend my help on the floor but not as a team leader.
This is just more of a music to my ears but not entirely because some people still have issues about me which I thought they have let go of already.
3. In general, my company that I am working for is very generous to its employees and I will never forget it.
4. Our company has this R & R program wherein every year, each team will be given a budget to go out of town and go on a vacation for 3 days. I am excited because part of our team will be having our R & R tomorrow and I am really excited because my friends who are in the other team will also be going with us.
5. I learned that my review program may be extended to catch up on the days I was not able to come to class due to my office sked.
6. For my big sister, my Thursday church buddy, my cook, my mother, my runner. She agreed to go and pay for the house mortgage that is due today.

So what are you thankful for?
Please visit Iris by clicking on the logo above and meet more thankful souls.

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Sparkle N Dazzle

Fine pieces of jewelry have always been considered timeless. They can be passed on from generation to another serving as family heirloom. They are one of the few things on earth that appreciate as time goes by.

Apart from huge selection of these fine pieces, you could be assured that the Jewelry store where you could get them from offers that best crafted ones if they offer the customers free life time repairs on the ones that acquired from them.

If you are thinking of getting someone something that will symbolize your love brilliantly (both figuratively and literally), consider giving him or her a diamond ring, pearls or any jewelry with precious stones from Sparkle N Dazzle online. This online store has been serving thousands of satisfied customers since 1991

They have the largest online Jewelry catalog that will allow you to design your own gem. Anything that you have in mind from stone, shape, color, size to its cut, their highly skilled craftsmen would be gladly do it for you. They value your insights so you could get the best personalized gift item there is without hurting your budget. They assure 100% customer satisfaction making you come back for more of their service.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


photo source:

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Need help?

Apart from the life and health insurance being subsidized by the company, I don’t’ have any health or personal insurance.

I wanted to have one especially the health insurance but I am still undecided which among the insurance companies has the best offers. I have heard of so many health insurance claims nightmares and I don not want to be added on the growing list.

As I always say, in some serious decisions in our lives, we have to do our homework and research on the product or service that we shall be getting to make sure that we enjoy its full benefits.

In matters of health insurances, we could run to e Health Help whose thrust is to guide people in getting the most affordable yet best insurance packages. You do not have to speak with an insurance agent whose interest is to immediately close the deal. Here, you could get insurance quotes in minutes so you can have plenty of time comparing them with one another.

Its remarkable reputation for over 25 years of having healthy relationship with insurance, managed care, and provider organizations would assure you that your health insurance needs will be best met through their guidance.

It is always good to start on thinking of serious things like this early.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Heads or Tails

I want to take both:

Heads: Tip

When you are already late for work and your toddler niece clings to you and doesn't want to be passed on to anyone, try putting the rollers that you just pulled out of your hair to her hair then make her stand in front of the vanity mirror. She'll get fascinated staring at the logs on her thin hair. Then it's your queue to run to the gate without looking back.
This is an effective escape stunt.

Tails: Anything that rhymes with TIP

I think I'm losing my GRIP and getting a little FLIP since we'll have our out of town TRIP over the weekends.
I have not gotten any goodnight sleep and I'm almost always getting a SLIP making me want to WHIP out my pillow in class and in the office if not, I would definitely get a fractured hip.

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The Ride

It’s graduation time and your parents think that you are mature enough to be behind the wheels or you have worked so hard in the past years that you think it’s about time to reward yourself by getting car. Owning an autmobile does not have to be extravagant because nowadays it is a necessity.

If you have been considering to purchase a card whether for your loved one or for yourself you might want to check out first the midwest auto recycling . Here, you can check all the best pre-owned cars, accessories, parts and supply. This is the best time to get a good ride and pimp it as well.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

This is the St. Augustine Church more popularly know as Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. It was built in 1694 and was made out of baked bricks, coral rocks, tree sap and lumber, and has 24 carved buttresses. This was taken in the Holy Week during my officemate's vacation.

While this one is the Heritage Village in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
He had his grand vacation while we stayed behind the office working on skeletal workforce.

Seen in the pictures is his wife Anne.
I miss Ilocos.The place, the food, the beach and the people.
The first and last time I was there was in college about a gazillion years ago.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ready to make nice?

This week I have given with my Performance Appraisal for 2007. It's basically the same with my last year's PA but this time, I don't feel furious although the highest grade a staff got on the floor was a freakin' 98.99%.
Yeah, this is when I feel unworthy of standing next to her.
While I did not mess up with my work performance last year, I should say that I managed to be on the average, ergo that light feeling for the same grade I got.
I am pleased to learn though that some of my teammates are having disbelief about it. I just told them to let go because I did.
Anyway, the word that came from my boss that moved and surprised me is the fact that she still wants me to consider a career on the floor. Meaning, I might be next in line if.... This was the dream I have given up a gazillion years ago before I took my second college degree.
She did not sugar coat anything and told me what was the major factor that hinders my "upgrade".
I need to be "likable". Smile to everyone and everything that moves especially the tall trees.
Before the talk, I have been chitchatting with some acquaintances (some are my contemporary who are now supervisors) not for anything else but because I feel that they deserve my attention. This is not about pride. I'm the type of person who won't talk first to a stranger or to an acquaintance. I'm the greetee not the greeter. Again, not about pride.
I'm a snob for some but my friends are always getting a side stitch from me goofing around. Because I am basically a clown.
I guess things are not really that way.
Bend down a little bit lower and you'll climb up a little higher or even leap to a higher notch .
I don't have qualms about people like these but it's just that, it's not my personality to be an office charmer.
I think my boss and I we're on the same boat there.
Brain without charm.
So, am I ready to make nice?

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Shades of fun

I like to collect shades particularly those oversized types. This afternoon, I passed by a mall on the way to the church and saw some cheap aviators. Since I was in a hurry, I did not have the time to try them on. Sigh!

So to make some sort of delayed gratification, I googled for some cool ones and these Cocktail Party Ideas caught my attention. These are different party-themed shades that could make your group gathering a blast. There’s this cute Tequila Pack for booze and spirits party or the Jazz Brunch Party Pack for a laidback hangout with your music buddies. For the ladies you could go for Brunch Party Pack.

The packs are really amazing because each pack has different designs and the beat is you could also buy a pair from the pack and do your mix-and-match thing.

Say goodbye to your boring party!

Of course they still have the conventional ones similar to the ones used in the movies like Risky Business, Men in Black and Blues Brothers

I’m thinking, since we will be having our Team Celebration Program next week on the beach, maybe I could order some for our chill out by the beach party. Yeah, they also have the Beach-themed party pack.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Money Talks

I and my officemate were talking about our financial status last night. We were both in financial crisis last year and we’re glad that we are over it. We learned our lessons. No matter how small or how big your paycheck is, you have to make sure that you put aside first at least 10% of it for your bank account.

While it is rewarding to see that your bank account gets fat little by little, it would be great if you put in a bank that will also make you earn from entrusting your hard-earned pay.

WaMu offers different Savings Accounts options designed to meet your changing financial investment needs. For busy, always on the go or stay at home person, Online Savings would be ideal for you letting you transact through the internet securely. It also offers electronic statement. Definitely no queuing.

If you are still undecided which savings account to open, you might try the Statement Savings which is the basic type.

Still considering the old school? Try the WaMu Traditional CD (Certificate of Deposit) that gives high interest rates and allows you to add funds through Add-On Feature or modify it to get a higher interest rate with the Bump Rate® feature.

The other option is the new school CD service? Get the Online CD which also gives you high interest rates minus the long line.

Maybe you want to get a CD but you want to get instant access to your cash, well there’s also Liquid CD.

These services give you the freedom to link one to another service to satisfy your banking needs.

Whichever service type you choose, the important thing is you are saving up for your future today.

Find out what WaMu Savings Accounts are available in your state.

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Color your world

I want red, pink, blue, lime. Nah I’m not talking about wardrobes, shoes or nail polish. I’m talking about my favorite Jelly beans which make me gaga popping one bean at a time while closing my eyes and imagining that I’m on Hogwarts Express.
Aside from the wide color selection of these jelly beans, they also come in different flavors that would tickle your taste buds and make you crave for more. Apple, strawberry (my all time fave), tutti fruitti…aaahhh I have lost my count. The latest addition to my fave list is the strawberry and cream which is to die for! Oh and the cinnamon is superb too!
These Jelly beans are guaranteed kosher prepared under rabbinical supervision so you can be assured of high quality. And they are also being sold at reasonable prices so I could pop every flavor that I could get hold off. And since I don’t cook, I could serve them these healthy beans when my friends come over. All I have to do is get them on a blindfold and let them play with their imagination.People with OCD will have a run for their money here arranging the beans according to color or flavor.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


photo source:

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Monday, April 7, 2008

All grown up!

I loved her so much in Lizzie McGuirre and she's my favorite Hollywood girl since then.
I love her sense of fashion and her keeping of "role model" image
Though she's far from being a song belter, I still bought all her albums (blush-blush). That's how I love Hilary Duff!
But I guess, the little girl has metamorphosed (btw, Metamorphosis is the title of her first album).
She has gone dating Good Charlotte's lead vocalist Joel Madden who's now father to Nicole Richie's daughter. There was no third wheel happened that's why I don't loathe the both of them.
Now, she's done filming War, Inc. co-starring John Cusack.
Here's a clip of her "Scorpion Wiggle"

Click HERE
Hah! Lizzie, Lizzie...

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