Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reminiscing Baguio days

I decided to finally check in and rest in the dormitory. For the first time since 1998, I felt like was a freshman again. The chilling atmosphere in my room and the deafening silence (at some point) has given me an instant flashback of my first day in the city of pines, Baguio City.
The set up was almost the same except that I did not have problems with my roomies then.
All of my roomies are nurses from other wards and I was the “baby” among them when it comes to hospital tenure. I have met two of them. One was just like me, a Nurse 1, the other was a Nurse 3. Nurse 3 I think has this seniority complex, I have had bad experience with her endorsing a patient for coronary angiogram. She made me feel like I was the most stupid person in the world. But I just gave it a cold shoulder. The day I got the key from the administrator, that was the day I found out that we’ll be sharing the same room. Apparently, she’s carried the “royalty” in the dorm. It’s like living life ala Gossip Girl only that the girl was a far cry from being the Queen B.
Good thing that in my two days and one night of stay there, we have not actually bumped into each other. She was already sleeping when I arrived and out of respect to them, I minimized the noise that I made. The weird and annoying thing happened though at quarter before 6:00 am when she got awakened and shocked as the sun is almost out and she did not have an idea what time was it. She was cursing at the top of her lungs. I pretended I was not awakened but I actually was. I do not know if she was just brought up to be insensitive or the seniority still rushing through her veins, but she moved like no one’s still sleeping in that room. She actually came back after an hour or two and she still made major movements. The other nurse 1 got out before she came back and I was not aware of that because I guess she moved gingerly in consideration of me, still being asleep.
When the nurse 1 came back, she brought up the topic about the cursing event happened this morning. She was also actually was not pleased by the incident.
Good thing I will just sleep in that room during rainy days and when my schedule was little off from the usual.

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