Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lovin' I Love Tokyo Cafe

After the restless stay in the dorm for my supposed restday and the energy-packed meeting (read: gluttony), my co-staff nurse decided to have a walk in the mall.

Still feeling the food spilling up our throat, we decided to check out some stuff and after an hour of calorie-burning stroll, I talked her into pigging out at I love Tokyo Cafe...on her.

It was our second time there and we both fell in love with their pasta and pizza particularly the Creamy Shrimp Ebiko pasta and the Margherita pizza.

The pasta was made up of special Japanese cream sauce and smothered with shrimps. On the other hand, the Margherita pizza are composed of sliced of tomatoes, garlic and cheese on a thin pie crust.

Fulfilling our gastronomic cravings, my friend requested for strawberry and raspberry crepe. To chug down the loads of food, I ordered for their milk tea which I can swear by and she went for the iced tea.

We were a bit frustrated though with the crepe as the crepe itself seemed to be cooked before hand and was placed on standby in case someone will order. It was a bit hard to slice.

Overall, it was a satisfying dining experience.

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