Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Putting your head above your shoulders

Time and time again, we constantly here the reminders from our folks that buying jewellery is a wise form of investment. However, that is the use of fine jewellery when you cannot wear any piece of it on the streets. You might was well keep your money in the bank but then again your money in the bank which does not get a compensating interest no matter how big the balance that reflects in your passbook. So why not try to think of some other forms of investment like business or just buy gold coins. Currently, the United States Gold Bureau allows for the delivery or just for convenient and safe storage of your gold coins at any bank or depository of your choice.
Gold possession has been known ever since as one of the best forms of investment. During the ancient times of Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, man has placed a mark in terms of fondness of gold and now the beauty of gold is being recognized worldwide for its proven ability to diversify investments, protect and for its ability to preserve and intensify one’s purchasing power.

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My favorite salon

At the corner of Espana Blvd and Vicente Cruz Street lies a beauty salon which does not belong to the chains of salons that are mushrooming everywhere. By the look of its exterior and interior, I could say that it is not struggling. Its presence has caught my attention ever since I moved to my sister’s house in Sampaloc, Manila. By its length of survival in the midst of gigantic chains of salon, it stands confidently in its location which I find unnoticeable. Maybe it has built its clientele offering friendly and competent service.
I always have my manicure and pedicure done there. The ladies there do not find a hard time following my instruction --- not to cut my ingrown nails and cuticle and just to simply cut my nails across. Funny thing though is that although I have been a regular customer of that salon, I do not know its name.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

The great experiment

After my recent frustration with the Pad Thai I have tried at Muang Thai in Quezon City, I searched for a little help on the internet in order for me to come up with the a decent version of the famous Thai food.
With so many versions of Pad Thai on the net, I decided to stick to the recipe of chez pim at chezpim.typepad.com since she’s a Thai to being with and her title for the article suits me best: Pad Thai for beginners.
I tried to follow each of the steps and to gather most of the ingredients. The result: a very tasty Pad Thai! It is not perfect though but I think through practice, I can reach the Thai perfection ala Little Asia.

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Just got lucky

While munching on my quickbite, the promo guy infront of the hardware was busy demonstrating his products to on lookers. He is talking about cad drawings and some architectural stuff which I think caught the attention of a pack of students who I think are architecture or engineering students. They were very enthusiastic about the product and before I left the scene, the promo guy has sold a couple of his products to the said students. Lucky dog!

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Today, my last day of the three days off, I decided to head to the grocery to buy some toiletries and to buy another set of ingredients for the repeat of my successful take on Chicken Pad Thai. Right after I hit the store, I grabbed a bite of shawarma at the foodcourt and sat by the table near the Baldwin hardware. Flashbacks went in my head as I used to decompress at this store when I was still living on my own. I got distressed by looking at and reading on the product information of every product I could put my fingers on.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A brilliant idea

Gold purchasing has been known since the early times as one of the best forms of investment. Ever since the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras, man has expressed strong liking to terms of fondness of gold. The beauty of gold is now being recognized for its proven ability to diversify investments, protect and for being able to preserve and intensify a person’s purchasing power.
Today, the United States Gold Bureau allows for the purchasing of silver,gold bar or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery or even arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. It is about time to start on diverting your focus in terms of investment.

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More famous than Venus Raj

So much for the major major attention Ms. Universe fourth runner up is getting. In the mids of the people's triumph emerges this viral video.
This pack of four guys is beauty pageant enthusiasts who were rooting for our very own Ms. Philippines, Maria Venus Raj.
Learning first hand that Ms. Raj has gotten into the 15 semi-finalist, they went gaga as if Ms. Raj has won the crown already.
Said video has become YouTube sensation and it landed on perezhilton.com and even caught the attention of the international news entity such as The Insider.
I recognize the other guy who's jumping up and down the bed as if he's on a trampoline as Veejay Floresca, a finalist on the Project Runway Philippines.
If other countries are darn serious about sports, the Philippines is so serious about beauty pageants.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to save a life?

In my last round on my patients, they TVs are tuned into the blow-by-blow coverage of the hostage taking drama in Manila. They were all agitated watching the horrific standoff scenes making their blood pressure shoot up. I was anxious to know the complete details of the said drama as I only got pieces of the news when I get into my patient’s room to check on them.
When I got home, I also felt agitated by how the Manila police and SWAT have acted on the matter. It was a major blunder. I am not a negotiator but it does not take a genius to figure out what went wrong.
So many precious lives were taken due to senseless actions.

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iPhone mania

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I went to check out on iphone accessories as my friend has recently gotten her to die for iPhone4. I want to surprise her. While there have been bad reviews about this piece of electronic device, people are still lured into buying it. Apply is Apple I guess and it raised the bar in terms of smart phones.

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Eye candies

Right after my shift I immediately headed to the mall. I was supposed to meet up with my college friends in Greenbelt 4. I came ahead of the agreed time to I decided to take a few walk in the mall.
Greenbelt 4 is high end mall catering to the elite crowd. I filled my eyes with sky rocketing prices of clothes, shoes and jewellery. I particularly enjoyed looking at the expensive pieces of precious stones especially the certified diamonds. How I wish I could get even the tiniest piece of that.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lovin' I Love Tokyo Cafe

After the restless stay in the dorm for my supposed restday and the energy-packed meeting (read: gluttony), my co-staff nurse decided to have a walk in the mall.

Still feeling the food spilling up our throat, we decided to check out some stuff and after an hour of calorie-burning stroll, I talked her into pigging out at I love Tokyo Cafe...on her.

It was our second time there and we both fell in love with their pasta and pizza particularly the Creamy Shrimp Ebiko pasta and the Margherita pizza.

The pasta was made up of special Japanese cream sauce and smothered with shrimps. On the other hand, the Margherita pizza are composed of sliced of tomatoes, garlic and cheese on a thin pie crust.

Fulfilling our gastronomic cravings, my friend requested for strawberry and raspberry crepe. To chug down the loads of food, I ordered for their milk tea which I can swear by and she went for the iced tea.

We were a bit frustrated though with the crepe as the crepe itself seemed to be cooked before hand and was placed on standby in case someone will order. It was a bit hard to slice.

Overall, it was a satisfying dining experience.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Refocusing on other form of investment

Gold procurement has been known since the ancient times as one of the best forms of investment. Every since the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras, man has placed an indelible mark in terms of fondness of gold. At this time, the beauty of gold is being recognized for its proven ability to diversify investments, protect and for being able to preserve and intensify one’s purchasing power.
Now that he United States Gold Bureau allows for one to purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository, you can now start on diverting your focus in terms of investment.

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Child proofing your home

Accidents happen but they can still be prevented.
One good Friday afternoon, it was my day off, I was set to meet up with a friend. I just waited for my 31/2 –year old niece to arrive from pre-school then I took off and hit the road. The eldest among the three siblings was still in school. Our household help was left with the preschooler and the toddler.
I just finished ordering food at Toastbox when I received a text from my sister that my pre-schooler niece was rushed to the hospital. She tried to insert a 6-mm bead in her nostril and it got stuck. I immediately phoned my sister and found out that my niece picked up a piece of bead that her older sister was using to make bracelets and out of child’s curiosity, she stuffed it in her nose. She started to panic, (she did not cry) when she cannot get the bead out of her nose. Our household help began to panic and sought help from my sister’s mother-in-law living in the house next door. They decided to rush her to the ER.
I clarified with my sister if my niece was having problems breathing. She told me that she was not. I told her that I will be in the hospital after thirty minutes but right before I tried to take a raincheck on my early dinner meet up with my friend, I got a text from my sister that everything was okay and that my niece was already brought home. It was a relief.
What if the bead was small enough to pass through her nasal cavity down to her trachea and head straight to her lung?
Thank God it was to huge to get through the nasal passage.
Kids are really curious. They explore and try on things. While it is impossible to have a close watch on them at all times, accidents could be prevented by child proofing your home.
Things that are tiny enough for them to swallow, inhale or stuck in every orifice in their body should be taken away from their reach. As well as hazardous and poisonous stuff. It is very basic but it will save you the hassle or better, save your child’s life.

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Going gaga over the remote control

It is not the usual fight over who’s going to hold the remote control. My sister and nieces are going crazy over finding the remote control to my TV in my room. And they are loving it.
As my pre-schooler niece has been ranting about, my room is a total chaos.
Just the yesterday morning, before I went to work, I was still able to use my remote control but when I came home. It is nowhere to be found.
I asked my eldest niece to look for it while I was bathing and when I came out of the bathroom the whole lot were already rummaging my room. Unfortunately, they have not found it . I gave them the go signal to rummage my room when I leave for work this afternoon. I hope they could find that elusive piece of thing.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The great bullion

When an opportunity to earn comes your way what would you do? The earning although may not be tangible at an instant, you should foresee a good return of investment in the future.
As a form of investment, now is the right time to buy silver bullion and as the demand of its production has exceeded yearly production.
On the other hand. Procurement of gold has been recognized since the ancient times as one of the best ways to preserve a person’s purchasing power and ofcourse to preserve his wealth.
If it is your first time to go for this type of investment or you are just plain anxious about it, you could rely on the US Gold Bureau in providing metals investments needs.

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Coming straight from our night duty, our co-staff nurses headed for Ma Mon Luk restaurant. I just cannot get enough of their mami and siopao!
After two hours of gastronomic satisfaction, we decided to call it a day as we feel that glutton has started to set the mood to sleep.
As I got home, I just washed up and checked my email then shut my eyes.
I was awakened by loud down pour of rain. Then I realized that the rain was so hard that it actually got into my dream. I dreamt that I was sleeping with my sister and as I dangled my leg on the edge of the bed, I felt that the water was already knee high. I immediately dragged my sister up the stairs for safety. Then I was awakened by the wind gushing through my window.
It was a weird dream.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The replacement

I have been wanting to sell my laptop as I need a lighter one that I could bring to and from the dormitory. I just feel incomplete sleeping without touching my little red priced possession and it hurts my back or arms to carry it from time to time since I do not usually spend a lot of time in the dorm.
As soon as I disposed of this Dell Inspiron which has done a very good service to me, I am gonna get myself a tinier version. Since I am way far from being a techie (and I’d love to keep it that way), I am browsing through computer reviews that will help me decide on what brand and model to get.
I do not need the top of the line one, I just need something that will allow me to browse the internet and do my assignments without giving me a hard time. Of course, the replacement should allow me to carry it anywhere, anytime.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old school Chinese

In my four years of stay in Manila, Ma Mon Luk is just a place I happen to pass by on my way to work and home.
I have been wanting to try their claim to fame Chicken mami (a Chinese noodle soup) and their siopao. Today was the day that this dream of mine has come to reality. Every day I can see packs of people and vehicles lining up to be seated and to get a parking space.
Right after my long overdue spa, I headed for Ma Mon Luk on Quezon Avenue. It is just a few steps from the spa salon.
As felt nervous as if I was waiting for my date to arrive. Yaiks!
Five in the afternoon on a weekday is not a busy day for them, I guess. There we a handful of people but the place was not crowded. I managed to get myself a table which is by the window. The place has no airconditioning system and the ventilation comes from the ceiling fan and the grill windows. I did not call for the waiter’s attention as I knew they were busy. I just waited for the one to come to me and give me the menu.
Looking at the menu, I knew exactly what I want...their best sellers! I ordered for their original Mami and special chicken and egg siopao. To shove down the ridunculous serving size, I ordered for an iced tea shake.

True to its claim, their mami is really to die for and the siopao is superb!
I am sure I’ll be back for more.

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