Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I miss my feet

For over 2 weeks now, my feet are swollen. They are retaining fluid although I have normal voiding pattern. The first lab work up performed on me showed that I have protein component (albumin) in my urine. I am wasting protein so there's nothing to hold up my water in my blood vessels so the pressure draws them up in the intersitial space or simply just outside the vessell causing the edema or water accumulation.

I was referred to a nephrologist who ordered for all lab rework. Additionally she instructed for creatinine:protein ratio and urin culture and sensitivity because the bacteria in my urine post medication (ordered by our in house doctor) has mutliplied.

The lab work up should have been done last Saturday but that day was the first day of my menstruation.  I had to defer because it won't delivery accurate results. I am supposed to have the urine study tomorrow Thursday and if I could get the result that morning, I could go for a consult also that morning also.

I had my blood study done yesterday (ANA, ASO, ESR, creatinine) and the result is available already today but I need to get the other test done so that the attending could diagnose or rule out a problem.

I am not taking any medication. I don't feel any pain except that both of my legs are getting bigger and the skin is very much stretched. Plus they get numb when they are not elevated or at least level up to my heart.

I submitted myself to the ER last night becuse I am fearing that I might get a vascular compromise but I was sent home. The ER doctors said that I have waited long enough to get a consult why should I not wait for my scheduled OPD consult? Where's the compassion? They're toxic I understand.

I will tell the rest of the story later. I have to go to another hospital. My cardio has ordered a 2D echo with doppler to rule out any heart problem.

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Sports unlimited

New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings….is it Superbowl yet? I know the summer is over and fall has stepped in.
I just came across a sports house and I saw batting gloves, batting tees and training aids for kids. The store offers all the sporting gear like for baseball, soccer, roller or street hockey and indoor and out door games. My most favorite are the NFL uniform sets that cost an unbelievable price of $39.99. And for just $9.99, you could get the shoulder pads.
Who says shoulder pads are the thing of the 80s?
You could get as many sports gear as you wish because you could stuff them all in this cute NFL locker
Kidsportsinc.com spells the fun in all your kids’ sporting inclination by providing great quality and value of products from Franklin Sports, a company that has been in business for over 50 years. The site also offers replacement parts which are components for various Franklin sets. And because it is powered by Yahoo! E-commerce, you can be assured of secure and fast transaction.
In a hurry? Go for the ground delivery that offers a flat rate of $7.50 on any size order plus a rush delivery option..

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Willed Wheeler

If you are thinking of liability reduction, lower risk, effective cost management and getting tax free Vehicle Reimbursementfor your mobile employees, I can only suggest one management consulting firm that stands above the rest. 
Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) is administers highly flexible and customizable vehicle reimbursement programs that will benefit companies with mobile employees.
Their Vehicle Reimbursement program ensures reimbursement rate that is fair, accurate and defensible
Since the team is compose of highly qualified tax specialists, the computations are guided by the IRS revenue procedure that enables tax free reimbursement that will be paid to your drivers
The CRS offers competitive rate for their services such as Driver Reimbursement Schedule, Program Management, Motor Vehicle record Checks, Driver Safety Training, Employee Mobility Consulting Services and Online business Mileage Logs.
Once you have signed up, you can be among their clients who report that big savings have been made for administrative cost, personal use expense, maintenance cost, idle vehicle or disposal cost and capital expense. While the drivers are guaranteed to have fair and accurate computation which is flexible and tax free.
Need to know more? Call 888-312-0788 or e-mail them at sales@crsinc.com
With CRS, vehicle reimbursement management has never been this easy, accurate and affordable.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Search and Learn

Being a medical practitioner, it is important that I am up to date with the latest in this field. I noticed that there are new diseases that appear everyday. Who would think that there is such thing as bird flu before? There are also some forms of fever that are dangerous. It is necessary that we know its signs and symptoms so that we could immediately seek medical attention. Sometimes though, we tend to over react over things that are normal. Well, the best thing to do is search and learn. One online resource is from Epocrates. The medical information you will get there is complete. Anyone can view it, doctor or not. Most of all, it is free! One time my friend asked me what Ulcerative Colitis is. Without batting an eyelash, I told her that involves the colon and rectum. There is an inflammation and anyone who would notice any signs and symptoms of this disease should go to a physician immediately.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

The benchmark of creativity and originality

Presenting the UP Pep Squad!

The music is native inspired in celebration of UP's centennial but it's got a kick of techno.

Wow, at least there's a part of UAAP that we own.

Cheers to UP Pep Squad, you rocked it!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rick vs Dick

This is just crazy!
I must confess, for over a year now, I am addicted to celebrity gossip (I am a real gossip girl after all LOLers) and I get the juice from Perez. There is not a day that would pass without me opening his website. This is my guilty pressure. At least it’s not fattening.
I was just surprised that this third world stint landed on his site.
As I have numerously said here, foreign artists whose careers are dawning or have completely dawned on them go here to the country to earn some bucks by getting some gigs belting the songs they have been known for.
Well Avril was here this week. But her career is just dawning.
Let’s talk a sensation circa 80s.
It’s Rick Astley.!
The brit.
Our local comedian, Roderick Paulate, known for his gay portrayals on TV and in the movies has been and is still a big fan of Astley’s.
I remember when I was a kid seeing him imitate Astley.
Seeing this clip on Perez (inked to Youtube) made me literally snort.
What the heck? It’s cute though.

Oh and Petula Clark will also perform here in October. I’m sorry but I don’t’ know who she is. I just saw the ad on TV.

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Tech report

It is now getting apparent that our everyday life is highly dependent on computers. Every establishment has at least one working computer in it. Gone are the days that people are living under the rock. Young or old are now technically inclined.
Transaction are getting easier, cost efficient and fast when they become automated but behind these automations are human brains whose genius serve as the computer age’s life support . While everyone agrees on this, the choice of getting the best IT guys will be the toughest part of all. But if your company is among those in the small to medium range, is it wise to build up your own IT Department?
Maybe not when there are new york IT services that will ensure that your IT needs are met without compromising your budget.
Get the company that offers the best IT services in New York like the IT consulting and the network support.
Now, you can relax and focus on managing your business. Be assured that your IT needs are placed on a strong ground. So just think of a company that you run as profitable, productive, and competitive.
It is about time for your company to go forth and multiply.

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Go big time!

No matter how successful one’s corporate career is, it always comes to a point that on thinks of getting his hands on his own business.
I always believe that there is no such thing as overnight success. A perfect recipe did not get the exact amount ingredients in one cooking. There is always experimentation. It’s good to think of experimenting when you are just cooking for yourself but if your cooking for a whole lot of people, it would be a gamble because this is when you lay your cards on the table.
What’s my point here? Simple, if you are about to start a business or you are about to run a business as a leader, there’s no room for mistakes. There’s no turning back and you should be sure that your way is only upwards. You need a Branding Agency to propel your business to its full potential. 
Being a grasshopper in the business arena, you need a BIG brother who will assist you in every detail of your business requirements. From developing website design – which is a must for every type of business, brand rollouts, print ad designs, corporate identity upto the best logo designs. Everything and anything that you need to standout from the rest this BIG brother will provide for you.
To stand above the rest, you must get an identity, an image and soon you will you’re your equity.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Idling in my crib

Alas, since August 19, I am having my rest days!

It was pretty tough in the office. There are so many changes. Some people are getting anal.

We are having series of calibration ala survival of the fittest.

Audit exams are flooding. There's this decoding drill going on that is now part of our e-mail career. The latest addition is the grammar basics. We felt dumb literally because it's a module for the third graders!

It's actually good. Seriously, I am getting to review the basics of grammar. Hell, I did not know that one of the lines I have been using in writing sentences is called appositive noun.  


If there’s one good thing about being in the office is I get to dress up (pkay, I am still not wearing the hideous uniform) and I was told that someone on the floor has noticed my sense of style. Wohoo! I hope it is a positive impression (nah, not appositive). The informant though is one hard nut to crack.

It's my rest day today and tomorrow so I am trying to give attention to the forsaken part of me, my blog (hey, that's appositive noun!).

I am trying to put some widgets and I am surprised that there have been major changes in the good ol' blogspot. Not that I am complaining but I think I need sometime to figure things out. Well there’s still tomorrow.

I am also planning to get a paid hosting. So if anyone's got a better idea please feel free to share your thoughts. I am serious about this SOS me!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Got talent?

I always admire people who could actually pull off a great beauty stylist. Looking how they swish their brushes it seems like they are actually making magic. I am wondering if being a good beauty stylist is innate or it can be honed. I think it is the combination of both because how come there are so many cosmetology schools out there? It means they are founded to bring out and perfect one’s talent and turn it into skills.
After watching talent searches such as Shear Genius and Vidal Sassoon, like me, I know you want to give it a try. I did some research and I was overwhelmed by so many beauty schools so I got some help to narrow down my search and get only the best. 
All you I had to do was leave my contact details and the experts did the research for me.

Finding a beauty school has never been this easy.

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