Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was able to complete my IV therapy cases: 6 IV insertion, 6 IV medications incorporation and 2 blood transfusion.

Ssshhh, I was scheduled to have my completetion on January 8 to 10 but I was informed that I could show up at the hospital even if I was not scheduled. I aked permission though from the hospital's training department and they gave me a nod. So I went there on my offs at the office and after 2 tiring days of running from one nurse's station (about 6 each floor) on all 6 floors, I was able to finish it. I'm imagining interns on Grey's Anatomy trying to get ahead of each other in getting a good case. It was like that.

This afternoon, I was able to pass my completion form at ANSAP and in 2 months, I could get my IV card already.


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Getting hitched

It might be considered as the most awaited event in a couple’s life. And it makes complete sense to be meticulous in choosing a wedding planner because it could make or break the occasion.
Good thing there are companies that know Wedding Planning by heart which you could find at Wedding Planning that has been helping brides and grooms to be on right track in making their way through the hassles of wedding preparations since 1997. Actually this wedding planning site does not stop at helping wedding preparation as it also combines free, interactive planning tools, expert’s advice, inspirational photos, a local vendor guide, a patented online registry system and so much that would make a couple’s wedding stress free. It’s like getting a bullion out of a fortune cookie.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The gift guide

How many days we got until Christmas?
Are you still thinking of the best gift for your guy?
Guess what idea I got form E! on the perfect gift for your significant other – cool gadgets, handy hardware, a full season of Soprano, money clip and NFL jerseys.
I searched on the latter and found out this cool online shop that offers the hottest NFL uniform sets for only P39.99. Whatever team he is rooting for, you could get here. 
You could also get Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, NCAA Collegiate merchandise such as Rally Caps, Fan Faces, and Head wigs and other youth sports equipment here. They have also got NFL sets for kids so if you’ve got a full grown up boy and a little one, you could surprise them both.
Delivery will not be a problem because you could choose from ground, 3-day, 2-day or overnight delivery for a very minimal delivery fee. These are all included in their Guaranteed Delivery service. The site has also a guaranteed secure online shopping that you could check through their customer ratings and review.
Remember, gift giving should be fun and not a burden. 
Oh and don’t forget to get him shoulder pads.

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Monday, December 8, 2008


Before I punched out of the office and I headed for the grocery, I rang home using my teammate's phone access to ask m niece what she wants from the store. My office line was not working the whole day.

My  niece picked up the line at home and said "hello?", then I said, Hello sweet!, she said Hello? so I said Hello? We kept the cycle for about 30 seconds then she passed the phone to Manang. I asked Manang if I could talk again to my niece, then she passed back the phone to her. this is when I asked, why did you pass the phone? She said, well you just keep on saying hello!

Hahaha. I thought she was not hearing me, it turned out that she was just pissed that I was not saying anything apart from hello. My bad, i thought the line was bad that she cannot hear me.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

An apple a day

Will help you prevent gaining so much.

Yeah, after getting the smack-right-in-the-middle comment from my doctor, my feeling of being a complete fullmoon has been signed, sealed and delivered. 

It's 3:00 a.m. and as expected I am still up because the Biggie Iced Tea I got from Wendy's is still kicking in my blood.

I had a little serving of dinner at 7:00 a.m.and I think I am not a slob if I give in to the growl of my insides. Doing away from carbs and fats, I did not dare open our company christmas package to rummage on anything that i could push down my throat. I instead grabbed an apple from the fridge.

I feel full but I do not feel sleepy yet.

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Jewelry wardrobes

I saw the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza has been lit. It is Christmas season! This means, it is gift-giving time. Yey!
While some are stressing too much finding the best presents for their loved ones, you can just sit back, relax and let your fingers do the shopping for you.
If you are looking costume jewelry for your girl friends, look no further. Just go Holsted. Get the beauty, craftsmanship and quality of fashion finds dubbed as jewelry wardrobes that will put a smile on the face of the person you will give your gift to.
Running on a budget? Go get the special “set savings” deals.

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Got biggie

I consider myself now as low-maintenance person.
Unlike before, I now splurge on simple things mostly gastronomic. 
I am a sucker for Wendy’s Shrimp Sandwich, fries and light iced tea. Using MasterCard PayPass at Wendy’s would entitle you to a free Biggie upsize which will save you around P30.00 (less than a dollar) and I am taking advantage of it.
It’s really the best time at Wendy’s!

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Two kilos in my cheeks

I have this colds for over as week already. It is not a nagging cough neither a productive one but it is bothersome when I cough.
Our in house doctor doesn’t want to give me antibiotic because I am still on (tapered dose) steroids instead he sent me to my nephrologist for a consult. Thing is, the nephro was trapped in Thai airport stand off and she just got back in town yesterday. I had my check up this afternoon. I was weighed as standard assessment. I gained 2 kilos. When she saw my medical record she just said: Oh, you gained two kilos in your cheeks!
I was thinking: Thanks to you!

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Backing up for safety

In the fast-paced era, everything is now beginning to be computer based. Simply because people want things to be done fast. While it is advantageous to make things all managed by power robots, there is still dangers with it. A disaster recovery software disaster recovery software should be in place to ensure data management and protection. That is why your data should be backed up by the top data warehouse that specializes in data protection for 40 years. It would not hurt if it has been named as one of the top 100 vendors in the world for seven straight years in taking care of your software that include Linux, Windows and UNIX environments.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The rebel cake

I have sweet tooth, well just for pastries especially cakes.

Now that my cholesterol level is almost close to normal, I am giving myself a green light to splurge on the sinful foods that I have deprived myself of for months.

Last Sunday, an officemate has talked me into buying her chocolate dome cake which was a bit pricey. Fooled by the look of the cake and taking the seller's word for it, I caved in. I was really frustrated when I have tasted it. It could pass for a cake baked in a cheap bakery in my neighborhood the only difference is its price could buy rubbish cake that could feed two families. The taste was really awful. I texted my chum and told her about it and she agreed. She was able to take a bite of that annoying cake.

When I bumped into the seller, she asked me how was it, well I just smiled. I cannot lie. I would only say the food is good when it is good. And when I say it is good, I could proudly say that it is good.

I even wonder why people say the food is good when they are not. Ah, poor taste I guess? Or they have not tasted the good version of the food that they consider "good".

So when a friend of mine approached me to sell this rebel cake, I had second thoughts. Should I cave in again? 

Well I can't resist the look (for the love of me, again!) so I got a box.

I have not tasted it yet but I jokingly told my friend that if it did not taste good I'll  strangle her. hahaha

UPDATE: the rebel cake is good. Not divine, but good!

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Podcasting and literacy

I used to enjoy podcasts of my favorite TV drama and movies. For me, it is an enjoyable means of getting informed as you could carry it along on your music player and do other things simultaneously. It is like playing songs that will keep you company.
No wonder Capella University has adopted this in their online degree programs. Its podcast features discussions of state-approved reading and literacy programs.
These podcasts are updated regularly that feature interviews with its own Capella students, faculty and staff sharing the experience of the advantages online education. These podcasts last about 15 minutes long and can be downloaded at 

Oh, and they are also downloadable from iTunes. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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