Wednesday, July 30, 2008

He's coming!

David Cook that is!

We were chatting over lunch today that ticket to Daughtry's concert here in the country is kinda pricey. Well he's famous but I am not anxious to see him. Then I brought up that if David Cook will be having his concert even if it's in Hong Kong then I would sell my soul to anyone who's willing to buy  just to put up the money (Hahaha)

I was telling my officemate that if I were to be asked in US Embassy why I want to go to America, I would answer the interviewer that I wanna see the Idol tour specifically DC. I think I would be denied of the Visa because...

Guess why? Cookie will be having his oh well, show in the country in January 27th. I think it's a mall tour (the stuff that I mentioned about Idols were doing here) to promote his album which is due to come out in November.

Holy Molly matrimony! I can't wait.

Can this year get any better?

I am doing the cartwheel!

I think I need to come up with another believable excuse when I go to the embassy.

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