Monday, November 1, 2010

The happiest place on earth!

After more than an hour of checking on the best flight sked and deals, I have finally booked our family flights to Hong Kong! This is in time for my birthday next year. I thought that availing of the seat sales is just a hoax as I have been trying to avail of local and international airfares seat sale for the longest. I feel so ecstatic that I have gone through the reservations and flight confirmation successfully!
At first, I was stunned when the page sort of “hung” and lead me nowhere and as I tried to check on my flight confirmation to Bangkok, the page said I have made a double booking. I hurriedly phone Cebu Pacific and Mica, the other girl on the line, said that there was no flight booked under my name. She asked me to call BPI (my credit card service provider) to check if I was charged. So I dialled 89100 and I was able to speak with a girl with the same name (is it a twist of fate?). After thorough verification, she said that there was no pending charge in relation to my online booking.
So I tried to go online again and this time, it occurred to me to avail of the HK flights together with my nieces and sister.
I had limited credit card limit so I had to make some adjustments on the sked to avail of the cheapest rate.
Finally, I have gotten the confirmation. We’ll be in the happiest place on earth next year!

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