Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Living the healthy life

I read somewhere that getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night allows for the regeneration of cell that died for one reason or another. Apart from this, we also need to live a stress free life, quit from unhealthy vices and do exercises regularly.
I am trying to start on these things because living a healthy life is the best wrinkle eye cream that one can put on her face.

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I need some sleep

I have been trying to catch up on my sleep ever since the critical care course training has ended. I try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep whenever I am off duty. Last night, I slept before 12 midnight and was awakened at 10 in the morning. I got back to sleep and when I woke up it is 1pm already! A good beauty rest is like getting the best (anti) wrinkle cream in the market.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My favourite is a hit

It started out of curiosity. I always pass by this barbecue joint along Visayan cor Leyte Streets in Sampaloc, Manila. Unlike other barbecue stands, my attention was caught by the seemingly clean preparation ala home style or back yard barbecuing. They sell quarter portions of chicken breasts and thighs, pig’s ears and cheeks, pork barbecue and liempo. They are all marinated in home made barbecue
sauce which are not purely soy sauce or coloring.They do not sell animal intestines though. Since it is along the road, they make sure that the products are protected from dusts and other “unidentified floating objects”, they keep them covered.

My particular favourite is the chicken breast. It is not that salty and it has enough of garlic and pepper and sweetener.
The vinegar that comes with the package gives the sour touch to the barbecue.
The joint opens at 4:00pm and closes before 9:00pm or earlier if the stuff gets sold out.
For P55 for a quarter chicken, it is surely worth it.

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Instant yet lasting relief

I almost lost my composure the other day. I have the most terrible headache I have experienced. At first, I thought it was just my normal sniffles coupled with headache but when I reached the hospital the condition was severed by the traffic pollution. My tears were falling off my eyes as I was trying to listen to the endorsement. I had popped antihistamine and paracetamol already but there was no relief. I suspected that it might a migraine. I began looking for the best treatment for migraines so that it will not ruin my day next time.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A helping hand

Have you heard of Mesothelioma? It is a rare yet terrible form of cancer caused by breathing asbestos . It grows in the different linings of the body’s internal organs or the mesothelium. The tumors may develop in linings of the lungs (the pleura) called Pleural mesothelioma . In the lining of the abdomen or the peritoneum which is called Peritoneal mesithelioma. In the lining around the heart (pericardium) called the pericardial mesothelioma.
Heard Robins Cloud and Black helps mesothelioma victims for the past 17 years as it understands the devastation it brings to the victims and his or her families. You may just a Houston asbestos lawyer today at 1-800-499-1797, or e-mail them.

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My make shift project runway

Since my allotted day to shop for my graduation dress was taken back, I had to raid my close to recycle. I have not worn my dresses for over a year now. I had major switch in lifestyle and fashion sense ever since I joined the medical service field.
After trying on piles and piles of outfits, I have decided to be on the safe side. The occasion called for a Sunday dress but since we were allowed to take it up to the next level, I sensed that the dress code would turn into semi formal or party attire.
I got this floral dress from the Landmark and since I am a sucker for black tights, I decided to bring out the fashionista in me.
I want to fashionable yet comfortable and I think I somehow pulled it off as I got some compliments that as if I was hitting the runway.

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Tagaytay’s finest

As graduation celebration, my in-house classmates and I headed to Tagaytay to literally chill. We left Manila at around 5:00pm and the horrendous traffic left us on the road, starving, for 2 hours. Jason, who knows every good hang out and dining place, drove us to LZM food restaurant boasting of the resto’s sumptuous bulalo and kare-kare,
He did not fail our expectations as I have tasted the best kare-kare ever. The usual ingredients are there but what it makes a cut above the rest is the peanut sauce. It so tasty that you could actually eat it all alone (ofcourse with rice)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting the best education

From 2 schools in Minnesota, Regency Beauty Institute has expended to at least 80 campuses across 19 stated in the entire US including the beauty school in Phoenix.
It brings unique approach to cosmetology education to a newer market. It provides an exceptional education that gives benefits to the students, salon communities the public as a whole. In return, they are expected to provide high quality and yet discounted services to the public with more than 50 years of expertise in providing quality education, it is enough to say that being a graduate of Regency, one can be assured that he or she can be among the sought after salon stylist in the entire US.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

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The tune out zone

The place in Capitol Hill is a WiFi zone so while waiting for our friends to arrive, we sort killed time by surfing the net. Our cell phones were all WiFi ready so we were able to update our FaceBook accounts. It was like a Cyber Monday on a Friday. We tuned out from the chaotic city life and were confined in the comfort of the internet technology. We were too engrossed that we lost track of time.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Graduation getaway

Two days before our graduation from the Critical Care Course, my co-staff nurses decided to go out of town, specifically in Tagaytay, right after our graduation.
The rites ended by lunch time and after some photo opps we agreed to hit the road. We were disappointed to learn that some of our friends who are members of the research team were asked to stay behind for their mock presentation.
Talk about being considerate. The research head promised that they will start exactly at two and will send our friends off at 3pm. We decided to wait for them at a bar in Capitol Hills.
The guys had some bottles of beer at Gerry’s. The place was very relaxing as it is situation overlooking the near by towns.
We have sort of chilled a while.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gwyneth sings country

I first heard her sing Just my Imagination with Babyface way back 200 for the movie Duets. It was followed by another cover of Betty Davis’ eyes. Her voice it somewhat soothing and I know the girl can sing but she showed her serious singing chops all on her own when she rocked out a country song at the CMA awards for her latest flick Country Strong. This gave her a standing ovation from the crowd including celebrity couple Tim McGraw and Nicole Kidman.
Just when you thought is a one shot deal, you’d be excited to learn that Paltrow will be belting out as Holly Holiday on Glee.
Is she shifting gears from acting to singing?

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I wanna be a health buff

I feel so desperate to lose my weight. I know that I could run and shed away my extra pounds but the thing is my schedule would not allow me to do so. The holiday season is coming and feasting on unhealthy treats would result in additional kilos in my body. My constant flight on foot from the hospital basement to the fourth floor would not be sufficient to burn the fats I am foreseeing to gain. I am thinking of popping some diet pills but before I try that I will try my hardest to enrol to a gym so I would require to do some cardio workout.

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All around me

I have once tried to deal away from soda, specifically Coke. I remember not getting a taste of it for more than two years and now my addiction to it started to haunt me. I can skip rice during meal time but I feel so deprived when there is no Coke to chug the food down and the effect goes straight to my waist and hips. If I could not get away from it, I need the best diet supplements to help me keep fit in my uniform.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bullions are not just for cooking

I think before people used bullion for cooking they have learned about the gold and silver bullions that have been around for ages.
Gold or silver bullions are made from their purest form intended shaped and customized for ease in transport and storage.
While people are hopping on the franchising bandwagon, more serious investors are into buying these forms of precious metals. The US government gives as the signal about the right time to buy gold which is right about now.
Gold bullion is a unique form of investment . Since the ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans has strong affinity for it.

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Way cheaper deals

Receiving the reply from Agoda customer service, it occurred to me why not contacting and reserving room at USA Hostel directly?
I checked on USA Hostel website and tried to book the same room for the same dates and I found out that it is cheaper by USD 20. I hope I could still get the same rate and room once I have cleared my credit card.
I am still awaiting confirmation from them.

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The Agoda hotels

In search for better hotek deals, my niece suggested Agoda hotels that offers online hotel reservations as they have direct contact with the best hotels almost all over the world.
Since my booking needs is different from what they have online, I tried to pitch in some questions via their customer support. I am pleased how swift and details they have answered my queries. While they claim that they offer the cheapest hotel rates, they latet email gave me an idea to search for the hotel's contact details. I shall be making transactions directly to the hotel. I need to get the lowest yet the best deals.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Let the search begin

It is still more than 3 months until our most awaited vacation abroad and I can’t fight the excitement. Since I did not avail of the travel package I am keeping myself absorbed checking the best hotel or even lodge deal. While I do not want to splurge on the place where we will just check in our things and sleep at night, I still want our stay there to be comfortable. My niece who has been in HK this year gave me this website that offers according to its claims, the best hotel rates. The site is easy to navigate and I am thinking that it has pci hosting because the site is user friendly. I wrote the site my concerns and I will have to find out if they are fast enough to answer their customers’ needs.

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The gold bullion

I am sure you are familiar to gold and gold bards but what on earth is gold bullion?
It is pure gold in small block form and what am I talking about really?

It is good to know that the US Gold Bureau has given its commitment to serving your precious metal investment needs. Now more than ever, you could be rest assured that your investment will have its rewards in the near future.
Gold procurement has been recognized since the ancient times as one of the best ways to preserve a person’s purchasing power and of course to preserve his wealth. It is safe to say that you could never go wrong with owning gold bullion.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

When you have to scratch the itch

I love hanging out with people who have great interest in food. Good food does not have to be expensive. I actually love to dig in large serving of food that would not drain my pocket.
For our critical care course lunch break, my classmate asked us out to lunch. He drove us to UP Village which is just near the hospital. The place is about around 50 sqm. It is called Pakibalot Panciteria Binondo Cooking. From the business name itself you would think that it might have started as To-go eatery which was converted in dine-in food store.
Anyway, for around P150 each person we got to enjoy all time Pinoy favourites: lechon kawali, fried lumpia, pancit, rice and tokwa’t baboy. We shove all this hear-friendly treats with two liters of Coke. What makes this resto a cut above the usual Pinoy dining place is that the food is really good and the price is just right. Servings are huge enough for four persons.
We left the resto with a promise to come another day for another gastronomic satisfaction.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My fashion 911

I am on the verge of panicking as my graduation draws near. The coordinator says we just have to be in our best Sunday dress and it is up to us whether we want to take it a notch higher. From the pictures I saw in the past for the course’s graduation, I could say that attendees took it way notches higher. I do not want to break my bank just to get in the best outfit but I need to present myself in a manner that I would not look like an outcast.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One bullion at a time

When the opportunity to earn comes along your way will you let go of it? Of course not. But what if it is in the form that is not known to you? You might think again.
As a form of investment, now is the right time to buy gold bullion as the demand of its production has exceeded yearly production.
If it is your first time to go for this type of investment or you are anxious to learn about it, you could rely on the US Gold Bureau in providing metals investments needs. You might say that gold bullion is a unique investment and you are right about that since the ancient times, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans has strong affinity for it.

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Getting things in order

I learned from my co-staff nurse that they have indeed availed of the HK-Disneyland package. The cost reached about less than P20,000 for each person. I think I could save more by booking the flight, the accommodation and Disneyland trip separately. I think I would have enough time to do it all in time for our flight in March. I just want this trip to be happy and memorable as possible for all of us.

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Missing the trick or treat

I was surprised to learn that there was a trick or treat event in the hospital. For kids, it does not matter whether the place is fabulous. They are contented with seeing other kids in different costumes and simple things that they could stuff in their loot bags. Too bad I missed the memo posted on the bulletin board. Until next year!

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Grabbing the opportunity at once

Getting your money in the write form of investment is like stacking up gold bars that gain interest over time.
While franchising is in nowadays, it demands focus on management. So what is the better alternative to it? I would say purchasing gold bars.
Today is the best time to invest since the US Gold Bureau has given its commitment to serving our precious metal investment needs. We could now be rest assured that your investment will reap its rewards in the future.
On the other hand, procurement of gold has been recognized since the ancient times as one of the best ways to preserve a person’s purchasing power and of course to preserve his wealth. So much to say that you could never go wrong with gold.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The happiest place on earth!

After more than an hour of checking on the best flight sked and deals, I have finally booked our family flights to Hong Kong! This is in time for my birthday next year. I thought that availing of the seat sales is just a hoax as I have been trying to avail of local and international airfares seat sale for the longest. I feel so ecstatic that I have gone through the reservations and flight confirmation successfully!
At first, I was stunned when the page sort of “hung” and lead me nowhere and as I tried to check on my flight confirmation to Bangkok, the page said I have made a double booking. I hurriedly phone Cebu Pacific and Mica, the other girl on the line, said that there was no flight booked under my name. She asked me to call BPI (my credit card service provider) to check if I was charged. So I dialled 89100 and I was able to speak with a girl with the same name (is it a twist of fate?). After thorough verification, she said that there was no pending charge in relation to my online booking.
So I tried to go online again and this time, it occurred to me to avail of the HK flights together with my nieces and sister.
I had limited credit card limit so I had to make some adjustments on the sked to avail of the cheapest rate.
Finally, I have gotten the confirmation. We’ll be in the happiest place on earth next year!

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Some habit forming drugs

I was assigned to a patient who has just undergone an internal cardiovert defibrillator. Among his “as needed” medications are pain killers and antianxiety drugs. However, the medications might have given him this habit forming dependence that there is not a day that has passed that he did not pop these pills. His daughter has talked to his attending consulting him about the possibility of having him a residential rehab that is not obvious to the patient.

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A refreshing treat

Before we started our duty last night, I asked my
co-staff nurses to eat at Pancake House for breakfast right after our duty. I told them that I am craving for real pancakes so they said yes in a heartbeat.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is something new in this specialty house. Jumping on the bandwagon of frozen yogurts, they have come up with Gurtz. A healthy way of fulfilling your sweet tooth’s desire. They offer it in regular (P78.00), medium and family (P158.00) sizes. Choices of toppings are endless which are unbelievable cheap starting at P20.00 per topping. Gurtz is not that sour so you could eat it on its own

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