Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making not just a history

I have watched the live coverage of Will and Kate’s wedding yesterday and I must tell you that my feeling of excitement intensifies as I watch replays and wrap up coverages. I am gushing looking at them and sensing the love they have for one another.
An episode of The Insider made an effort of decoding the soundless mumbles of Princes William and Harry. As Prince Harry tried to look back while Kate is making her procession, they labelled his utterance to Prince Will with “wait ‘til you see her” and the moment Kate has settled her position at the altar, Will mumbled to Kate: You look beautiful. And to her Dad: I thought this will just be a simple family affair.
The preparation was really intense that the wedding is so perfect. Almost actually, as I jerked looking at the Prince trying to squeeze Kate’s finger to get on the wedding ring.
What a better way to cap the wedding day off is not one but two kisses. There was no third kiss as he said: that’s it no more. I really feel them giddy with excitement.
Long live the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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