Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little Asia

After months of taking rainchecks my old friend and I have finally met up. We agreed to have lunch date instead of the usual night out. We rekindled our heydays at Cafe Breton. Well, I was an hour late so she was able to finish her super thick chocolate milk shake before I arrived. Although I have been longing to quench my craving for their Cafe Ligouse, I had to cave in to her demand to look for a resto where we could satisfy or gastronomic cravings.
Since it is sunny, although some part of the sky showed a sign of heavy rain down pour, we settled in Little Asia on Morato. This resto offers fusion of Asia’s best cuisines. We tried their Pad Thai – stir fried noodles similar to Chinese Haw Fan, tempura, Japanese tofu and Indian rice – steamed rice cooked in rich curry added with shrimps and green peas. They gave justification to their versions of these cuisines. The ambience was good. With the high ceiling, the space looked roomy. Also, the service was good.
We rinsed down our near-exploding stomachs with tall caramel macchiato at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We were not able to touch the Turtle Chocolate Cake as we feared of barfing.

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