Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A fully loaded morning

More than any other shift, PM (starts from 7pm and ends at 7am) shift is the time for me and my colleagues to bond after work. We simply wanted to be fully fed before hitting the sack. We are tired of food served in the cafeteria, more so, we have tried almost every meal on Jollibee’s breakfast menu. We decided to head for Shakey’s but along the way, we passed by KFC and noticed that it is their first day of offering breakfast meal. Great!
After a few minutes of weighing out which will bust our tummies, we all ordered for Fully loaded breakfast meal. Lucky for us that since it is their very first day to offer breakfast treats, we scored the meal for only P90!
The meal is composed of a serving of garlic rice, pork tocino, chicken sausage, scrambled egg, chocolate chip pancake and a glass of cold drink of your choice.
The meal was satisfying and we actually find it too cheap. We wondered what will be its regular price.

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