Monday, December 8, 2008


Before I punched out of the office and I headed for the grocery, I rang home using my teammate's phone access to ask m niece what she wants from the store. My office line was not working the whole day.

My  niece picked up the line at home and said "hello?", then I said, Hello sweet!, she said Hello? so I said Hello? We kept the cycle for about 30 seconds then she passed the phone to Manang. I asked Manang if I could talk again to my niece, then she passed back the phone to her. this is when I asked, why did you pass the phone? She said, well you just keep on saying hello!

Hahaha. I thought she was not hearing me, it turned out that she was just pissed that I was not saying anything apart from hello. My bad, i thought the line was bad that she cannot hear me.

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