Thursday, September 4, 2008

Idling in my crib

Alas, since August 19, I am having my rest days!

It was pretty tough in the office. There are so many changes. Some people are getting anal.

We are having series of calibration ala survival of the fittest.

Audit exams are flooding. There's this decoding drill going on that is now part of our e-mail career. The latest addition is the grammar basics. We felt dumb literally because it's a module for the third graders!

It's actually good. Seriously, I am getting to review the basics of grammar. Hell, I did not know that one of the lines I have been using in writing sentences is called appositive noun.  


If there’s one good thing about being in the office is I get to dress up (pkay, I am still not wearing the hideous uniform) and I was told that someone on the floor has noticed my sense of style. Wohoo! I hope it is a positive impression (nah, not appositive). The informant though is one hard nut to crack.

It's my rest day today and tomorrow so I am trying to give attention to the forsaken part of me, my blog (hey, that's appositive noun!).

I am trying to put some widgets and I am surprised that there have been major changes in the good ol' blogspot. Not that I am complaining but I think I need sometime to figure things out. Well there’s still tomorrow.

I am also planning to get a paid hosting. So if anyone's got a better idea please feel free to share your thoughts. I am serious about this SOS me!

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Anna said...

Hello there!
I saw your entrecard button!
Welcome to the dungeon!Lol!
Grammar basics? I hope we will have that also!