Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old school Chinese

In my four years of stay in Manila, Ma Mon Luk is just a place I happen to pass by on my way to work and home.
I have been wanting to try their claim to fame Chicken mami (a Chinese noodle soup) and their siopao. Today was the day that this dream of mine has come to reality. Every day I can see packs of people and vehicles lining up to be seated and to get a parking space.
Right after my long overdue spa, I headed for Ma Mon Luk on Quezon Avenue. It is just a few steps from the spa salon.
As felt nervous as if I was waiting for my date to arrive. Yaiks!
Five in the afternoon on a weekday is not a busy day for them, I guess. There we a handful of people but the place was not crowded. I managed to get myself a table which is by the window. The place has no airconditioning system and the ventilation comes from the ceiling fan and the grill windows. I did not call for the waiter’s attention as I knew they were busy. I just waited for the one to come to me and give me the menu.
Looking at the menu, I knew exactly what I want...their best sellers! I ordered for their original Mami and special chicken and egg siopao. To shove down the ridunculous serving size, I ordered for an iced tea shake.

True to its claim, their mami is really to die for and the siopao is superb!
I am sure I’ll be back for more.

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LC James said...

Sounds delicious. The noodle soup looks devine but not sure about the big white dough-like 'lump' - is that the siopao?

Keep the restaurant recommendations coming! On my blog I've recently recommended Fawsley hall, in England. Not cheap but superb!