Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knock ups, anyone?

A couple (or more) of years ago, I was addicted to The OC. The storyline was not that good but what I enjoyed is looking how the female protagonists dressed up. Since The OC is so last week, I am starting to get addicted to Gossip Girl. Besides the fact that it has the same creator, they girls (and gals) there love to dress up while strutting on the Hamptons.

I love the way they mix up their ensembles and it inspires me to do some mixing and matching with my clothes. Of course, I could not afford the brands they are putting on so I am trying to look for the knock-ups in the internet. I always believe that one can look fabulous without spending a fortune.

With the whole lot of online shopping stores nowadays, options on quality and affordability are standing high on top of the fashion pyramid.

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