Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rick vs Dick

This is just crazy!
I must confess, for over a year now, I am addicted to celebrity gossip (I am a real gossip girl after all LOLers) and I get the juice from Perez. There is not a day that would pass without me opening his website. This is my guilty pressure. At least it’s not fattening.
I was just surprised that this third world stint landed on his site.
As I have numerously said here, foreign artists whose careers are dawning or have completely dawned on them go here to the country to earn some bucks by getting some gigs belting the songs they have been known for.
Well Avril was here this week. But her career is just dawning.
Let’s talk a sensation circa 80s.
It’s Rick Astley.!
The brit.
Our local comedian, Roderick Paulate, known for his gay portrayals on TV and in the movies has been and is still a big fan of Astley’s.
I remember when I was a kid seeing him imitate Astley.
Seeing this clip on Perez (inked to Youtube) made me literally snort.
What the heck? It’s cute though.

Oh and Petula Clark will also perform here in October. I’m sorry but I don’t’ know who she is. I just saw the ad on TV.

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