Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The grand vacation

White sand, indulgence, elite, gourmet, sophisticated, sensuality and seclusion. When these words come to your mind, you can only think of one name when it comes to family vacation that is Karisma hotels
It is totally highly individualized experience for the affluent. A private ocean-view intimacy, beachside bar swings, dedicated Beach Butlers, hot tubs and hammocks, white gauze curtains floating over four poster beds, sunset margaritas served by a private Beach Butler on a private stretch of sand, sumptuous presented food prepared by expert chefs. If you think that these will only happen in the movie, well think again because it’s all part of Karisma’s way of continuous pampering for one price.
Choose from the following resorts and that’s is all you have to think of: El Dorado Royale Spa Resort for the adults, El Dorado Seaside Suites (adults only), Azul Beach and Azul Blue and Hidden Beach Resort for the naturalist and Azul Blue Hotel + Spa – Riviera Maya

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Job (?) hunting

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 95th anniversary

Today marks the 95th founding anniversary of the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines. I have never been this proud of the flock I belong to.
In recognition of the church's significance in uniting the nation, the government has declared July 27 as Iglesia ni Cristo.
Cheers to the church!

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Gloomed down

"Officially", I have moved to the new group. I moved my stuff to my new post down the next floor with a breeze.
I was really apprehensive joining the new group but since I was not given a choice and I would like to keep my job, I had to cave in.
I did not work the whole day today. All I did was to arrange my stuff and to fix my applications. We were given with new PC set to I had to transfer my files.

It's the start of a gloomy day.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stocks investment

Imagine you can find, compare, analyze, and make money online. It would be more exciting and convenient when you are sitting comfortably at home or in your office.
PowerOptions allows you to automatically sort, filter, and analyze optional stocks and a huge list of options online to find investments to satisfy your profit needs.
Getting into stock options trading is now made easier for you with the help of the 24-hour toll free customer support .
You can avail of the 14-day free trial that includes PowerOptions Performance Guarantee.
Why they are giving these? Because they are confident about the service that it gives investors SmartSearchXL®, which is a patented decision support technology that identifies only the highest return option trades for every investor.

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The great expectation

I am slightly anxious about what will happen this afternoon.
Seriously, I really suck at talking infront of strangers but I have to get it over with. It is a once line a lifetime opportunity and thousands would kill just to be in my shoes this afternoon.
I cannot give details at the moment because I do not want to preempt it.
God please help me.

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Predictably chaotic

What would you do when people continue to act unprofessionally and try to bring you down with them?
Just let them know about it and show them proofs.
They will give in to your request eventually but then again the control is still with them. So that will be unprofessionalism superimposed by power tripping.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fashionably generous

What is the most beautiful word that you would hear when someone opens a present? Wow!

This is exactly what you get when you send someone a gift that is meticulously made by Holsted Jewellers.

Each of their products is represents beauty, craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity. And when you visit their website, you can actually say that you have got a true fashion find without breaking the bank.

Holsted Jewellers offers true fashion discount jewelry through their set saving deals which are too good to resist. This means that you do no have the reason not to be fashionable whether in wearing your own jewellery or in sending them off to your precious ones.

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Letting go of the opportunity to be mean

Remember the girl who maliciously asked me about my health and lifestyle routine? I just saw her again on our floor speaking with another team lead and I noticed that she has gauze patched on her left eye.
For a second, the little voice in my head pushed me to "ask" about it but then ego has claimed its throne in my person.

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Awkwardly resolved

I had a valid webchat transaction this afternoon. It was kinda weird because the subscriber asked me to chat with him in our native language (Filipino) instead of the usual English medium.
I have no problem speaking and writing in Filipino informally because Taglish or the combination of Tagalog and English but using Filipino formally seems too odd especially while chatting online.
Anyway I have managed to pull it through. I just hope that I pass the metrics when it comes to auditing time.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One of its kind

The economic slump is very palpable and in these times, we need to make sure of investment returns whether short term or long term.

If you are into investing, you might want to think of rare coins for a starter.

When it comes to rare coins, there is one name that you should trust that is the Monaco Rare Coins. Monaco Rare Coin has been actively involved in all aspects of the rare coin trade from the wholesale market, the collector market, to the international market and auctions. They have access to a worldwide network of resources that keep them in constant touch with rare coin market trends and developments.

Monaco will help you locate the best and highest-quality of rare coins available at unbeatable best prices to maximize your rare coin investment.

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Rumor has it

I was in the ladies' room in the office when I bumped into a colleague stationed on the other floor. She told me that I gotten back to my previous body weight. I smiled back and told her that I just went on a diet and hit the gym.
I was really surprised about how she surprisingly reacted.
She said: Are you allowed to go to the gym and to go on a diet?. I told her: Yes!
I think the rumor has really gone a bit far.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Education online, more than a home study

People are so busy nowadays. Like me, they are caught up with work demands so no matter how intense their desire to pursue higher education, they have to set it aside as they do not have time to go to school.

As the educational demands continue to evolve, it is good that educational institutions like Capella University keeps up with change.

Getting an online degree is now as easy as you could imagine.

Capella University is a fully online university that is a leading provider of master’s and PhD degrees for working and busy adults. Recently, it has released its latest Inside Online Education podcast that features a discussion with Capella’s faculty chair for reading/literacy, Beverly Enns. It highlights Capella’s status as the only online university that offers a master’s degree program with the state-approved specialization in both reading and literacy.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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