Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The next Guitar Hero?

Ellen DeGeneres just had Taylor Swift and Zac Effron on her show. They were there to promote the animated movie on which their voice were used for the lead characters. I don’t know but Ellen kept on injecting the “couple” issue all throughout the interview. Swift and Effron just laughed at the teasing. They really looked cute playing guitar together and singing their hearts out to Taylor’s newest hit. Seeing Taylor graciously hug and play her guitar, it inspired me more to go after my dream of learning how to play the guitar. I am looking to owning an alvarez md6104 before the year ends. Oh well, talk about long–term goal.

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I have a dream

While I was on the bus on my way home, I passed by several car showrooms. I have been wanting to drive my own car since college. I know that it will not happen in the next couple of yours until something good happens in my career. I saw beautiful cars and the hunger for owning a brand new one constantly gives me a nudge. I really love looking at amt models and thinking that one day, I will be behind the wheels of my dream car.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Red lipstick and black bow tie

I really cannot help but smile seeing ourselves in the pictures taken during our colleague’s wedding. We never thought that we would this be excited and all out. It is a once in a lifetime event and we really walked the extra mile to be in our best even just for that day.
The chilling breeze on the hills of Tagaytay welcomed us at past 1:00 in the afternoon. We decided to wait in Chow King Crossing for our other colleagues who were behind us on a convoy. After a few minutes of exchanging text messages with them, we learned that they got in to a fender bender and they need to go straight to a police station along South Luzon Express way.
Good thing that the parents of our friend decided to accompany them to the church for the wedding. The culprit who bumped into the side of our friend’s car was finger printed and was asked to pay the damages. They put the issue on hold until my friend’s parents got them to the church in time for the ceremony.
We went straight to Hacienda Isabella which is about 15-minute away from the church. The groom wanted to meet us first before driving himself and his bestman to the church. Time was too tight for us and he just decided to meet us on the street literally as we crossed our paths. It was like a scene a movie as the two cars carrying us, the groom’s colleagues, and the groom pulled over. The groom hugged each of us so tightly that we could sense a mix of excitement, nervousness and happiness.
We managed to take some snapshots of the accidentally meet up on the street.
As the groom pushed the pedal to the metal on his way to the church, we went straight to Hacienda Isabella. We hurriedly changed into our formal vintage ensemble and soon left.
The wedding rite was made in the Chapel on the Hill. The breeze became more chilling as the sun started to set.
The mood, seeing the groom’s tears flow on his cheeks, sent more chills down to our spines. The loud sound of ringing cell phones did not distract us. Goose bumps grew on our skins as the groom began to deliver his wedding vow. It was so sincere and we were just so happy for him.
The flame of our excitement was slowly extinguished though as we started to listen to the bride’s vow. We cannot help but whisper our disappointment over her unprepared “thank you for preparing the stuff...blah blah” we just wanted to cover our ears with our gloved hands. She even borrowed a line from the groom’s vow...Sigh! A total waste of opportunity to wear her heart on her sleeve.
We just consoled ourselves by telling one another that she might be just nervous and forgot all her memorized tear-jerker, straight from the heart poem. After all, she would not appear on that day if she does not love her.
After the short ceremony, we went back to Hacienda Isabella for the outdoor reception. The night grew colder and we can’t help but to pull on our jackets. Before we set out foot on the moist grass on site, we changed into our mary janes so that our heels won’t be buried in the soft soil in the garden.
The newly weds were serenaded by a string quartet and the mood was instantly set to a romantic theme as the lights dimmed.
The theme actually was laid back and they surely wanted the guests to enjoy the special occasion. We enjoyed our get ups, the atmosphere and the
It has been a while since I last attended a wedding and I guess the new thing in reception was to make the newly married couple dance to an upbeat tune. I have seen one on video but seeing a person close to me strut his stuff with his wife made me crack up. He was so full of energy. The couple looked lovely together.
The night has just started to fire up when it started t drizzle. We took cover for a while and then stepped out on the most grass as the rain stopped. We savoured the night with sips of booze and cocktails on the mobile bar. I actually sank my teeth in the luscious dessert as I do not allow alcohol in my system for over five years already.
The celebration was capped with the setting off of floating lanterns. It was a night full of fun but the hours of travel and lack of sleep took its toll on us. The girls hit the sack at the stroke of the midnight. We just used our last breath of energy changing our clothes and removing our make ups.

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