Thursday, July 24, 2008

A lemon

Almost a month ago, I wrote about how ecstatic I was getting my new laptop. I got it through my officemate whose aunt lives in the US and has got some gadgets business.

I have waited for it arrival for more than 3 months. It was held in Customs (Philippines) for a month.

A few days after I started using the unit, I noticed that it's kind of noisy. I thought that it was natural until I asked around particularly those who got the same unit from the same person. It turned out that it's just me whose unit has got that unusual sound.

since it has it's one-year international arranty, I brought it to the service center, only to find out that they only do service and repairs. They diagnosed that the hard drive is problematic. They would just replace the hard drive and I have to wait for a minimu.m of 3 weeks. 

I asked if I could have it replaced, they said I have to ask for it from the store where I bought it. Darn! So I told my officemate about it.

Now I have three options and unfortunately getting my money back is not one of them:

1. Return the unit to my officemate so she could send it to her aunt to get a replacement. Shipping to and fro the US would mean a waiting time of 2 months minimum. Within the waiting period, I have nothing to use. Oh, there is, the flickering and nearly flatlined desktop.

2. Settle for an HP which her aunt could readily send and while me waiting for it (minimum of one month), I could use this laptop. My officemate is yet to get the specs of the HP laptop so I could weigh options.

3. Since I am really okay with this laptop and I really love the huge screen, I could just settle for the hard drive replacement. And yeah, this would make the the L to the OSER.

Doomed but not mad.

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