Saturday, August 14, 2010

Child proofing your home

Accidents happen but they can still be prevented.
One good Friday afternoon, it was my day off, I was set to meet up with a friend. I just waited for my 31/2 –year old niece to arrive from pre-school then I took off and hit the road. The eldest among the three siblings was still in school. Our household help was left with the preschooler and the toddler.
I just finished ordering food at Toastbox when I received a text from my sister that my pre-schooler niece was rushed to the hospital. She tried to insert a 6-mm bead in her nostril and it got stuck. I immediately phoned my sister and found out that my niece picked up a piece of bead that her older sister was using to make bracelets and out of child’s curiosity, she stuffed it in her nose. She started to panic, (she did not cry) when she cannot get the bead out of her nose. Our household help began to panic and sought help from my sister’s mother-in-law living in the house next door. They decided to rush her to the ER.
I clarified with my sister if my niece was having problems breathing. She told me that she was not. I told her that I will be in the hospital after thirty minutes but right before I tried to take a raincheck on my early dinner meet up with my friend, I got a text from my sister that everything was okay and that my niece was already brought home. It was a relief.
What if the bead was small enough to pass through her nasal cavity down to her trachea and head straight to her lung?
Thank God it was to huge to get through the nasal passage.
Kids are really curious. They explore and try on things. While it is impossible to have a close watch on them at all times, accidents could be prevented by child proofing your home.
Things that are tiny enough for them to swallow, inhale or stuck in every orifice in their body should be taken away from their reach. As well as hazardous and poisonous stuff. It is very basic but it will save you the hassle or better, save your child’s life.

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