Sunday, August 29, 2010

More famous than Venus Raj

So much for the major major attention Ms. Universe fourth runner up is getting. In the mids of the people's triumph emerges this viral video.
This pack of four guys is beauty pageant enthusiasts who were rooting for our very own Ms. Philippines, Maria Venus Raj.
Learning first hand that Ms. Raj has gotten into the 15 semi-finalist, they went gaga as if Ms. Raj has won the crown already.
Said video has become YouTube sensation and it landed on and even caught the attention of the international news entity such as The Insider.
I recognize the other guy who's jumping up and down the bed as if he's on a trampoline as Veejay Floresca, a finalist on the Project Runway Philippines.
If other countries are darn serious about sports, the Philippines is so serious about beauty pageants.

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