Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Charice on Glee and on E! News

I learned on the news yesterday that Charice will be on one of my favorite series - Glee.
I am so glad that she has been gotten out of the "old" repertoire and be cast in a click her age.
Confirmed via E! News today that she'll be playing as a foreign exhange student in the second season of this famous musical on TV.
Spoiler alert says that she'll be an interest of a male and femal, yes, female mainstays.
Really excited!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Karate Chop

I have talked my friend into my friend in to watching Karate Kid with me. It is a remake of the 1984 hit flick now stars Jaden Smith, Jaden Smith and Taraji P. Henson.

I really loved Jaden in his first movie with his dad Will Smith in the Pursuit of HappYness that is why I was excited seeing him showing his acting chops on the silver screen again.

The conflict started when her mom was relocated in China for work. The movie was the typical boy being bullied by his classmates mainly because he got close to a girl.

Jackie Chan (Mr. Han) who is a maintenance man in the building where Smith (Dre) and Henson were staying. As Chan saw the bullying stunt of the Chinese Kids who happened to be Kun Fu experts, he was convinced to teach Dre some Kung Fu. Chan wore poker face all throughout the movie which made him funnier.

He convinced the Kung Fu Master of the bully Kung Fu kids to stay away from Dre until the Kung Fu match.

The movie was very light and funny. Although it involves Kung Fu, it did not involve blood.

However, they should have change the title to Kung Fu kid as it did not involve Karate at all and it was shot in China not in Japan.

I heard that it is now making more than US $60 million dollars in the box office world wide

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finding myself

My good buddy in the ward decided to go out watch a movie and pig out. As we were having a stroll at the mall passing by a music specialty store, I told her that I really wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I have once tried playing it in high school but I think I was not just cut for the talent. I told her that I also consider taking lessons in order for me to learn to play piano.
She was actually supportive because I was starting to become touchy pondering on things that I am really good at which at the moment, there is absolutely none. In short I am just a talentless person who’s been existing on earth for more than three decades already

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Reminiscing Baguio days

I decided to finally check in and rest in the dormitory. For the first time since 1998, I felt like was a freshman again. The chilling atmosphere in my room and the deafening silence (at some point) has given me an instant flashback of my first day in the city of pines, Baguio City.
The set up was almost the same except that I did not have problems with my roomies then.
All of my roomies are nurses from other wards and I was the “baby” among them when it comes to hospital tenure. I have met two of them. One was just like me, a Nurse 1, the other was a Nurse 3. Nurse 3 I think has this seniority complex, I have had bad experience with her endorsing a patient for coronary angiogram. She made me feel like I was the most stupid person in the world. But I just gave it a cold shoulder. The day I got the key from the administrator, that was the day I found out that we’ll be sharing the same room. Apparently, she’s carried the “royalty” in the dorm. It’s like living life ala Gossip Girl only that the girl was a far cry from being the Queen B.
Good thing that in my two days and one night of stay there, we have not actually bumped into each other. She was already sleeping when I arrived and out of respect to them, I minimized the noise that I made. The weird and annoying thing happened though at quarter before 6:00 am when she got awakened and shocked as the sun is almost out and she did not have an idea what time was it. She was cursing at the top of her lungs. I pretended I was not awakened but I actually was. I do not know if she was just brought up to be insensitive or the seniority still rushing through her veins, but she moved like no one’s still sleeping in that room. She actually came back after an hour or two and she still made major movements. The other nurse 1 got out before she came back and I was not aware of that because I guess she moved gingerly in consideration of me, still being asleep.
When the nurse 1 came back, she brought up the topic about the cursing event happened this morning. She was also actually was not pleased by the incident.
Good thing I will just sleep in that room during rainy days and when my schedule was little off from the usual.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little Asia

After months of taking rainchecks my old friend and I have finally met up. We agreed to have lunch date instead of the usual night out. We rekindled our heydays at Cafe Breton. Well, I was an hour late so she was able to finish her super thick chocolate milk shake before I arrived. Although I have been longing to quench my craving for their Cafe Ligouse, I had to cave in to her demand to look for a resto where we could satisfy or gastronomic cravings.
Since it is sunny, although some part of the sky showed a sign of heavy rain down pour, we settled in Little Asia on Morato. This resto offers fusion of Asia’s best cuisines. We tried their Pad Thai – stir fried noodles similar to Chinese Haw Fan, tempura, Japanese tofu and Indian rice – steamed rice cooked in rich curry added with shrimps and green peas. They gave justification to their versions of these cuisines. The ambience was good. With the high ceiling, the space looked roomy. Also, the service was good.
We rinsed down our near-exploding stomachs with tall caramel macchiato at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We were not able to touch the Turtle Chocolate Cake as we feared of barfing.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The golden opportunity

I remember being told that jewellery is one of the wisest forms of investment. I think that this still a reality. Our money in the bank does not get a compensating interest no matter how big the balance that reflects in your passbook.
If one has decided to invest, you might want to consider and buy gold bullion. The United States Gold Bureau allows for delivery or for convenient and safe storage at any bank or depository of your choice.

Gold purchase has been known for ages as one of the best form of investment. Ever since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, man has placed a mark in terms of affinity to gold and now the beauty of gold is being recognized for its proven ability to diversify investments , protect and for being able to preserve one’s purchasing power.

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