Friday, April 1, 2011

In fulfillment of my craving

Last Saturday after our duty, I asked my friend in the ward, Lai to go with me for a breakfast. I was actually planning on treating her to a breakfast at Pancake House which is just at the back of our hospital. Actually, in my numerous dining experiences at this resto, I never tried their pancakes. Simply because I usually eat there during lunch or dinner time and I think pancake is a bit off during these meal times.

Since it was still breakfast period when we punched out, I talked her into filling our tummies there.

I was really imagining myself digging into layers of pancakes and my bubble was burst instantly reading the announcement on the shop’s door that it is closed for that day in observance of the holiday that Saturday. I actually lost track of day due to my unusual sked at work.

We decided to head for Mc Donald’s but we did not settle for pancakes.

I was kind of frustrated.

The following day, right after my 6-month exam in the ward, I decided to indulge…at Pancake house. Since I have fasted for more than twelve hours, I thought I had a monstrous appetite so I ordered the Seafood Gambero and my old time fave that is the two-piece chicken combo.

After 15 minutes of waiting, which is pretty annoying because it was humid outside and the temperature in the resto was no different because the a/c was busted, my orders were served.

Seafood Gambero is a tomato-based pasta dish. Fettuccine noodles smothered with shrimps, mussels and quid sautéed in rich tomato sauce topped with parmesan cheese. The sourness of the sauce is just right and I was really pleased by the taste and presentation. It served as my appetizer.

The main entree was the chicken which I find frustrating. The chicken was oily and not juicy. The side macaroni salad dish was salty and soggy. The dish was cooked not in the usual appetizing way. I was really frustrated by this particular dish.

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