Sunday, November 28, 2010

My favourite is a hit

It started out of curiosity. I always pass by this barbecue joint along Visayan cor Leyte Streets in Sampaloc, Manila. Unlike other barbecue stands, my attention was caught by the seemingly clean preparation ala home style or back yard barbecuing. They sell quarter portions of chicken breasts and thighs, pig’s ears and cheeks, pork barbecue and liempo. They are all marinated in home made barbecue
sauce which are not purely soy sauce or coloring.They do not sell animal intestines though. Since it is along the road, they make sure that the products are protected from dusts and other “unidentified floating objects”, they keep them covered.

My particular favourite is the chicken breast. It is not that salty and it has enough of garlic and pepper and sweetener.
The vinegar that comes with the package gives the sour touch to the barbecue.
The joint opens at 4:00pm and closes before 9:00pm or earlier if the stuff gets sold out.
For P55 for a quarter chicken, it is surely worth it.

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