Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shakey’s delivery…they’re late and yet again it’s free!

I volunteered to call the Shakey’s hotline to order pizza for delivery for our meeting.

I ordered two party size pizzas aand since I have the Pizzanatic card, I was entitled to two free party size pizzas (choice of pepperoni or Hawaiian).

And we synchronized our time. It was 11:08 am and again before I hung up, the operator on the other line reminded me that if it’s late it is free.

It was already 11:55 on our clock and the 45-minute marker is already over.

Then I got a call from the concerned branch who’ll deliver the pizza that the pizza was ruined during baking and the person on the other line was making excuses that their time is 10 minutes late from the synced time we had.

What they’re selling I did ont buy. For one, even if they’re clock is ten minutes behind, basic mathematics shows that they did not hit the 45-minute deadline.

Another call was made by the branch’s supervisor and she was also making excuses saying that they still have 7 minutes on their clock and the delivery crew has been dispatched. I told her I am not caving in to her excuses and we hang up.

The seven minutes has past and not even a shadow of the delivery man has showed up. A few minutes more he came in panting emphasizing that he’s not late. Again, I stood my ground.

It was not my fault if they will be paying P2200 worth of delivery. It’s their slogan and they should live up to it.

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