Thursday, November 4, 2010

When you have to scratch the itch

I love hanging out with people who have great interest in food. Good food does not have to be expensive. I actually love to dig in large serving of food that would not drain my pocket.
For our critical care course lunch break, my classmate asked us out to lunch. He drove us to UP Village which is just near the hospital. The place is about around 50 sqm. It is called Pakibalot Panciteria Binondo Cooking. From the business name itself you would think that it might have started as To-go eatery which was converted in dine-in food store.
Anyway, for around P150 each person we got to enjoy all time Pinoy favourites: lechon kawali, fried lumpia, pancit, rice and tokwa’t baboy. We shove all this hear-friendly treats with two liters of Coke. What makes this resto a cut above the usual Pinoy dining place is that the food is really good and the price is just right. Servings are huge enough for four persons.
We left the resto with a promise to come another day for another gastronomic satisfaction.