Monday, March 28, 2011

How we managed to get to the Happiest Place on Earth (Part2)

I might have committed a mistake of not getting a tour package to HK and Macau but I am proud of myself of pulling it through our trip in one piece.

From the very start that we set foot on HK International Airport I felt that my sister was a bit nervous but I tried to wear a brave face to assure her that everything is under control.

On the booking confirmation for our hotel says that if we took a bus, we should alight on the 12th bus station that would be the Miramar and form there we just have to take about 5 to 8 minutes of walk. My sister bought us tickets from the airport and the kids between 3 and 11 are called concessionaries which are discounted. The toddler was free. The same policy applies to MTR.

The bus driver helped us to get off the Miramar station which was about 20 minutes from the airport. I was surprised that my sister googled the exact location of our hotel which I think should be renamed to guest house.

USA Hotel is just among the guest houses inside the Mirador Mansion. It is an old building like a bliss housing where several guest houses are situated. Having been to Singapore I was thinking that the said hotel would be at par with the hotel that we have checked in SG. Then, there is no time to complaint. Seeing the sticker on our door stating that it is a licensed house shushed my screaming inside in protest.

I was not disappointed but I was just surprised. It was a guest house which is just an upgrade from transient houses in Baguio. There is a TV without remote control and cable so we were stuck with Chinese shows. There is a toilet and bath that you could hardly move in plus the door does not close properly so I had to constantly remind my nieces that I was inside the toilet and that they should not peek.

There is an A/C that worked after some tinkering. We did not make use of it though due to a very cold weather.

Linens are clean including towels. They were changed everyday and the room was cleaned as part of the housekeeping.

It was still decent if you are just after a place that you could tuck yourself in after a tiring journey.

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