Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Little Princess and her fashion emergency

I am ecstatic.

My niece won the first prize in Best in Costume category in ther pre-school's Linggo ng Wika (I don't know how to translate it in English but literally it Language Week - Oh crap, don't shoot me for murdering the transalation!)

Anyhoo, it was a short notice (again) from my sister (love yah sis). Since my niece is kinda big for her age (she's six btw), I asked my petit officemate who rocked a Filipiniana costume in the office a few years ago, if she could lend me the costume. She said  she only got the top.

So I went bargain hunting and my feet brought me to this ukay-ukay (hand-me-down shop) in Cubao. I found a skirt that I think could pass for a native costume.

I whipped out the stylist in me and voila! I was able to  make my niece rock a Filipiniana ensemble with a twist.

I am yet to post some proof.