Monday, August 25, 2008

Holiday and restday

I woke up at ten and went straight to the shower. My usual practice.

But since my "body shots" was over, I tried to play it down a bit. Usually, I just grab the coffee from the brewer pour it in my thermos and consume it wherever I was headed to.

Late last week, I have been practicing sitting at the breakfast table enjoying my cereals and my Benguet coffee.

Same routine this morning.

It's a holiday today. Geez, I don't know what exactly we're observing because our commander-in-chief loves shuffling holidays to have very long weekends to promote local tourism. Well and good for those living the normal 9-to-5 life.

Oh well anyhoo, my niece was scanning all the channels on cable and when she passed by Disney, I said: Oh Camp Rock with my not so callcenter-ish accent. Then she said in a correcting manner: Kahmp...Kehmp!

Kids, how can they be so annoyingly cute? Haha

I wish I had stayed home since it's my restday. Yeah, it's my restday and it's a holiday.  It's so unfair when people at the office got a 5-day work week and one day of it is paid premium while I was among those who also got a 5-day work week but won't get any premium pay because one of my restdays fell on a holiday.

Anyhoo again, I decided to render a 4-hour over time so I could still get a premium pay. One financial advice that I am trying to live up to is that if I want something like new clothes, shoes or a salon treatment, I have to work extra or get a sideline job and spare my salary.

So there!

For what it is worth, I've got myself some "loots" to try on plus I had mani and pedi.

The life!

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mica said...

Hello there!
I am happy to see you back!

Mani and pedi? Well, I need to have those two real soon! Good for you, you had a wonderful day!

Take care!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

I hope you enjoyed a little break... :D

poor man's nicole richie said...

Thanks mica for welcoming me back.
Hey Amy, your page can be visited by invite only. = (