Saturday, March 26, 2011

How we managed to get to the Happiest Place on Earth (Part 1)

I booked the flight to HK in November 2010 availing of the Cebu Pacific Low Fare Promo. It is good to have plastic with you as it made my online transaction a breeze but I could have saved P500 if I went straight to the Ticketing Office.
Anyhow, the day has arrived and I am as excited as my nieces. We arrived too early and got our boarding pass way ahead of time.
The plane took off at 7:55 am as scheduled and touched down HK International Airport five minutes ahead of ETA. The captain of the flight announced the arrival and the weather in HK. It is 13°c what the heck!
I was not prepared for this weather condition. I packed summer clothes. Aaargh!

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