Thursday, January 31, 2008

BFF No. 2 - Zap 'em out!

I skipped on posting my second entry last week because I was stressed out to much by our Victory Party in Puerto Galera which I don't have pictures to post yet since I will just be reporting for work tomorrow err...later.

It's actually Friday here in my country. 12:30 AM to be exact.
Moving forward, here's what I have read while sitting on the throne in a super back issue of Cosmopolitan (February 2007 ed.)
While I'm pleased that I have overcome the pimple breakout on my face brought about by ahem, sudden withdrawal from unprescribed steroid (in the hopes of putting on some weight) and too much stress in school, I'm still having perennial occasional zits not on the face actually but on my back.
Kinda painful and hideous.
So what are we gonna do with the silly zits?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday once again. Although my week started not quite right, I know I should still be grateful for the following:

1. For making me realize that I might have uttered offensive things against my colleagues who treated me and thought of me ill when I was really ill.
2. For allowing me to enroll at a review school that will allow me to manage my time
3. For being able to get up early and hear the morning sermon and to talk to Him about my fears and things that bother me.
4. For making me feel a little better both physically and emotionally
5. For the job that paid the rent and fed me and my family for the past 8 years.
6. For wonderful friends who always have their ways of cheering me up when I'm down.
7. For a wonderful family that cheers me on always
8. For Tim, my wonderful employer who wants to pay me always ahead of time and for Anna who acts as the CEO of Tim's growing business who does not get tired of delegating opportunities to me.
9. For always giving me hope and making me believe that there's always that silver lining thing awaiting to greet me beneath the dark clouds... though I don't know when I will see it. What matters is that I'm not getting tired.
10. For a new day.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WW - Majestic!

Photo source: photobucket

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Speaking of Honesty,Trust and Loyalty

Although I was feeling sick as a dog yesterday, I tried my hardest to go to the office. The sun was too proud glaring at me aggravating my condition.
I went straight to the clinic for a consult. Three people whom I stumbled upon on my way up commented that I looked sick.
I looked sick because I was really sick. I just can’t stand the thought that I was treated like a notorious liar when I called in sick yesterday. The last time I had an unplanned leave was in October last year. If my memory serves me right.
The doctor gave me a 2-day sick leave. The diagnosis? AURTI or Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Antibiotics, antitussive, analgesic and antipyretics were prescribed.
I went up and presented the Sick Report form to my team leader. When I’m sick I’m really emotional. I broke down in between horrible coughing telling her that why it’s so hard for them to believe that I am sick? I asked her if I would be the one to bring the form to bridge management. She said, it’s okay she’ll be the one to inform the group.
On my way home, it occurred to me who the heck was the effin’ OIC who only approved for me to get halfday SL. It was my team leader! It was confirmed by another team leader.
Okay, just because Saturday and Sunday were my restdays, it does not mean that I can’t be sick the following day.
It made me freaked out because of all people why it’s me who she suspects of malingering?
I have been loyal to the team rendering overtime everyday even on my restdays being in the office for straight 20 days in the past. Although the primary reason was monetary, but the thing is, I was there and I helped the group deliver.
I just don’t deserve this.
I’m not a liar. I am not malingering.
I think I was able to prove her wrong.
Shame on her.
Right now I’m still at home. No longer feverish but my eyes look like Garfield’s sleepy eyes. Yeah, I’m still barking coughing hard and when I cough I have tendencies of throwing up.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Snapshot 21- Boracay getaway

This was taken during our Team Celebration again this time it's in Boracay. It's a paradise I'm telling you. I'm addicted to it.
Have a great week y'all. Though I feel a bit under the weather.

p.s. i'll be posting our Puerto Galera pictures soon.

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Feeling under the weather

I arrived at our home at around 9:00 pm last night from Puerto Galera.
My skin felt flushed and I'm barking coughing like a dog.
My head was throbbing. So I popped paracetamol and also to prevent impending pyrexia.
When I woke up this morning, I'm feeling body malaise. I'm still coughing like an active volcano that' about to emit lava.
I called our Bridge Management group to advise that i'll be taking sick leave (SL). The girl on the other line said she'll call me back. After about 30 minutes my cell rang the girl on the other line told me that I am only allowed by the effin’ OIC to take halfday SL
I was not able to control my disbelief and began with my litany that last year, I was able use only 2.5 SL credits out of 17. I don't think my availability is in question here. I'm not even on the hotlist of perennial offenders.
She said that she can't do anything about it because she's just following orders from the OIC and if I want to avail of the SL for the last half I'd still have to call around 4:00 PM. I said. to advise what? that I'm still sick? I'm telling you now that I'm sick and you don't believe me. She pretended to hear nothing and yacked on the reference number for the SL advise. That's when I said. I don't' care then I hung up.
I wish they were robots. No heart, no compassion. Then it will be pretty comprehensible.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

PhotoHunt: Old-Fashioned

Believe it or not, this cash register still works. Old fashioned to me means vintage. Old school.
That thing was used in my friend's grandfather's Chinese Restaurant circa 1950s. The restaurant still serves authentic Chinese deli not the typical dumpling you'll find in every corner. She said that this requires four people to be moved from one place to another.
My favorite restaurant (for their Benguet coffee and cheap but delicious meals) in Baguio City still uses this type of cash register. It's 456 Restaurant on Session Road.
Thank you Mitch for being my slave in getting this photo!
It makes me feel that I'm still in Baguio.

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Puerto Galera here I come!

While I have been to different vacation spots here in the Philippines, I have not gotten to Puerto Galera yet. Shame because it's just within the Island.
Remember our Christmas Party winning performance?

Our monetary reward will be spent for our victory party this weekend in Puerto Galera.
Twenty percent of the prize was donated to charity. They did the same last year.
Bless our group for this kindness.
We are set to meet at 3:00 AM, yeah baby!, 3:00 AM at a bus station in Manila for a 3 hour land commute to Batangas Port. There, we'll take a Supercat to the heart Puerto Galera. The boat ride will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Okay, it just occurred to me right now, the first and last time I boarded Supercat from Tagbilaran to Bohol, I felt nauseous.
I'm see sick for crying out loud!
There's no turning back.
I don't know.
Que sera, sera.
I just want to be there and celebrate with the champions.

p.s. I think I won't be able to sleep. It's nearly 10:00 PM and I have yet to pack my things.
I'm a heavy packer, I must tell.

p.p.s. I'll be away from my PC for the weekend, Hope you'll miss me = )

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feast One Hundred & Seventy Seven


How many times per day do you usually laugh?

I am an office clown. I basically find humor in everything.

What do your sunglasses look like?
Jacki O. Over sized basically all are like these:

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?
That will be in Asia. I'd like to be in Vietnam or Cambodia. People there seem to be living at a very slow pace in a positive way of course.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.
You feel comfortable and it seems that you know everyone and every corner of your place

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?
If you can paint the town red, why not the sky = )
Happy Feasting!

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Thinking out of the box

This afternoon, we had our second team meeting since October 2007.
This was the most grueling meeting ever not because there had been information overload but the a/c is freezing cold. While it can be adjusted (by requesting from our security guards) none has thought of it since first, we thought that the meeting would only last a little over an hour but it went on for almost three hours and second, the issues are kind of intense.
Being those who handle electronic communications with our subscribers, our name are always at stake when ever we scribble our rejoinders.
We have been lashed by pressing issues brought to the attention of our company's big wigs and these have been perennial.
I’m feeling the pressure especially on my team leader.
Our team leader extracted 3 transactions for our case study. She would just want to check if we are one in decoding customer's e-mail.
In those three e-mails, emotions and severity of the writers' are observed. However, the correspondents merely stuck with the canned message and aftersales guidelines that caused agitation to the customers and prompted them to direct their concerns to other channels.
Everyone agreed though the agents who composed the rejoinders were there, that something was absolutely wrong.

As I have said before, I don't believe in the policy that "customers are always right" but they have the right to be treated right.
Thinking out of the box in our team is essential especially in crucial situations. I have been irritated by other groups sticking to the standard business process.
I learned how to be receptive not perfectly though but at least my stay in the company has taught me the hard way in becoming sensitive to other's feelings and needs.
IMAO, why say: No, it's not possible when you can say: Let's see what we can do?
This again applies to pressing matters and not to baloney customers who want to extort suck everything from a service provider.
Again, I'm just thinking aloud and out of the box.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It’s my first entry to Thankful Thursday.
First off, I’m thankful that I have found this blog activity because it will help me to become more appreciative of good things that come to my life and halt from complaining on petty things.

Today, I’m thankful because:

1. I was able to sleep at 9:00 PM
2. I was able to rise at 4:30 AM and
3. My and sister and I were able to go to church
4. My friend Tim is coming off her sickness called Hypermesis Gravidarum
5. Me and my family are free from serious illness
6. I have a messy room that I can sleep in
7. I’m not late for work yesterday and today
8. I still have internet connection at discounted cost when others complain of unreliable internet service
9. I’m able to contain myself munching on fruits and wheat bread for the entire week
10. Despite the lack of sleep this week, I am able to perform my duty at work
11. I have given with strength to get on with my life amidst all the pains and worries

These are all for now.
Hope everyone’s doing great.

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Morning sniffles attack No. 1

I changed my blog name from NaRs’ Notes to Morning Sniffles.
Nars is the Pinoy term for nurse. Yeah, I’m a registered nurse but not practicing though. If I’d be given a chance, I’ll do.
Why Morning Sniffles? Simply because while others yawn when they wake up in the morning, I sneeze. This is the indicator that I’m awake already. It usually wears out toward the midday but in worst occasions it will last until I retire in the evening. It’s also almost always being triggered by smoke, dust and too much humidity.
I have been nominated in the office during our Christmas Party for a category referring to person who has the most number of sneeze made in a day.
Antihistamine has been prescribed to me (Singulair) to be taken at bedtime. But I don’t pop it in religiously same is true with my Propanolol. I don’t have plans of keeping perpetual relationship with medicines. I will take them prn (as very much needed)

They are for babies. I’m paranoid about my kidneys and liver.
Today is one of those worst occasions and I forgot my Singulair at home.
I went to our clinic and was given with Alnix. The pharmacist said it will cause dizziness so I take it in the evening. Geez, I’m sneezing like hell and I can take the meds later?
I popped one. After a while I felt groggy. I snoozed for a while and I felt better.
As I have said in my banner, I can’t get away from it so I’m dealing with it. It can also be a metaphor of what my life actually is. It’s never a walk in the park but I’m embracing it.
My life and my morning sniffles.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goodbye my Knight

Heath Ledger 1979 – 2008

I loved him in A Knight’s Tale.
He danced very manly. I have this thing for wifebeater looks.
Wifebeater in the sense that they look tough on the outside yet soft in the inside.
I was shocked to learn about his death.
Police suspects OD of drugs specifically prescription and OTC meds. I’m not surprised but I’m hoping it’s something else. Celebretards are celebretards. Popping pain killers and meths is part of their lives. Apart from suffering from body morphism which is common among women and alcoholism. DUI charges seem to be their crowning glory.
His other hit movies include The Patriot, 10 Things I Hate About You, Monster's Ball and Brokeback Mountain.
His effective portrayal of a gay cowboy earned a nomination to the Oscar. "Brokeback" would be his breakthrough role, establishing him as one of his generation's finest talents and an actor willing to take risks.
He moved me in this movie. Although I must admit it took me two attempts to finish it because I’m not used to seeing 2 men making out.
I feel so sad. I really am.
He left behind his 2-year old daughter Matilda with actress Michelle Williams.
To you Heath, my you find peace that you have been longing for in our Father’s arms.

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WW - The Soft Side

Photo source: photobucket

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Monday, January 21, 2008

What’s gotten into me?

It’s 7:30 AM and I’m still dressing up. I knew I’m gonna be late since I have yet to pack my snack that I’ll be bringing to work.
I decided to take a glacial pace. I’m late anyway, I told myself.I left at quarter before 8:00 AM.
When I tapped my ID on the Time Keeping Machine, it read:

8:04 AM

I should have moved a little faster had I known that I’ll just be 4 minutes late or I should have taken the footbridge in crossing to the office than walking on “No Jwalking” area.
It’s my
5th offense for the month. One more late and I’m smelling a crisp memo. I still have 3 days to battle.
Shall I make or break?
Ten says I’ll break it.

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For the first time in 8 years I think I will be given with a memo for tardiness.
I'm not a morning person that's why it's so hard for me to sleep and wake up early. To the one who invented the snooze in alarm clocks, hats off to you!
When on 8:00 am shift, I set my alarm to 6:00 and then I snooze until 6:50 pm. Lazy, eh?
Usually, I can get to the office in less than 30 minutes. That's the ideal. Though it just took me 5 minutes to get the ride I know it was okay because horrendous traffic is always towards the other direction. I thought it was okay until the impatient driver chose to reroute to "avoid" the sluggishness of autos at a U-turn slot. As a result, I had to walk a mile few meters to the "right” No Jwalking area to avoid being hit by the automobiles.
As soon as I tapped my ID on the Time Keeping Machine, it displayed: 8:01 AM. Great!
This is my 4th late for the month and we are only given with 5 late offenses in a month. I still have 4 days in the dreading morning shift. It's already 1:00 AM and as expected I'm still up. Who knows how many times will I be hitting the snooze button.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshot 20

It was taken during our Back-to-Scouting training in Baguio City a couple of years ago.
APO is based on scouting principles and we have relived the scouting basics then. Part of the 2-day training was the rappelling activity which I did not join because for some reason I recently developed fear of heights.

Have a happy and safe week ahead y’all!

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The sweet life

My sister I believe makes one of the best Yema.
Yema is the Spanish word for ‘egg yolk’. Giving a little twist to it by adding pure condensed milk, Yema is known in the Philippines as custard candy.
I’m helping my sister earn extra income by selling these Yema’s in the office. This week, my officemates have been asking me about the Yema. The problem was, my brother-in-law bought cheap condensed milk and as a result, my sister cooked a subs-standard Yema that she did not want to sell. Talk about quality!
Today, she was able to cook the high-standard one:

Here’s a trivia I got from The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans:

Back when there was still no cement, indigenous materials were used. A lime mixture (compounds of calcium, not the citrus) combined with egg shells and egg whites, among others was applied to the walls to make it more durable. One can imagine how many thousands of eggs were used for one massive building. Since only the whites were used, the egg yolks had to be utilised as well. Thus we have various egg-based recipes, mostly desserts, such as leche flan and yemas.


Geez, I was wrong. The Yema was not perfect. Nah, it was not my sister’s fault. Her hubby took charge of the cooking and it was disaster! I’m sorry officemates but this sister of mine does not want to tarnish her reputation.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

PhotoHunt - Important

It's my first entry to the PhotoHunt.
What's in my bag?

These are the things important in performing my ADLs (activities of daily living). I can't leave the house without them. One thing missing and the order of things are disrupted. They won't fit in a purse that's why I always carry a huge bag.

1. My Jackie O. shades - I'm scared of getting premature cataract and aging
2. My umbrella..ella...ella... -I'm not afraid of getting dark skin. I just don't want to smell like hell. in the Philippines, we call it Amoy-araw or scent of the sun ( I wonder if the sun has smell). And I also don't feel like walking/running in the rain in corporate attire

3. My wallet – that houses my money, ATM and credit cards, licenses and IDs
4. My company ID - No ID, No Entry policy
5. My cell phone - it' s my alarm clock especially when in the office because we strongly adhere to break schedule. You must tag your breaks in the system otherwise you'll be marked as non-adherent. I used to believe that cell phone reflects one's personality. But if having the lowest-end phone means being out of debt and being safe from robbers, then so be it.
6. My keys - office and house keys
7. Kikay kit - or the girly kit. It houses all my health and beauty products
8. Alcohol - I'm paranoid when it comes to touching things such as money and door knobs especially the restroom's.

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