Saturday, February 26, 2011

Missing the run

I am feeling a bit under the weather for the past three days. I had bad cold and cough along with very itchy throat. The pulmo fellow to examined me told me that I had blear breath sounds and the throat was a bit irritated. No meds were give. I was told to gargle warm water with salt and to take rest.
February 27th which is today is the scheduled fun run for the benefit of the Philippine Heart Center OPD Pedia called, 143 Go.
I really wanted to join but my body told me not to. I guess there is a period where you need to stop for a while.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Trip!

In my previous work, our Christmas goodies were packed in plastic food storage that has wheels. As of my last count, I was able to complete four of those plastics. My little nieces got tired of playing with them until the other day when I had to bring out one. They really enjoyed getting in it that is why they are fighting their ways to get the first ride. To solve the problem, I have asked my sister to unearth all the other storages.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drain it down

For medical or for aesthetic reasons, getting rid of excess water in your body, I can say is a must. Many have been trying on the most effective water retention remedieswater retention remedies but many would agree that the very first step to addressing the problem is by limiting your salt intake. Sodium, which is the primary component of salt, attracts water. This means that the more salt that you keep in your body, the more water you retain. No need to scratch beneath the surface

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Avery good break

No matter how dedicated a person to her work is, there comes a time that he reaches that burn out point. That it is why it is important to do some unconventional things that will help him improve his craft and more importantly to break the monotony. Maybe attending seminars that teach internet marketing strategies would help boost up his career.

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The PHC fiesta

It was a crazy weekend. Everyone was so busy preparing for the institution’s 35th anniversary. Our pack was particularly anxious about the fun run which the coordinator said that should be called serious run. He wants this to hav a very good turn out that is why he is obsessing about the details. He began his litany about the cissus quadrangularis that should be the goal of the event. We were just like, okay whatever it takes to get there, we’ll support you.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up on my feet

For over a year of being a staff nurse, I can feel that prolong standing during my shift is taking its toll on me. At the end of the shift and as I kick my shoes off my feet, I can feel the heaviness of my legs. I have tried wearing full support stockings but they just give little help. I think I need compression stockings more than the pantyhose that I use. I do not want to end up having spider veins on my legs or worse, developing deep vein thrombosis which is fatal.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be a traveller not a tourist

So many I times I heard of this phrase but what does it really mean? To me they are just the same so I googled up for some more information. I have landed on for some decent differentiation of the two words. And I quote:
By dictionary definition, there's not much difference between a tourist and a traveller. However, the word tourist often conjures up images of someone in garish shorts, shouting in English at a bemused local.

To us, travelling is about taking the time to learn about a country, showing respect for its customs and broadening your horizons. To use one of those metaphors English teachers like - if going abroad is a meal, a tourist just picks out the best bits, whereas a traveller digs in, tries everything and comes back feeling a lot more satisfied.
So there. Next time to get on the bus or plane or wherever your itching feet take you, be sure to be traveller not a tourist. Take time to enjoy the culture and every details of the place you will be in. There is more to pictures, sceneries and food.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A shoe that fits, well make it a pair

I have been with this hospital; for over a year now and for that gruelling year of standing on my feet rounding mg patients, I had my good old pair of plastic shoes. It is not giving any signs of giving up but the hospital policy says no to PVC type of shoes. I could not argue more with my headnurse to let them wait for our clothing allowance to arrive. She’s given me an ultimatum.
I stuck my hand in my pocket and I only have less than P1000 to spend on my brand new “acceptable” white shoes.
I am on the hunt for any sale in the malls so I could get myself a pair of decent and comfy shoes. I hope that stars will start to align.

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