Saturday, March 20, 2010

Never felt this good

I was on loan for a night to a suite ward. It was the ward where I had my apprenticeship program. Althoug I had five medical surgical patients to handle, including the transfer admission of a very important person (also the mother-in-law of a late 90s starlet, the entire shift was pretty smooth. Even if I had to do sponge bath to a patient on my own.
I was fighting my sleepiness. I was done with by tasks at 5:00 and just waiting for my patients to finish their breakfast so I could give them their morning medications.
My headnurse who handles a private and the suite wards was the supervisor on duty. I jokingly told her I want to be transferred to the suite ward. She just smiled and said "no" adding: know where your loyalty lies.
I am serious about it. I am gonna talk her into allowing me to be transferred to that ward.

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