Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My list of must haves

I am into running nowadays. Although I am not that hardcore I have jumpstarted my interest for running. I used to run on Saturday or Sunday mornings around our area but lately I have settled in circling the oval of UP Diliman. I have my Samsung Omnia Pro’s Music Player as company in my rounds but I am having a hard time running because it’s bulky and the sounds skip as I run. Since I was really fond of Sony Walkman, I started to search for a Walkman player sans the cell phone functionality.
I was walking in Trinoma yesterday and as I passed by Automatic Center, my attention was caught by the Walkman on the shelf.

I learned that it is the Sony Walkman E Series and what was left on the shelf is a 2-gig version which is about to be phased out and they do not have price of the last piece. Since I am not in the mood to argue why the heck they still put it on display when they have no plans of selling it, I was intrigued by this cute-looking Walkman W Series.

It is Sony’s take on iPod Shuffle taking a notch up a bit by making it wrap-around integrating player and ear buds in a single unit. It is water resistant and washable; Wearable and wire free; compatible with Media Player and iTunes; has a very convenient three-minute quick charge that allows for 90-minute playback.
It sells for P5999 and I am dying to have it.
I like!

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