Monday, March 28, 2011

How we managed to get to the Happiest Place on Earth (Part2)

I might have committed a mistake of not getting a tour package to HK and Macau but I am proud of myself of pulling it through our trip in one piece.

From the very start that we set foot on HK International Airport I felt that my sister was a bit nervous but I tried to wear a brave face to assure her that everything is under control.

On the booking confirmation for our hotel says that if we took a bus, we should alight on the 12th bus station that would be the Miramar and form there we just have to take about 5 to 8 minutes of walk. My sister bought us tickets from the airport and the kids between 3 and 11 are called concessionaries which are discounted. The toddler was free. The same policy applies to MTR.

The bus driver helped us to get off the Miramar station which was about 20 minutes from the airport. I was surprised that my sister googled the exact location of our hotel which I think should be renamed to guest house.

USA Hotel is just among the guest houses inside the Mirador Mansion. It is an old building like a bliss housing where several guest houses are situated. Having been to Singapore I was thinking that the said hotel would be at par with the hotel that we have checked in SG. Then, there is no time to complaint. Seeing the sticker on our door stating that it is a licensed house shushed my screaming inside in protest.

I was not disappointed but I was just surprised. It was a guest house which is just an upgrade from transient houses in Baguio. There is a TV without remote control and cable so we were stuck with Chinese shows. There is a toilet and bath that you could hardly move in plus the door does not close properly so I had to constantly remind my nieces that I was inside the toilet and that they should not peek.

There is an A/C that worked after some tinkering. We did not make use of it though due to a very cold weather.

Linens are clean including towels. They were changed everyday and the room was cleaned as part of the housekeeping.

It was still decent if you are just after a place that you could tuck yourself in after a tiring journey.

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Facing reality

Now that my long days celebration of my birthday is over, I have to face the aftermath, no it is not about the credit card bill, it is about the dark circles around my eyes due to disrupted sleeps.
I was not able to bring my beauty regimen for they would occupy a lot in my luggage and eat up most of the allotted weight for the check in baggage. I am now catching on my sleep and putting tons of gunk on my face to make up for the forsaken days and nights. Next stop....massage!

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The budding business

My best bud did not join us on our trip as he was busy working for his billiards business. He asked us if by chance we could come across some wholesale sports shop as he needs some billiard supplies to complete his new venture in time for its grand opening. I wish I could help him prepare for his first challenge as a grown up man.

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The motorists and pedestrians

While the roads in downtown HK are narrow and packed with lots of auto mobiles, it is noticeable that there is no traffic jam there. Maybe because motorists and pedestrians observe discipline on the street. Yellow light means slow down and they take it seriously. Pedestrians walk and cross on the right side of the road. While they avail of the cheap auto insurance, they still mind of their safety which I think is noble.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How we managed to get to the Happiest Place on Earth (Part 1)

I booked the flight to HK in November 2010 availing of the Cebu Pacific Low Fare Promo. It is good to have plastic with you as it made my online transaction a breeze but I could have saved P500 if I went straight to the Ticketing Office.
Anyhow, the day has arrived and I am as excited as my nieces. We arrived too early and got our boarding pass way ahead of time.
The plane took off at 7:55 am as scheduled and touched down HK International Airport five minutes ahead of ETA. The captain of the flight announced the arrival and the weather in HK. It is 13°c what the heck!
I was not prepared for this weather condition. I packed summer clothes. Aaargh!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Few more sleeps

It is only a few days before our much awaited getaway and I have been saving up for it. I am not planning to splurge on shopping but I am not dishing the idea of grabbing myself some stuff if it caught my interest. I am clearing my credit card of outstanding balance as I am planning to swipe it abroad or even avail of the cash advance loans when needed.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The graduation dress

My colleague will be graduating from her Critical Care Course and she is having problems thinking of what to wear. The theme is usually the best Sunday dress but based on experience, attendees are getting the theme up a notch. I did not want her to get under nor overdressed that is why I asked her to consider bridesmaid dresses. I assured her that with this idea in mind, she can never go wrong. I hope that she pulled it off because today is her graduation.

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My next project

Now that I have cancelled my dormitory space, I can save P850 per month to raise money for my long over due plan of getting a mattress change. I have looked into several mattresses and I want the exact mattress that they provide in the dorm. It has the right firmness and does not give me back pain in the morning. Getting a new mattress is my next project right after I came back from our vacation.

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On the right track

Everyday, I see on the news that number of car accidents are growing dramatically. Despite the warning the government and non-government organizations are making, motorists seem to get irresponsible. At times, it is not about the defensive driver but it is about the reckless driver that causes great damage to someone else’s life. That is why more and more concerned people are getting the service of car accident attorney Austin with the following contact details:
O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949
IF you have been into a car accident and has gotten serious injuries due to the negligence of another party, it is imperative that you get defended by the most trusted lawyers. With these experienced attorneys will fight for your right and will ensure your full recovery.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Natalie Portman unfaved her fave designer

Academy award winning actress, Natalie Portman does not want anything to do with his used to be favourite Christian Dior designer John Galliano. This was after being “shocked and disgusted” learning about the video of Galliano making anti-Semitic remark s in a bar in Paris.
Portman, who is Jewish and a Dior endorses, released in a statement that she “ will not associated with Mr. Galliano in anyway”
Christian Dior, the fashion house, for which Galliano has been one of the top designers since 1996, has officially pulled the plug on him.

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Wholesale what?

Have you come across some insurance advisers at a mall? I often do. They usually blab about personal and life insurances that they are too insistent you could actually exchange face with them. It is always an annoying experience for me that is why I try my hardest to avoid them. Recently, my interest was caught by the catchy question on a pamphlet handed to me by an insurance agent and it reads: What is Wholesale Insurance? The brochure did not say much about the title so I just followed their invite to visit their website.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wrapping it up

I find it sweet that my colleague is getting stressed on what to get his girlfriend for an engagement ring. The most romantic move a man can make is to pop the one million dollar question to the love of his life. I suggested that he search online and look for options like pink or blue diamonds that will not break the bank. In reality, apart from the proposal and the proposal dinner, a huge list of expenditures awaits the couple mainly the groom.

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