Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The rebel cake

I have sweet tooth, well just for pastries especially cakes.

Now that my cholesterol level is almost close to normal, I am giving myself a green light to splurge on the sinful foods that I have deprived myself of for months.

Last Sunday, an officemate has talked me into buying her chocolate dome cake which was a bit pricey. Fooled by the look of the cake and taking the seller's word for it, I caved in. I was really frustrated when I have tasted it. It could pass for a cake baked in a cheap bakery in my neighborhood the only difference is its price could buy rubbish cake that could feed two families. The taste was really awful. I texted my chum and told her about it and she agreed. She was able to take a bite of that annoying cake.

When I bumped into the seller, she asked me how was it, well I just smiled. I cannot lie. I would only say the food is good when it is good. And when I say it is good, I could proudly say that it is good.

I even wonder why people say the food is good when they are not. Ah, poor taste I guess? Or they have not tasted the good version of the food that they consider "good".

So when a friend of mine approached me to sell this rebel cake, I had second thoughts. Should I cave in again? 

Well I can't resist the look (for the love of me, again!) so I got a box.

I have not tasted it yet but I jokingly told my friend that if it did not taste good I'll  strangle her. hahaha

UPDATE: the rebel cake is good. Not divine, but good!

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