Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pure fun

The dancing lights at the Ayala Triangle did not disappoint at all! I thought it would be a bore as we walked towards the Ayala Triangle. There were so many people that side of Makati Central Business District one would think it is not holiday today. I felt pity for the night joggers that they had to squeeze their way through a sea of passersby and spectators.
We waited for about 10 minutes and at the strike of 7:00 p.m. the amusement begins. The seemed to be pieces of white cloths hanging on the trees and on low lying poles literally blossomed before our eyes. Lights danced in synchrony to the Christmas tunes being played. The show lasted for about 10 minutes and the crowd’s oooohs and aaaaahs also lasted that long. The joy in every child’s face was priceless. My nieces actually were giggling and screaming for joy.
The show starts at 6:00 p.m.and final show is at 9:00 p.m. for the whole month of December. Oh and it is free!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My other side

What I love about the cold season (we do not have winter in the Philippines) is that I could get to play around mixing and matching my clothes. I have tons of unused clothes since I started to practice my profession as a nurse. I am excited to get out and go somewhere else when I am off duty even if I will still go to the hospital because I can get to dress up and be dolled up. I also love to accessorize to compliment my getup but I make sure that I do not over do things. I love collecting and wearing cocktail rings, hoop earrings and shamballa bracelets as I feel liberated when I had them on. I call it, the other side of me.

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Just proud

I have promised myself not to deal with any serious spending until I get promoted next year. I have already stretched out my budget for the year and admittedly went way beyond it. So when the luring wave of getting an updated BlackBerry phone catches my attention, I just close my eyes and take deep breaths. My old BlackBerry although it does not have a WiFi feature still serves me well. I recently got the inspiration to tinker with it and found out that it has GPS function. I stayed up until wee hours of the morning checking and testing each application installed in it and next thing I know, I am now a gps golf guru. I am just pleased with myself.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

At home

Life gets busier and busier as time goes by. We hardly notice some things that need to be fixed in our homes and these instances lead to forsaken home fixtures and equipment. You are so busy that you do not have time to bring them to shops for repair or refurbishing. Good thing there are motor home repairs that offer services right at the comfort of your home. Your things get repaired without the hassle of getting out of your home and you can still do your take home tasks as you wait.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

The technical advancement at its finest

What comes in your mind first when talking about modernization? I would say industrialization. With the current trend in technology, competition gets tougher and tougher. There are products like the Water Soluble Solder Paste being offered by a so many companies but there is one company that stands out and unparalleled for 15 years. Fine Line Stencil commits in delivering the highest quality laser stencils. The company is using the most advance later material technologies that you could find in the world. IT has perfected the art and science of combining the laser and material technology giving birth to the new SLIC and UltraSLIC stencils

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A fully loaded morning

More than any other shift, PM (starts from 7pm and ends at 7am) shift is the time for me and my colleagues to bond after work. We simply wanted to be fully fed before hitting the sack. We are tired of food served in the cafeteria, more so, we have tried almost every meal on Jollibee’s breakfast menu. We decided to head for Shakey’s but along the way, we passed by KFC and noticed that it is their first day of offering breakfast meal. Great!
After a few minutes of weighing out which will bust our tummies, we all ordered for Fully loaded breakfast meal. Lucky for us that since it is their very first day to offer breakfast treats, we scored the meal for only P90!
The meal is composed of a serving of garlic rice, pork tocino, chicken sausage, scrambled egg, chocolate chip pancake and a glass of cold drink of your choice.
The meal was satisfying and we actually find it too cheap. We wondered what will be its regular price.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Do couples have to share e-mail passwords?

Recently, my colleague and I got into trouble. We chatted on Facebook and apparently, the read was saved in her private messages. We were gushing about the guys in our hospital whom we have crushes on.
My colleague has a boyfriend who also work in our institution. I did not know that he knows her password to her Facebook account. I just received a test from her that her boyfriend opened her account and read our exchanges of girl talk.
According to her, her boyfriend was so furious about the matter and I asked her why on earth did she let him access her Facebook account. I told her that it is not a matter of trust but it is just a matter of personal space.
They ended up patching things up but he guy does not talk to me. As if I made the sole act of luring his girlfriend in “looking” at other guys.
For me, I do not see the good side of letting someone break into your personal space. Just because your significant other knows your password to all of his or her account, it does not mean that you cannot hide anything from him or her. There are ways.
Just sayin'.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping time!

After Thanksgiving, there comes the Yuletide and it comes so fast that you would not have time to shop for your loved ones or colleagues. Finding out about saves the day as it gives me gift suggestions suited for the people I care about. The only problem is, every choice I make I always ending up getting the perfect gift...for me!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too grown up or too racy?

The once famous child star is now stirring the news as her latest ad campaign for Marc Jacobs has been banned in United Kingdom.
According to the British Advertising Standards Authority, Dakota Fanning’s pose for the fragrance Oh Lola!
In the ad, Fanning who is now 17 years old, is shown holding an oversize bottle of the fragrance, placed right between her legs.

According to ADA: "We noted that the model was holding up the perfume bottle which rested in her lap between her legs and we considered that its position was sexually provocative. We understood the model was 17 years old but we considered she looked under the age of 16. We considered that the length of her dress, her leg and position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child.
The creator of the fragrance admitted the pose to be provocative but it no indecent.
I get to think, if she holds the bottle anywhere else, would it be any more decent? She is properly dressed and I guess, it is just the way someone looks at it.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Enjoying everything

I have been practicing my profession as a nurse for almost two years now and while I enjoy it, there are times that I feel like I am on the brink of switching career. I told myself that I will only give it a year and I will fly to the other side of the world for greener pasture but here I am stuck and still binding my time. The last time I checked online there are no opportunities for me abroad but there are lots of Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technician Jobs awaiting the lucky ones. I think I could stick a little longer I will just have to be patient and enjoy what I have.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It’s on TV and I want it!

I am not yet a middle-aged woman but I really enjoy watching Today Talk with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Their tandem and tongue-in-cheek antics really give me side stitch every night. I especially love their portion called Kathie lee and Hoda’s Favorite Things. Here, they just feature any product that they find interesting and useful.
Last night, Kathie Lee featured Laura Mercier primer. I have been looking for a good primer product and I got excited learning that Laure Mercier primer is her personal favourite. I really wanted to get one and I swear that I will get it as a reward for myself.

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