Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raw Mix - I will be

I came from the night shift and I was supposed to be out at 7:00 am but pending tasks have prevented me from hitting the road early.
I took the bus home and there was TV on board showing Party Pilipinas. I recognized Jennylyn Mercado on guitar as she does the cover for Avril Lavigne's I will be. Another lady who was good at playing the piano.
Goose bumps rised on my skin as I listen to their rendition of that song.
I immediately searched on YouTube when I got home and found out that the girl's name was Julie Anne.
Here's a clip of their awesome performance

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jumbled up

I was watching Jay Leno show and he's interviewing his live audience allowing them to introduce their respective videos.
As he talks with an Asian man to say a little something about the video, a video played instantly and it was the Squawk Box.
I was eagerly watching the China Update thinking that it was part of the Jay Leno show. I was waiting for the punchline and I noticed that the Chinese interview with English subtitle is taking too long already. I still waited until it was over only to find out that I was actually watching CBS Life. The cable programming might have jumbled up.
I think I was punk'd.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

The charge nurse experience

After two days of charge nurse training, I was immediately scheduled to become the practicing charge nurse.
It was the AM shift. A very busy shift because it is the shift when doctors make their rounds and write orders. It is also the shift where more of the lab work ups are done.
I was bombarded by so many doctor's orders: written, verbal and per telephone. There are so many lab work ups to do. I had so much on my plate and I was really nervous to miss carrying out any orders.

It was a tiring day but somehow, I managed to get through it. Thanks to my preceptor.

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