Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great deals, great life!

While I may not be a moviehouse type of a person, I love watching movies on DVD. For the simple reason that I feel more comfortable lounging around my little space hitting the pause button when I need to go to the bathroom or hit the kitchen and even rewind the tape when I missed out on something. So now that my hiatus is so over, I am planning to go on DVD marathons of the movies and series that I missed since I hibernated.

One of the movies that I enjoyed watching over and over is Little Miss Sunshine which copy I just borrowed from my officemate. I love light dramas. While checking on great DVD and music deals online, I got to discover the ultimate UK - Books, DVDs and CDs online resource. Guess what, Little Miss Sunshine is one sale here at a whopping 60% discount!

This site is so cool because when almost all the price of things go up they have marked down almost all their

Now that I am in my laidback mode for a month I can also fill my shopping card with Non-fiction Book and music CDs and check out immediately without ruining my budget.

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