Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be a traveller not a tourist

So many I times I heard of this phrase but what does it really mean? To me they are just the same so I googled up for some more information. I have landed on for some decent differentiation of the two words. And I quote:
By dictionary definition, there's not much difference between a tourist and a traveller. However, the word tourist often conjures up images of someone in garish shorts, shouting in English at a bemused local.

To us, travelling is about taking the time to learn about a country, showing respect for its customs and broadening your horizons. To use one of those metaphors English teachers like - if going abroad is a meal, a tourist just picks out the best bits, whereas a traveller digs in, tries everything and comes back feeling a lot more satisfied.
So there. Next time to get on the bus or plane or wherever your itching feet take you, be sure to be traveller not a tourist. Take time to enjoy the culture and every details of the place you will be in. There is more to pictures, sceneries and food.

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