Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I miss my feet

For over 2 weeks now, my feet are swollen. They are retaining fluid although I have normal voiding pattern. The first lab work up performed on me showed that I have protein component (albumin) in my urine. I am wasting protein so there's nothing to hold up my water in my blood vessels so the pressure draws them up in the intersitial space or simply just outside the vessell causing the edema or water accumulation.

I was referred to a nephrologist who ordered for all lab rework. Additionally she instructed for creatinine:protein ratio and urin culture and sensitivity because the bacteria in my urine post medication (ordered by our in house doctor) has mutliplied.

The lab work up should have been done last Saturday but that day was the first day of my menstruation.  I had to defer because it won't delivery accurate results. I am supposed to have the urine study tomorrow Thursday and if I could get the result that morning, I could go for a consult also that morning also.

I had my blood study done yesterday (ANA, ASO, ESR, creatinine) and the result is available already today but I need to get the other test done so that the attending could diagnose or rule out a problem.

I am not taking any medication. I don't feel any pain except that both of my legs are getting bigger and the skin is very much stretched. Plus they get numb when they are not elevated or at least level up to my heart.

I submitted myself to the ER last night becuse I am fearing that I might get a vascular compromise but I was sent home. The ER doctors said that I have waited long enough to get a consult why should I not wait for my scheduled OPD consult? Where's the compassion? They're toxic I understand.

I will tell the rest of the story later. I have to go to another hospital. My cardio has ordered a 2D echo with doppler to rule out any heart problem.

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