Sunday, November 21, 2010

My make shift project runway

Since my allotted day to shop for my graduation dress was taken back, I had to raid my close to recycle. I have not worn my dresses for over a year now. I had major switch in lifestyle and fashion sense ever since I joined the medical service field.
After trying on piles and piles of outfits, I have decided to be on the safe side. The occasion called for a Sunday dress but since we were allowed to take it up to the next level, I sensed that the dress code would turn into semi formal or party attire.
I got this floral dress from the Landmark and since I am a sucker for black tights, I decided to bring out the fashionista in me.
I want to fashionable yet comfortable and I think I somehow pulled it off as I got some compliments that as if I was hitting the runway.

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